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Impossible Dream

It seems an impossible feat to tell you about the trip.  Eight days of wonderful family, lovely fiber friends, beautiful sights, and hugs galore are now a blur.  The pictures will help to tell the tale as soon as I can go through them and put my thoughts into words.  It will take some time to get back into the swing of life as we have groceries to buy, laundry to do and other necessities need to be dealt with, too.

The fiber has been unpacked and I give you a peek here.  It's the booty from the glorious days at Rhinebeck. The number of vendors, the amount of wool and tools available were completely overwhelming to this neophyte. Next time I go (2008...hopefully) I'll have more of an idea what to buy. Please allow me to tell you more about the luscious haul next week.


A wheel did come home with me, but it was purchased from Marcia, and not a vendor at the show.  She just needs the new Kromski portable (can I spill the beans, Marcia?) which will hit the market in November, and had to 'unload' her Lendrum.  I was the very lucky recipient who bought it from her and also brought it home (as luggage) safely.  What a thrill to open the box yesterday morning and set it up, albeit, perhaps bassackwards.  Allow me to introduce Emmylou.  In time she and I will make beautiful music together, there is no doubt.


I can not thank my very talented guest bloggers, Karen and Val, for taking time to set up posts while I was away.  Thank you to all of you for their overwhelming welcome to Blogland.  Perhaps your response will talk them into setting up blogs of their own.   There is so much to tell and today there is very little time to produce much of a post, so let me leave things here.  Over the weekend I'll have time to regroup, look through the pictures and regale you with tales of the trip.  I'll be back tomorrow with a bit more info. It feels good to be home and to be back in Blogland.  Meeting many of my imaginary friends was nothing like meeting strangers, as Cara said, it was more like a reunion!


Welcome back!

Good to meet you, Margene

This was my fifth Rhinebeck, and for me the overwhelming aspect of it doesn't change a whole lot -- especially as it was compounded this year by meeting so many, as you so aptly put it, imaginary friends. I wish I'd had more time to spend with everyone. It was overwhelmingly splendid, that's for sure.

Ummmm. I think you have the flyer head on backwards. Not sure from the picture but that's how it looks.
I miss you!!!

Ooooo! Look at that wheel! And the roving! Janet was in charge of making sure that I didn't succumb (sp?) to that siren call... but you make it look pretty good! So so great to finally meet you!

Love that you named the wheel Emmylou! :) Glad to have you back!

Looks good to me, Margene. You just have to get a bobbin in the regular flier (bottom left in photo)and put that in the head. Wish I could have spent some time with you AND the wheel, but you'll figure it out! Spin it in good health! 2008, eh?

Nice haul there! Can't wait to see & hear all about it. A new wheel too? Nice! And yes, Val and Karen should get a blog!

Now, THIS is going to be fun :-)

So happy to finally hug you, Margene!

Margene! I need you! Come back! My drop spindling is spinning along, but boy could I use you for my half hour practice per day. And for a lot more. I miss you already. I missed you blogging too, though. So, I'm glad to have you back as well. Sad to see you go, glad to have you back. Hmmmm.....

Glad you made it home safely and soundly and with a nice little haul and a wheel, and I hope Smith had a good time, too. ; )

It was so great to hang out with you a little, Margene. I look forward to the next time.

Welcome back, Margene!

Happy to hear that you and Emmylou both made it home safely. I can't wait to see what you 2 do together.

glad you got home safe! i saw you but didn't get to say hi... so for now, HI! And i'm so going to have that song (impossible dream) in my head now... thanks ;-)

Back in time for real winter! Glad you and Smith and Emmy Lou are back safely. The boys must be wild with wagging!

I want you to know that I just read every word. Every single word!

this is what meeting you has done to me!

What LOVELY fiber! It was wonderful to finally meet you and give you a hug!! I wish we had had more time to chat :-)

Sounds absolutely wonderful! I hope I'll have an opportunity to go in an upcoming year - it would be teriffic to "meet" some of the blogers and spinner/dyers who make my life so much more fun and creative :)

It was lovely to meet you Margene! Congratulations on the new wheel! I know you will love it and treasure it.

All that beautiful fiber and a wheel ta boot!!!! I will not buy a wheel, I will not buy a wheel, I will not......

It was my first Rhinebeck too, and I came home with a Lendrum too! If you figure out how to set it up correctly let me know. . .I have no idea if it is right!

Welcome home darling. It was far too brief a meeting...looking forward to 2008 but--who knows--maybe I can visit you! ;)

The weather report today said you were getting snow. Is that right? Sounds like perfect weather for staying indoors and spinning. Love the wheel! Its a beauty. Looks brand new.

Glad you're back. We missed you!! :)

Congrats on the wheel, you'll become and expert in no time I'm sure. Glad you had a fun trip - perhaps I can catch you when you're back our way for 2008!

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