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Taking Care of Business (While Away)


Smith and I have been busy readying the house for guests.  It has been a long time since such honored guest have graced our home and it's an understatement to say I'm excited. The weekend is going to be a blast! Carole and Birdsong arrive this afternoon and until Monday, when they return home, it may just be one long party.  There are over a dozen Ewe-tah bloggers (and non bloggers) traveling to Estes and we'll met up with half-dozen others from Colorado (and WY).  The Wool Market may pale (sorta) in comparison.

There will be a blogger meet up on the Estes Wool Market grounds near the Information Gazebo at 11:00am.  The Market opens at 9:00am so, that should give us time to find our favorite vendors and shop beforehand. 

Fabutshirtshandstampedbykatherine My bags are almost packed and I'll be wearing one of these fabulous T-shirts (as will many of the others from Utah).  Katherine, SnB artist in residence, created a linocut called Make One and printed it directly on T-shirts for the SLC SnBers. (You can read how how the shirts were created on her blog.)  If you see someone with this logo you'll know she's from SLC. Katherine may make up some T-shirts for sale...stay tuned.

Davesyarninopenworkrib Not much knitting has been accomplished this week but, I did finish one of the Openwork Rib socks in the yarn I bought from Dave.  It's such a fun colorway and everyone will KNOW this pair of socks is hand knit.  My feet will be very happy this winter when I wear these bright, colorful socks.

DyedbysusanbloodysunsetLast month I bought some cream Gems Pearl to dye, but I chickened out.  Susan kindly dyed it in the same colorway she sent to Cara for the Spin Out.  It turned out beautifully.  It was hard to part with any of it but, I gave Susan half as she liked it, too.

Not sure there will be much knitting on the trip but, the second Openwork Rib sock is on the needles and I threw in CeCe, just in case.  A grrl must be prepared. CeCe hasn't had much blog time lately, but there should be sleevage soon, which means she's on the home stretch. CeCe just might be ready for her debut by months end. 


My bags are packed! I leave for the airport in an hour! See you soon, dearie!

Have SO MUCH!!!

Buy LOTS of fun stuff! I'm shopping precariously through you. :)

The word I wanted was "vicariously" - still too early for me to be awake. Ugh.

Oh I'm SO jealous! I wanna come!

I'm so jealous of the shirts and Estes! Have fun with the guests!

Have a great time -- I know you will! I love those wooden sock stretchers you have.

You girls are going to have such a great time! Enjoy and we'll expect a full report.

Have fun! It sounds like a wonderful weekend is ahead and those shirts are great.

I got some Gems Pearl to dye too but it's almost to beautifult to touch. I'll save it until I'm sure I won't screw it up.

Everyone else will knit, so you will too. Send love to Carole, and have a wonderful time! We on the Least Coast are very envious.

Don't forget to give Stephanie a hug from me, and pictures....take lots of pictures!!

I'm getting butterflies just reading about it! I'll be with you in spirit. (Great socks! Does that make 35 or 36 pairs, or have I totally lost count?)

Have fun! I'me completely jealous. And you aren't the only one who loves the yarn Susan dyed for you - I ordered some in that colorway from her!

Carole is an excellent NE Knitblogger ambassador. We are all as fun as she is. Promise.

Sounds like a wonderful weekend is on your way!

Love the socks.

Have a great time! I love those shirts!

Woohoo for fun times with honored guests -- you know how to pick 'em! From the pics she posted yesterday, I'd watch out for that Carole and her wild streak -- mattress races, yellow pants, pink cowboy hats!! Be on guard. ; )

Have a blast (I know you will)!

Margene I hope you all have a really fun time at the Wool Market!! I'm trying to figure out how I can get there next year - it's not that far from me. :)

Oh, boy! I can't wait for Estes! It will be so fun to meet you all. Tell Katherine she should sell them and bring some to Estes. They'd be a big hit.
Love the new sock too.

Don't think it really needs to be said, BUT have a super great time... love the SLC t-shirts

The sock looks great and I love the yarn!

Have fun at Estes (as if I really need to tell you that)! I'm so envious!

You grrls are gonna have a blast. Wear the shirts with Utah pride (hahaha--that's funny). Wish I was going to Estes too, but we're going to make our fun, so it won't be all bad.

The rest of us are green with envy. Have a great time!

Gosh, I wish I could go, too. I have never been to a fiber event before! Have loads and loads of fun!!!

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