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Ah, Friday…

The Booty

Nothing, but NOTHING, can compare with meeting grrlfriends and spending time together.  The reason for going to a Fiber Festival, or Wool Market, has little to do with fiber or wool...it has everything to do with friends.  If nothing had been purchased and brought home, the trip would have still be a success and full of fun, good times.  A nice bonus is the fiber booty that finds it way home in your bag.

Carolesgiftofvesptersockyarn_1BirdsongsgiftofyarnandpinBirdsong and Carole each came bearing gifts of fibery goodness.  Carole picked up a 'skank' of the oft sought after Vesper Sock Yarn as she was amazed I had never tried it. It's the color of a desert sunset and was a perfect choice. Birdsong's gift was a skein of pure silk, in the same color as the yarn she dyed as my Dye-O-Rama pal, and a beautiful bird pin. They make a perfect combo and will soon be made up into a neck scarf that will be held with the pin.  You two grrlfriends are so sweet and I can't wait until we meet again. Thank you for your kindness, laughter, hugs, silliness and generosity.

CassiesprettysockkitwithcarascardCassie was kind enough to send one of her Emergency Sock Kits (along with one of Cara's fabulous cards) as a thank you for knitting her sock pattern (be patient, she's been very busy).  The ESK is beautifully made and will be a perfect companion to my sock bag.  From now on I'll have everything needed to knit and finish a pair of socks at my finger tips.  Thank you Cassie for sharing your talents.

And now, just what you have been waiting for...the Estes Booty.

Plumcolorwayforseraphim_1GorgeousmagentacolorwayfromplainandfancyMy first stop was the Plain and Fancy booth to see Grayce and her lovely selection of hand dyed yarn.  This year she had little lace weight (thankfully I bought mine last year) but, I loaded up on beautiful sport weight.  The colorway on the left, called Magenta, will become a sweater (pullover or cardigan to be decided).  The darker color is called Plum and should knit up nicely into Mim's Seraphim shawl. Surely no one is surprised by the colors purchased.

GalinasmerinolaceforicarusAutumncolorwayfrompfwbrooksfarmsockFrom Skaska this beautiful lace weight merino will become Icarus, another of Mim's fabulous shawl designs, which is in the current  IK magazine. Last, but not least, is a gift for Katherine, as she created the artful design used on our Utah Grrl T-shirts. It's a skein of Brooks Farm's new sock yarn sold only at fiber festivals (for now anyway).  Aija was the winner of last Friday's comment 'contest' and she will receive the Autumn Leaves colorway from Plain and Fancy Wool.  Thank you  for your kind and supportive comments.  It seems that most of you left comments which reflected who you are as a person.  You all rock!


yummy yummy yummy!!!
Great colour choices. I can't wait to see some of this knit up. Enjoy it!

It was all mutual, dearie.

They're so delicious that even though they're not my favourite colours, I would have been tempted to buy them, especially the Magenta. Gorgeous!

Nice haul!

Lovely stuff! Can't wait to see what it looks like all knit!

Beautiful plumy yarn!! Isn't fun seeing those small/unusual yarns. Cant' wait to see them knit up. Icarus will be ethereal in that colorway.

Yum! I love the color choices. Sounds like you have some fun projects ahead. That Plum yarn is just perfect for PS July but, of course, I'm sure you have plenty of purple around.

As you say, the most important thing is the meeting up with friends. However, a nicely chosen hostess gift is always well appreciated. And your plummy purchase is making my mouth water. That is such a gorgeous color.

I'm sensing a purple kind of shopping spree. ;)
And I'm dying to see the Plain and Fancy knit up into something substantial like a sweater. It will be gorgeous.

LOVE the yarn. The colors look very much like you.

What's the fiber mix of the Brooks Farm sock yarn?

Lovely purchases! I wish Grayce had a website..

Look at all of those pinks and purples! Perhaps another round of Project Spectrum is in order for you to knit with all of the pinks in your stash! :) Lovely haul!

Now I'm going to have it going through my head all day: la la la, la la la, knit your booty! Knit your booty!

(Disco is like some kind of alien menace that has infected my brain and lies dormant most of the time, only to reemerge just as I had begun to hope.)

lovely, all lovely. must stop drooling on the keyboard now...

Holy moly - that's quite an impressive and beautiful bunch of yarny goodness you picked up there! Nice!

I love that Magenta. I'm not sure how I managed to pass that up! I bought some of that BFY sock yarn and didn't know it was for socks! How funny! I'm planning to use mine for a Clapotis. I also bought some Plain & Fancy, you know I had to! You bought some lovely yarns, the laceweight is just gorgeous. I'm using some Plain & Fancy now to make Seraphim. Are you using 2 or 3 hanks?

Sounds like a fantastic loooong weekend! How was Camp Estes?

What great colors! I am so jelous of your fun trip to Estes.

Brooks Farm Yarn is from Texas and sometimes is a vendor at small shows here. I'm going to have to search out some of their sock yarn. Didn't know they had any until now. Thanks.

Your "fiber, bonus!" pics are all great :)

(...and I'm excited to have had my loteria # come up too!)

Great haul! Nothing like a bit of drooling to start the morning off right :o)

Oh my, it looks like you had a good time. the plain and fancy yarn looks not so plain and very fancy!

Oh the silk that Birdsong brought.... so so so pretty. Beautiful color. I'm sure you'll love using it. Gosh Margene, all the yarn you must have. I can't imagine how difficult it must be for you to decide what to knit next! :)

Gorgeous still. I can't wait to see all of the garments you create with such yummy yarns.

Yeah, now that I've wiped the drool off my chin, I have one question. Where's the wheel?

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