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Karen, a blogless friend from SLC - Stitch 'n Bitch, knit one of the most amazing pieces of knitting I have ever seen.  She was kind enough to allow me to share it with you via this blog.  The rich color of green just wouldn't show up in our usual setting of the mountains, so we took a trip to the Great Salt Lake Saturday afternoon.  The colors of sand and water were a good backdrop for her exquisite accomplishment. 


We couldn't stop there, so Sunday we made a trip up to Silver Lake and captured a couple more good photos (after breakfast, of course).

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Karen wrote this about her experience of knitting this stole:

This stole is amazing.  I look at it and am actually amazed that I knit it.  When the pattern first came out, I was a relatively new knitter and thought, "Wow! I would love to be able to make this someday."  After this accomplishment, I feel I can knit anything.  The pattern is incredibly well written.  I wish there were more patterns like it.  I  loved knitting Forest Path (with the minor exception of the semi-tedious bordersat the end). 
The soft green reminds me of the woods in Michigan where I grew up.  The delicate patterns kept me interested and entertained without being overly complicated.  I learned a tremendous amount knitting this as well.  I had never knit entrelac or used cobweb weight yarn.  Now I don't want to knit lace with anything much thicker than cobweb. The effect is so ethereal, like wearing a wisp of cloud about your shoulders.


Pattern: Interweave Knits Summer 2003 - Forest Path Stole
Desinger: Faina Letoutchaia
Yarn: From the eBay store ColourMartUK, it is 100% cashmere lace weight (cobweb) in samphire.  I used a 1 pound cone and have a couple of hundred yards left.
Needle: Size 3 US
Time to Knit: First of June to first week in August 2006

Karen is the creator of Sleeping Dragon Yarn and designed the Dancing Lady Socks in Knitty's Summer issue.


Oh my! The stole is stunning!

That's the most gorgeous stole I think I've ever seen! Thanks for sharing with us.

Absolutely breathtaking. I have the FPS cast on and the first four rows knit. Now I want to run home and pick it up!!


!! My breath! It's been taken!!! Beautiful beautiful pattern, beautiful knitting, just beautiful.

I have never gotten sucked into the shawl frenzy. But that one! Wow! I might have to induldge! Karen, it is incredible!!!

GORGEOUS! Congratulations!

I really, really love this stole. And I think I may feel the same way about the triangle shawl versus the rectangle stole ... I really am much more attracted to knitting stoles ... odd, but there you have it.

absolutely beautiful - stunning! bravo!

I agree. That is an erethral piece of knitting. Just amazingly beautiful.

That is just absolutely breathtaking! Congratulations, Karen, and thank you, Margene.

That is staggeringly good. Big ups, Karen.

Unbelievably beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!

Must. Not. Knit. Lace. OHMYGOSH---it's incredible. I've got to try it. Absolutely gorgeous!!!


Oh, my goodness, such a work of art. Staggeringly beautiful. I'm impressed beyonds words. Beautiful job Karen.

OMG. It's stunning. I have to immediately go see if I have that issue. Fabulous. Simply fabulous.

exquisite is a mild word. I am in awe!
why is Karen blogless?!?

That is absolutely gorgoues!!!! Oh gosh, I need one. Karen needs a blog. She is so selfish not to share all that talent. ;))

Oh. My. God! That has to be the most beautiful shawl on the face of the planet.

I just found this and fell in love. Is there any way to get the pattern? I have serched but cannot find it.

please let me know,

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