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Skiing, Snow, Solitude, Snowbird, Silver Lake, Sundance and Silver Fork Lodge.
Utah has the "Greatest Snow on Earth".  Truly.

Skiingatbrightonskiresortindecofive SKIING in Utah is an important part of our economy and it is all because of our wonderful SNOW, scenic mountains, and the ease in which you can go from the airport the ski slopes. Many visitor fly in from the East coast on an early flight and can be skiing right after lunch. Now if that isn't a slice of heaven for a skier...what is?

Silverforklodgeinjanuaryosic SOLITUDE is a favorite place for local skiers. It's about 3/4s of the way up Big Cottonwood Canyon and just above our favorite spot for breakfast, SILVER FORK LODGESolitude's slopes, and other mountain views can be seen from the windows of SF and in the warmer months we love to sit on the deck. SILVER LAKE is in Brighton Township and part of Brighton Ski Resort.  Smith and I are not skiers, but we do enjoy the mountains year round (as you know) and Big Cottonwood is about 5 minutes from our door.

Silverlakeinjulyosixfabulousview Silver Lake Summer

Snowbirdinseasonofosix Just a few minutes south of the entrance to Big Cottonwood Canyon is Little Cottonwood Canyon and two more jewels in the the State of Utah's snowy crown, SNOWBIRD and Alta. Snowbird Resort is full of fun year round and we love to visit and enjoy the mountain air and beautiful views.  Alta has some of the best wildflowers during the spring months and there are many good hiking trails in the area, too. Both resorts are considered world class, but in my humble (OK, not so humble) opinion, they are in a class of their own.

Sundanceinfallocto4 SUNDANCE is on the backside of the Wasatch Mountains and a bit more of a drive for us. It sits on the Alpine Loop, which is part of Utah's Scenic Byway and is one of the best spots to see golden aspens in the fall. Sundance has several excellent restaurants is another nice place to visit year round. The area around Sundance is full of good places to hike, other scenic spots to visit, and abundant beauty.

So, as you can see, while we may have the "Greatest Snow on Earth" our mountain resorts offer spectacular fun and beauty all year round.  They are a SUPER reason to live in Utah.



There is nothing quite like the Rocky Mountains, or high desert climates!

It is such a beautiful place. You feel like you are on top of the world there. In all ways.



Beautiful pics!

That Snow Sure iS FantaStic! That iS Such a beautiful Series of Snow PictureS. It almoSt makeS me want to Ski or SnowShoe. Or juSt viSit.

Your photos are always so beautiful. To me, a born and bred Yankee (who, when she finally left home went not west but further east -- to England), they seem almost unreal, like there could not still be such wild and beautiful places anywhere, nor such skies. But coming here and sharing your views is really wonderful.

I had a dream last night it was snowing....

As always, your pictures are Spectacular! Even though I've seen those places in person now I'm still left breathless by the beauty of your area.

llooooove it!

I BURST OUT laughing when I read the passage, "Smith and I are not skiers but we enjoy the mountains year-round, AS YOU KNOW."

Damn, I had totally MISSED THAT FACT. ROFL.

I'm already all worried that my bumps are totally not going to measure up. :D

Good use of the letter "S", Margene. But, I surprised that you didn't throw in a little __ex.............ha!

Utah makes me wish I still skied!

I seldom comment on the mountain shots, but being an urban dweller, I enjoy those immensely. I love seeing the rock formations and the plant life at your elevation. It's similar, but oh so different from St. Louis. Maybe, I need to mosey on down to one of our rivers and get some shots, huh?

Is the yarn aboard box on its way to you...who knows...maybe...maybe not...maybe I know something you don't...but then again maybe I am just bored at work!
Only Amanda knows...or maybe I do?
Fiber eventually will be coming your way...but when

What a wonderful post - in my family snow is a bit deal, and the weather forecast is for a dusting on the peaks today! A return visit during winter just might be necessary.

When we first moved to SLC eight years ago we rented a cabin just up the road from the Silver Fork Lodge (by the snowboard shop) We loved it up there. The best thing was the wild life. One day I was outside tidying up the yard and I looked up and saw a big black face looking at me through the trees - it was a moose less than 50 yards away. We didn't see them often but it was always a real treat when we did.

Brad and I enjoyed our little hike around Silver Lake this summer. Are you seeing snow on the peaks yet?

Great S! Snow is important where I live too :-)

It is sooooooo beautiful in Utah!

The first picture literally made my heart stop. I thought it was current, as snow was predicted for last night or tonight. I thought I was sad to be losing summer, but I guess it's clear that I'm ready for winter. Let it Snow!

You should get kickbacks from the Utah Tourism Council... Our mountains are magnificent, 'tis true. And your pix are delectable.

Gorgeous mountain pics - we do have some great vistas here in SLC, don't we?!?

You are truly lucky to live in such a beautiful place and to appreciate it. Most people take for granted the beauty that is right in front of them.

Typepad was hating me this morning - I really was here much earlier! heh

I haven't typically thought of SNOW when I think of Utah because all I think of is Margene - and since, as we all know, Smith and Margene don't ski but they do enjoy the mountains all year, skiing doesn't occur to me when I think of Utah! ha I've been wanting to take the big kids skiing in Colorado for years but maybe we'll have to go to Utah instead! Your pictures and descriptions are very persuasive Margene!

Have a great weekend! :)

I sooo wanna be there!

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