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One of the best things about Vermont is Norma.  She and her welcoming committee member, Vincent, greeted us with open arms.

Norma certainly has her own style and while she may lack true 'Martha-ness' she makes up for it in being 'real', as in being real-ly fun, real-ly crazy, a real-ly good cook!  We had delightful meals, even though we had dessert for breakfast just before heading to Rhinbeck.  But the day before, when we were schedule-less, she made yummy omelettes.  Sadly we were having so much fun that few pictures were taken.  Norma is wicked wacky and the very best host. David, her true blue hubby, is a very fine gent and he and Smith had (and have) stories to share.

Let's go back to the 'V'.

The minute we crossed the border into Vermont the landscape changed.  Large farms were nestled in the green rolling hills and mountain peaks in the distance reminded us that Vermont is the Green Mountain State, a name it deserves (and we know our mountains).


Eventherocksaregreen Norma proudly drove us around her State of residence and we fell in love with its beauty.  Vermont's landscape could not be more different than our own beautiful State.  One of our stops was Smugglers Notch where even the rocks are green! Norma took a very nice picture of me and it turns out she's a real-ly good photographer as Smith didn't have such good luck.

Wedidjeffandhadlovelysandwiches Wecaughtthelastgaspofcolor_1The leaves were in the last gasps of color when we 'did Jeff'. We enjoy a nice meal where Anne and Norma would meet for lunch before Anne moved across the plains to Utah. Smith had the 'The Bill Sandwich which consists of 'Liberal Amounts of Ham, Left cut Swiss, Stone Ground Mustard, Pressed & Grilled on Rye Toast, served with Bush Fries'.  Needless to say Vermont is our kind of place.

LikehomingpegionswecanfindyarnanywhereWhitechurcheswithsteeplesdotthetowns Vermont has that romantic New England look of white churches with tall steeples. While we stopped for this classic photograph we spotted what every good knitter has built in radar to find...a yarn shop!  We perused the small, but nice, selection and reminded each other that Rhinebeck was in one day.

Normacancriveatractoratvtreststop_1 Smithfoundamoosethatwashavingagoodtime Near the end of the sight seeing day we stopped at a rest area and found it had tractors for tables! Norma knows how to drive a tractor as surely any 'real' Vermonter would. After seeing 'Watch for Moose' signs every where, Smith finally found one.  He was quite the guy and Smith enjoyed his company. 

The last picture of the day is of a colorful shoreline taken as we drove across Lake Champlain to the islands. Thank you Norma for a showing us around your beautiful home State.

Smith and I both fell in love with Vermont and it's rural beauty.


It seems Ferdinand Magellan made his way to Utah while I was exploring Vermont. Michelle sent a box full of luscious rovings from Spunky Eclectic (and other fine goodies, too) as she was my Yarn Aboard pal!


From top to bottom you see Delphinium, Hyacinth, Navajo Gems and Poppies.  Michelle said they are all easy spinning rovings which is just what I need to try on my new wheel! Yummy candies are shown, but were soon enjoyed.  She also sent a charming set of note papers and a sample of Eucalan Wool Wash.  It is a fabulous package that arrived just in time. Thank you Michelle and I wish we could have met at Rhinebeck.  Now, I need to ready Ferdinand for his journey to my pal.


Looks gorgeous and it sounds like you had a great time.

Thanks for the pictures! Not only is Vermont beautiful, but doesn't it smell good there, too?

I loved driving across Vermont on a horsebuying trip 20+ years ago (we flew to NY and drove north). Wonderful picture of N and Vincent - isn't he adorable?

It sounds like beautiful country there in VT. I hope to one day visit there.

Beautiful Vermont pics! It sounds like you and Norma had a wonderful time!

Oohhhhh, Vermont is so beautiful! And so is Norma, isn't she? Sigh. I'm so envious of you, girlfriend. Looks like you had a blast!!

I love Vermont, too. And I just don't get up there that often anymore now that we've moved south....

Your box of goodies look very exciting. I can't wait to see what you do with the roving!

Eucalan is a great gift. I wash my suede and sheepskin in it too. Even if they're not actually washable.
Glad you had a good trip

Of all the NE states, Vermont is my most favorite. Where our mountains are stern and rocky, Vermonts are soft and rolling and oh so pretty!

I'm glad you had such a nice time!

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