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R is For....

Ruess, Everett - Everett Ruess


Ruess disappeared at the age of 20 in the Escalante wilderness of Southern Utah.  Mystery surrounds his disappearance and many books have been written about his short life. He has grown to legendary status because of the journals and art that he left behind. Ruess' dream was to wander freely and leave no trace, which he did only too well.

Ruessprintsfromsuaw_1 Favoriteruessprintsfromsuwa

Years ago, as SUWA was getting off the ground, they offered prints of the linocuts that Ruess had sent home to his family over the years he trekked through the wilderness areas of the American Southwest. Smith bought a full set of the remarkable reproductions so we would always be reminded of the places and landscapes we love to visit.  Many cover our bedroom walls.  It is almost daily I study the designs in black and wish to be in the desert, to fill my soul, as Ruess did, in the red rock country.


If you like Ruess' prints and postcards they are now available from his family.

Enjoy your weekend and spend some time in a natural landscape if you can.


And he did all this before he was 20? Wow. All of a sudden I feel twice as slothful as I did before.

Wow, that's fascinating reading. Thanks for all the links. He's done some beautiful works. Very inspirational works.

Margene, thank you so much for sharing this amazing story with us. The artwork is really wonderful. I know what will go on my birthday wishlist now!

his work is so wonderful. i was surprised to read that he created this work over 70 years ago because it's so very current.

Lino and woodcuts are one of my favorite mediums, not that I was ever any good myself! But I do know the pull of that red rock and desert, something that gobsmacked me the first time we visited. Always thought of myself as a seashore person, being Pisces and all....

Wow, most inspiring and interesting R!

Wow - that is SO cool to learn about! I'm echoing.... "All by age 20?" Wow. Ooooo... mysterious. Fascinating.

I've just loved your ABCalong entries so much Margene - always something interesting and usually educational! No wonder I worship you. heheh

very interesting - those woodcuts are very cool :o)

Those are lovely. I've never heard of the guy. You learn new things in blogland every day.

Very interesting! Have a great weekend!

Wow - what an interesting story, I'd not heard of him before. Thanks for sharing!

I'd never heard of Everett Ruess before but I'm so happy you chose him for your "R". His artwork is wonderful and inspiring. I will certainly be reading more aout him.

hummm how interesting! Have a good weekend

Very interesting and mysterious. I always learn something new at Zeneedle.

Imagine the art he might have produced if he hadn't vanished at such a young age! Wow. Thanks for the links!

What beautiful artwork and intriguing story.

Those are really beautiful. Thanks for telling us about Mr. Ruess.
I'll be spinning in the great outdoors tomorrow. Does that count?

THanks for the links, Margene. THere's really a bit of a cult of Everett down there in the red rock country...somehow I'd missed the linos, though.

Know what? My son's middle name is Everett. Know why? I bet you do...

Wow, imagine what he might have produced had he stayed a little longer.

I love the prints. Whenever I'm in so. ut. I think of disappearing myself.

Great R! I love his story and wonder what happened to him.

I've never heard of him, but his work is amazing.

So would you say you consider yourself a fan?

Great 'R' post!

Those are lovely! I never heard of Mr. R before. What a fascinating story!

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