Now Norma Celebrates

O is for...

...this Wooden O (as Shakespeare called the Globe theater in Henry V).


Adamstheatherbackofwoodeno For 27 years we have attended the Utah Shakespearean Festival in Cedar CityUtah.  It has been the highlight of our summers.  The plays are set in a Globe style, outdoor theater which is shaped like a large O.  The Festival started in 1962 and over the years has become world famous.  In 2000 the Festival won the Toni Award for Best Regional Theater.  It is a stand out in the rural, often backward, setting of Southern Utah. 


This year we only attended one play, Hamlet, which was exceptional.  Brian Vaughn, who played the lead role, has become our favorite actor over the years as he runs the gamut from comedy to drama beautifully.

Willandistealakissatmidnight Julietlovedthebagandwantedtokeepthesock After the play I took a moment to have a chat with Will and steal a midnight kiss. He never fails to enjoy my company and admire my knitting. He always inspires me with his plays and poetry.
Juliet was especially beautiful when we returned the next morning for a brief visit.  She was taken with the beautiful quilted bag, which was created by the talented Emily (just in time to make the trip with me). She almost made off with my sock, but her lead feet were in my favor.  Poor King Lear is as angry as ever when he tries and fails to knit. I try each year to help him learn but it seems his brain is a little too far gone. 


Should I try again next year or just give up and let him alone?

We will return to our favorite O next year to see Twelfth Night and King Lear.  Maybe if I give Lear a standing ovation he'll be more agreeable. 

If you get a chance to visit a Wooden O, do so...there is nothing like seeing the Bard's plays live.


I love the pictures with props! People had to be cracking up watching you do that! (Or wondering if you were cracking up!)

ohhh that looks fantastic! I remember doing a project on the Globe in grade 9 :)

Neat! I wish we had something like that here. Great pictures!

Nice shawl! The Globe looks great! We went there when we were lived in London. Very long standing. My legs were killing me and it rained!!

Sounds wonderful and so cultured!

Cool theatre. I love Shakespeare.

Where is Will's hand headed in that fetching photo of you in the shawl????!

Those are such great pictures. I'm reading this first thing on a Monday and it's a great way to start the week.

Utah is just amazing!

Cute photos! I love the one of King Lear! It's so sad--all those years in Utah and we never once made it out to the Shakespeare festival!

now i'm a "green eyed monster"' shakespeare outdoors = heaven


And here's another one to add to the list of "Reasons Why I Want to Run Away And Live With Margene". Wow. You've been doing this for 27 years??!! I want to do something - ANYTHING - for 27 years. Wow. I love this post - I love your knit poses - definitely keep on with King Lear. Remember to tell him "It's the process." Surely you can sooth his knitting insecurities over time. :)

Such charming, imaginative pictures. Did the folks around you mutter in puzzlement as you posed your models? Julie is perfect!

That looks like such an interesting place. I'm glad you had a great weekend -- such a nice tradition!

How wonderful! I haven't seen nearly enough live Shakespeare--and certainly never in a remarkable setting like that. (Mostly I make do with Kenneth Branagh.)

Those are some impressive Celtic designs on Lear's tunic. He almost seems to be wearing a Kepler, or Samus. ;-) And as always, you look fetching in your (Flower Basket?) shawl. :-)

good grief! O already?! I think I am still stuck on I ....

Beth beat me to it... I was going to ask if Lear knew Starmore.

Very lovely photos and you obviously had great fun! Maybe I will come back to Utah in time for Shakespeare next year....makes me want to try to fit in time for the Ashland Festival - but I haven't made it there 27 years in a row. I am impressed.

I'm glad you like the bag! (Good think Juliet didn't steal it!)

Wow, look at that gorgeous Celtic Knot on Krazy King Lear's belt, wouldn't that be wonderful on a sweater?
great post, thanks!

O my! GREAT post!

What a cool venue for watching Shakespeare!

You've got us all on cul-cher.

"O" - just wonderful and I love the statues, which are enhanced by your knitting, Margene. We used to go to some theatre under the stars in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Very fond memories for me too! Somehow, Shakespeare and Summer just go together. In Vancouver, they have open theatre in summer with Shakespeare - called "The Bard on the Beach!" If I ever come to Utah in summer, I know where I will go besides your house, Susan's house and all your LYSs!

Oh Oh. It's O time already, huh? Oy vey! Definitely try Lear again next year...we can't give up on newbie knitters.

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