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A Little Trekking

Karen said to thank you for all your lovely, amazing comments and compliments on her stole. Truly she does need a blog to show off her other wonderful knits, but we have all been unsuccessful in addicting talking her into it.  She wants to keep her time for knitting and spinning. Imagine that!  Since she is a knitter, dyer, spinning who remains blogless, she has consented to help me with the Dye/Spin/Knit Along that will soon be named and soon have a blog attached to it. When she returns after her two weeks away (and after Labor Day) we'll work on the info and the blog and be ready for sign ups in mid-September and kick off October 2nd.  We're both very excited and Karen has even been doing some dyeing and spinning homework.   


SockandtrekkingbagslowgrowingWhen we walked around Silver Lake to snap a few more photos of Karen's stole, my  poor Trekking sock came along for the ride. This is one of the best views at Silver Lake and the Trekking sock enjoyed a little time catching some rays. This sock has been much neglected during the week and has had only moments of non-quality time on the weekends.  The deadline for the Trekking KAL looms as Labor Day weekend is only three weeks away. 

MonicaandthesocksatnicklecreekconcertCan anyone tell me what happened to summer?  July is always a too hot time, but the rest of the summer is enjoyable, especially in our picturesque mountains.  Sunday night we attended a Nickel Creek concert at Red Butte Gardens and the weather was lovely. The band is exceptional and their form of Blue Grass is very unique and enjoyable. I've dubbed it PunkGrass, but they do very traditional tunes, too.  The sock came along and did get a bit of knitting time. Monica enjoyed visiting with the sock, but sadly no one else was in the mood, including Smith. He can be so naughty with other boys around.
As you can see just a little knitting progress was made. I need to get busy!



The summer sure is zipping on by! I'm knitting the same trekking socks just in plain stockinette and they have taken me most of the summer to knit. I really like the cheveron pattern you chose for yours!

I have NO idea where the summer went. (Of course I feel the same way about the spring.)
Lovely views, and I can see why you would miss them when the green goes away.

I"m marking my time with events...fall, yes, but people are starting to get excited about Rhinebeck.

Yikes! I totally forgot about the Trekking deadline... I wonder if there is any hope for my poor Trekking solo sock. It will probably have to wait until Socktoberfest, sadly.

Goodness me, girl, you are already planning your next group project! Out with Trekking and in with the Dye/Spin/Knitalong ;)

While I love blogging, I can understand why Karen doesn't have one. It does take up lots of time. Her shawl was amazing, though, and I'd like to see more of her work.

I did finish my Trekking socks and have three more skeins. Although I got the yarn too late to join officially, I loved the socks and photos.

Still waiting for more spinning items to come in. I was off track last weekend and didn't practice, but hoping to so next weekend.

Summer can't be over fast enough here. ;-) I'm sure I could look for it, but what pattern are you using for the sock?

Nickel Creek was here just the other night. How fun you got to see them! You & Smith are quite the concert-goers---I love it!

Hugs to all your boys for me...and a BIG one for YOU! xoxo

Isn't your sock pretty! I have to get moving on my Trekking sock -- where, oh where did summer go! And that stole in the last post -- OMG!!!!!

I *HEART* Nickel Creek! Mr. Thile is a hottie!!!! :)

I'm on the heel of Trekking sock #2, but I can't tell you what torture it is! Mainly b'cause my yarn just sucks lemons...not all stripey-tweedy like everyone else's. Oh, well. We'll just move on.

If I can finish my trekking socks then so can you!

Ryan goes back to school the day after tomorrow--going back to school has always meant the end of summer to me, and I'm also asking "Where did it go!?" It's all good--I'm a fall girl anyway. I'm really looking forward to the leaves again!

Your trekking sock is looking good! I really need to get some sock-knitting done. I have all these lonely socks laying around--I blame project spectrum!

I am waiting for the new Trekking yarns to come into the shop. Although, the Austermenn Step is calling to me...aloe...yummy. Love your sock Margene.

Your sock looks great. I'm on my second pair of Trekking socks and they're dragging because they're for my husband's monster feet. I too am wondering where summer went.

I love the colors of your socks!

Amanda :)

YIKES!! I haven't gotten nearly enough trekking done! I'd better get busy and finish those socks! Yours look great. I really like pastel socks.

That shawl is the most amazing thing! I am working on my first lace shawl, and I don't think it will ever be more than a pink blob.

Aw, I LOVE Nickel Creek! I missed them the one time they came through here, so I'm hoping they come back soon!

Yikes! Only 3 weeks left. I better get going. This is the worst I have ever done in a Knit Along.

The summer just flew by for me too!

Still a good bit of summer remaining down here in Kansas but I'm pretending cooler weather is on the way. hehe I've been practicing practicing on my spinning - I'll be ready for the DSKalong!

Glenn will be envious of you seeing Nickel Creek... I even found him their very first CD, when they were just little kids! I managed to get the first Trekking pair done, but the second are taking twice as long, afraid I won't make the deadline. The Silver Lake photo is so very lovely, makes me eager for my return visit.

You absolutely have to stop posting those fabulous mountain photos - they make me want to immediately hop on a plane! LOL

Ms. Trekking sock looks loverly basking in the sun!!! I am hoping that you applied generous amounts of an appropriate sun blocking cream....we wouldn't want any fiberelenoma.......

The picture of the Silver Lake is beautiful.

What pattern are you using for your sock? I looks a bit like Jaywalker, but not quite, am I right?

I can understand why Karen wants to hold off on the blog thing---I had no idea it would take so much time.

Love the colors on your sock. I love the Chevron pattern, too, and am doing it on my Trekking socks; I did change the pattern to do a heel flap. I wish my current life situation would let me get into the whole dyeing and spinning thing, but it would just take too much right now. But I'll enjoy watching!

I do love the colors on that Trekking sock. Oh, how the deadlines loom. How's that Amazing Lace coming along? I look forward to more pictures of your teammate. The concert sounds wonderful. When we saw Glen Phillips in Nashville a couple of years ago, Chris Thile performed with him. It was amazing enough to get me to forget about being me and to enjoy the live music experience, and that's saying something.

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