Trying to Catch Up
The Booty

M is for...

Market, as in Estes Wool Market.

This market is has barns full of multiple types of fiber animals...
Bathingbeauty Hihappytomeetyoualpaca Hesabeautifulgoat_1
Sowelldressed Thellamalovescarole Thatsuretastesgood
and many products for knitting, spinning and weaving (to name a few).
Carolelovesthealpacaroving Plainandfancyboothatwoolmarket_1 Tablefullofgreensleevesspindles

M is for Meeting other fiber lovers face to face.
Bevyofbloggersatestes Stephlisamejesskaraerinkarenmichaelemim
The whole gang in one picture (if you are in the picture please comment) and another of Stephanie, Lisa, me, Jess, Kara, Erin, Karen, Michaele, and Miriam.
Wanda and I have wanted to meet since last years Market as we found out we were both there but, unaware we were both bloggers.  It was great to meet, albeit too briefly, Kim, and Stacey (perhaps others?).  The meet up is a blur but, it was loads of fun. My biggest regret was not being able to talk to all the bloggers I know only through their blogs. (This trip made me realize that I'll be completely overwhelmed by the bloggers I meet at Rhinebeck.)
Also, at the Market was a little eye candy (a cowboy with a suri alpaca) and a thing or two you wish you'd never seen (that's a leather jacket in his left hand).
Cutecowboywithsurialpaca Thingsyoudontwanttoseeatafiberfest

M is for...

All of the above certainly created memories but, hanging with grrlfriends is positively the best memory maker.  We had a duplex condo and took over the whole place. Snow, Jen, Kristi, Amanda, Michaele (who also bought a wheel) and Karen stayed upstairs.  Stephanie, Carole, Birdsong, Anne (sadly not pictured) and I were in the downstairs.  Here we are at our front door.
Ourplacemebirdsongcarolestephanie Caroleveryhappysheboughtafleeceandstepha
Me, Birdsong, Carole, Stephanie- Stephanie and Carole (yes, she bought a fleece)...
Jessandlaurie Kristimimandkarenatourcondo
Jess and Laurie    -   Kristi, Miriam, Karen...

Birdsongcarolesteaphanie Mebirdsongcaroleatsilverfork
Birdsong, Carole and Stephanie - 3 'Musketeer's' after breakfast at Silver Fork...
Caroleandbirdsongatcontinentaldivide Bestpieeverwithstrawberriespeachesperfec_1
Trekking at the Divide - Jen's Best Pie Ever!

Imbrium and the Utah grrls who stayed in another location, joined us for dinner on Saturday. Jen did all the cooking. Her Shepherd's Pie was so tasty and the Strawberry-Peach pie for desert was truly the best pie ever.  This grrl knows her stuff. Fabulous English scones were also served Saturday for breakfast and were beyond compare.  Jen was so sweet to spend time in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove for all of us. We enjoyed every single bite!

The last shot of Estes, as we drove away on Sunday morning, was of this handsome elk near the Big Thompson River and picture of the sky for Sandy.
Bigelkonbtriver_1   Skyforsandyinestespark

Thanks for the memories everyone! 


Some grrrls have all the fun!

So - can we expect spinning from you soon? C'mon, you can't take in that much fiber festival and not catch the fever.

Wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing a bit of the weekend -- looks like an absolutely blast!

So lucky! What lovely memories to cherish forever.

Now, where are the goodies?

Mmmm, lovely M! Yes, what about the goodies?

Looks like a great time was had by all. I'm looking forward to seeing the new stash.

awwww looks like a fabulous trip!
Great pics Margene!

Thanks for posting all that! I have a big smile on my fave from seeing all the fun. (Carole looks so happy with MORE fleece. lol)
M is for Memories, yeah. So much fun!

I do look a bit giddy in all those photos. Hee! And you left out the part about you trying a wheel. Hmmm. I guess, now that you told everyone that I bought a fleece, that I'll have to tell them how you almost bought a wheel. HA!

It all looks like so much fun. I can't wait to see what fabulous treasures you found!

Looks like so much fun! I had a great time seeing all the spoils last night.


I was there. Loved every. single. minute. of it. And totally had NO CLUE there were some of my favorite knitbloggers around. (though I should have known, eh? Heehee.)

Wow!! What an M!

I resisted using Market for my M coz I knew several people would need it. Lots of smiles in those pictures!

What's this Carole says about you trying a wheel?? It's about time!

I love how happy Carole always looks in picures.

Yay! It was so great to meet you, even if it was all too brief. Looking forward to next time!

And . . . where's the photo of you at the wheel???

Wow, I am envious!!!!

Looks like a great day so far!

Hi there Margene! It was nice to meet you as well at the Market! Hope to see you around a wool market again one day! :)

I can't wait to go to one of these festivals and meet other fiber lovers! I hope they have a cute cowboy at the festival I end up at ;o)

Glorious. I'm so jealous! What a wonderful trip for you. Do we get to see what you bought?

Looks like SOOO much fun! Wish I could have been there!

Great photos, as usual, Margene! I haven't seen my grrl Stephanie since last year en route to SOAR, so thanks for that! I must say, you won't see scenery quite like that at Rhinebeck...unless you take a ride with me up the Taconic!

I so wish I could have been there for the festival. I was in Estes Park the end of April for a wedding and it was absolutely bee-yoo-tee-ful! Sounds like everyone had a blast!

It looks fabuloso! Can't wait for Rhinebeck. (As best I can tell every knitblogger in the known universe plans to go to Rhinebeck. It should indeed be a blast.)

So Carole is a fiber animal? Nice!

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