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Socks That Walk on Rocks

Big Cottonwood Canyon is greening up as the winter run off begins to fill the stream.  Half way up the canyon the green gives way to bare trees and the brown branches of winter.  Within the next couple of weeks the green of spring will inch its way up and tinge the higher elevation trees.  May is a perfect time for Project Spectrum's color of green.

TowsocksfrommypalSockpalsocksnearthewater The SockapalOOOza socks arrived from Tawana on Thursday and it was a thrill to open her beautiful package. The socks are a lovely combination of sage green, pale blues and lavenders mixed in a way that only Koigu has perfected.  The pattern is Cascading Leaves from the Townsend Socks Yahoo Group and it is a pattern I have longed had on my list to knit.  The socks feel good, fit well and are so wonderful.  I like them all the better because they are a different colorway than I would buy and I LOVE it more for that reason. Thank you Tawana for a very special pair of socks.  They will be the first pair I wear when sock season comes this fall.


The Sockpal who recieved the Child's First Socks that I knit is Carole.  The socks fit and she seems to like them!  Thanks again Alison for a great time!

Mimseleanorasockinred I confess to falling cuff to toe over heels in love Mim’s  Eleanora sock. The elegant and intriguing stitch pattern, the unique toe shaping, and the history of Eleanora all combine to made this a 'real' sock knitters sock pattern.  It was the sock I picked up to knit most often during the last two weeks and thoroughly have enjoyed.  It takes a little concentration at first but the pattern is easy to follow down the leg and foot. The toe shaping is ingenious and creates a very comfortable toe.  The second sock is on the needles and this will be a fun, fun sock to wear next winter.

Davesyarnwithrapids This may well be a summer of sock knitting for me, even more so than usual. There are so many fabulous sock yarns available and now many bloggers are dyeing yarn on their own.  Dave  has created quite a stir with his new Mercantile and this colorway he called "Parrot" captured my heart.  It was even more fabulous in person. Smith even looked at it several times repeating how much he liked it.  For a man who thinks one yarn is as good as the next, that is a big compliment.  You'll see a pair of sock in the yarn soon, you can bet on it.


That yarn is really great! I'll be excited to see how it knits up! Glad you like the sock pattern still too :)

Lovely socks, lovely view :-)
I have nearly finished my P socks and Elinora will be next on the needles.

You really have the most gorgeous scenery. Maybe I ought to send you all my yarn for photographing? Of course, you would have to take a few skeins for payment. lol

They are so pretty. I'm having so much fun watching everyone receive their socks - everyone did so well.

My oh my, Margene! You've hit the socks mother lode. I'll have to put that cascading leaves pattern on my list as well. And you've just flown through the Eleanora many socks, so little time!

Your sockapaloooza socks are beautiful. Perfect color and pattern. I love how the Eleanora socks look, I really need to give that pattern a try.

Great sock pal socks!! ENJOY!

Tawana's Cascading Leaves socks are beautiful. Aren't you lucky!

Something tells me the socks we'll be seeing in Dave's yarn soon will be Smith sized.

; )

Goregous socks, Margene! Both pairs! And as usual, a great setting for photos as well.

A summer sock knitting in preparation for fall and winter seems like a very good idea. It's probably what I'll do as alternate projects in order to prevent a complete loss of mind from the Wedding Ring Shawl.

Your sockapaloooza socks are fabulous! I love that pattern. And Dave's yarn is equally fabulous. Can't wait to see what pattern you choose for that.

Once again, those are lovely socks from your sock pal! And the Eleanora looks great - must finish other socks on needles first....

so pretty from your sock pal. and your eleanora is lovely too.

Absolutely gorgeous!!

Great was a VERY socky kind of weekend for you.

The socks, the yarn and the scenery are all very beautiful.

Your sock pal socks are gorgeous, especially in nature!

Dave's parrot yarn also looks especially fetching............yummy!

Gorgeous photos. . . although if you keep walking around on rocks, you just may need my darning tutorial . . .

Just beautiful, all of it. I love the color you chose for the Eleanora socks. Your sock pal did an awesome job! Great picks, all.

Your sockpal knit beautiful socks for you! The parrot yarn is gorgeous as well.

Oh, you lucked out all right! Your 'palooza socks are fabulous! I think I have some of that same Koigu in the stash, actually.

And you finished an Eleonora sock already? Wow.

I'm so glad you're deep in the sock zone right now, too. We can keep each other company. ;-)

Hooray for Parrot! I can't wait to see what you do with it. I still have your colorway coming. Just waiting on some yarn. It'll be purty!

Yay for receiving beutiful socks from your pal! I do love that sock pattern and it's so cool to get socks in a colorway that you normally wouldn't have chosen for yourself. That's a great part about getting surprises - discovering something new that you love and never knew you would! :)

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