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A Little Trekking

Karen said to thank you for all your lovely, amazing comments and compliments on her stole. Truly she does need a blog to show off her other wonderful knits, but we have all been unsuccessful in addicting talking her into it.  She wants to keep her time for knitting and spinning. Imagine that!  Since she is a knitter, dyer, spinning who remains blogless, she has consented to help me with the Dye/Spin/Knit Along that will soon be named and soon have a blog attached to it. When she returns after her two weeks away (and after Labor Day) we'll work on the info and the blog and be ready for sign ups in mid-September and kick off October 2nd.  We're both very excited and Karen has even been doing some dyeing and spinning homework.   


SockandtrekkingbagslowgrowingWhen we walked around Silver Lake to snap a few more photos of Karen's stole, my  poor Trekking sock came along for the ride. This is one of the best views at Silver Lake and the Trekking sock enjoyed a little time catching some rays. This sock has been much neglected during the week and has had only moments of non-quality time on the weekends.  The deadline for the Trekking KAL looms as Labor Day weekend is only three weeks away. 

MonicaandthesocksatnicklecreekconcertCan anyone tell me what happened to summer?  July is always a too hot time, but the rest of the summer is enjoyable, especially in our picturesque mountains.  Sunday night we attended a Nickel Creek concert at Red Butte Gardens and the weather was lovely. The band is exceptional and their form of Blue Grass is very unique and enjoyable. I've dubbed it PunkGrass, but they do very traditional tunes, too.  The sock came along and did get a bit of knitting time. Monica enjoyed visiting with the sock, but sadly no one else was in the mood, including Smith. He can be so naughty with other boys around.
As you can see just a little knitting progress was made. I need to get busy!



Summer has been zipping along for me as well. Too quickly, but such is life sometimes. Hopefully your Trekking sock will be finished before the deadline. You are on the second sock, so anything can happen, right?

Where did the summer go?! At least I finally finished my Trekking socks - and undoubtably you will, too.

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