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Creative or Crazy

Instead of having dreams about creativity or the lack thereof...I have tried to expand my horizons into other craft outlets.  Do not thing this is easy...I am no Jane, few people are as talented as she is in so many different areas.  I can knit and do several types of embroidery, but all else that requires glue, sewing machines or a stove are beyond my desires or capabilities.  It's best to know ones limitations so as not to cause mishaps or frustration. 

You just may laugh (or cry with me) during my soon to be adventure in dyeing.  I could end up with a colorful kitchen instead of the all white as it is now.  Yarn and Kool Aid (plus Paas Easter Egg dyes) have been assembled.  This weekend may afford time to jump into the dye pot.  Stay tuned.

CardsforgiftsPaper craft has been fairly easy for me to handle.  You just gotta love glue dots, glue strips and mono adhesive...they have a way of making one feel like a professional even if you're an 'all thumbs' type. The cards are darn fun and with so many ideas on-line, in magazines and shops, anyone can easily feel very creative with paper.

Flaxrobandmdkbook While surfing around Blogland last week I ran into the Mason Dixon KAL and had to join. You already know I had the Euroflax yarn needed for the After Dark Bathrobe in my stash,so I started it right away.  It's a perfect project for Stitch 'n Bitch and I have now finished the 3 1/2" of seed stitch for the back hem.  The stockinette section will now grow quickly while I mindlessly chat with the Utah Grrls on Tuesday evenings.  With such simple knitting the flax is easy to handle and easy on the hands. 

There are several other projects in the book that will be knit in my future but, last Thursday night I cast on for one of the round Mason Dixon 'warshrags'.  Tahki Cotton Classic was suggested by the Wool Cabin, and since it comes in many plain colors and several variegated shades, the possibilities are unlimited.  A pretty pastel colorway of yellow, pink and turquoise was my first choice. The cloth works up into a quick, practical, lovely little package and gift all in one. 


TeresaC and her family are walking together for Crop Walk and you can donate to help them meet and surpass the goal of $500.00.  This is a very worthy cause which you can read about in Teresa's post.  Knit Bloggers do so much to support each other. Let's get behind her on this one, OK?


Creative or crazy? Why not do both?

All of your crafts-in-progress look great. Heading over to Teresa's...

You're gonna have a blast with the dyeing. And I just love the knitted warshcloth as a wrapping for a gift of soap. I've even got some peaches and cream in the stash. I consider it a rather boring color, but it'll still be lovely knitted up and ribboned.

by the way, I just LOVE your cards. I wish I had it in me.

Your warshrags are so pretty and they coordinate well with the card. What a lovely gift.

I too am well stocked with Kool Aid and Cushings Dye. My helpers are very excited to get to work. I can't wait!

That is such a goregous color for the robe. Thanks for pointing out Teresa's walk. :) Cute warshcloth.

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will get Kool-Aid stains off white counters. Just in case:)

Like the washcloth.

You'll do fine. Just remember to use lots of saran wrap and gloves. Can you do it outside? I do everything on my back porch and only come in to use the microwave which will soon stop too as I'm buying a special one to use for dyeing. E-mail me if you need any help. I'll be around this morning.

Clorox is my very best after-dyeing friend...a light swab across all cleanable surfaces and wah la!

I can't wait to see what you come up with...the process is one of my favorites.

I think you are doing very well, expanding your horizons. THe Wild Asparagus papers arrived yesterday - now to find some time to play. Can't wait to see what you come up with the dyeing!

i've been working in the scrapbooking/memories section of the store for the last few days. UT_O...it's making me wanna do....who knew there were so many fine ways to glue things to other things?

I can't wait to see your post after your dyeing experience. I think you'll like it more than you think!

I just got the Mason-Dixon book yesterday, and it is so great! I love all the rugs and blankets......yummy. I definitely see some large amounts of cotton yarn in my immediate future..........Your warshrag is so cute!

Dyeing yarn is so much fun! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

I'm looking forward to seeing that robe grow - beautiful color you have for it. I did some Euroflax swatching over the weekend and decided it's not the best thing for Emeline's pajama bodice - I'm going to look for some silk to dye for it now I think.

You're going to dye up some great yarn. I can feel it. :-)

I'm skeered of the dyeing thing too. But I joined because you joined and now we're in it together!

I've had a blast with my dyeing experiments in roving, but I don't think I've ever done yarn. Maybe I need to rethink that.

you're going to have a great time dyeing. I'd cover the white surfaces though . . .

Such a pretty gift. I'm jumping on the warshrag bandwagon too, as soon as I've got the time (haha).

The robe will be so pretty. I'm thinking of trying the Euroflax hand towels.

Can't wait to see your Dyeing Adventure unfold...

Special Kitchen Hint: I keep a container of those Clorox Disenfecting Wipes near-by when I'm dyeing. Then, if you have spillage (or stainage) pull those out and have at it. They've removed the dye outta formica and semi-glossed walls for this Sloppy Joe!

Ooh, dyeing! I'm ready to jump into it too, I just have to order some undyed yarn... BTW, my brilliant spinning instructor swears by 409 cleaner to take dye spills off countertops.

There's always a fine line between creative and crazy. :) I hope you have fun with the dying!

This is a test. This is only a test.

I found quite a few items in that book too that I will have to put on the list, including the circular cloth... great minds think alike! I feel a bit like you about the dyeing venture; I spent years doing plant dyes on wool, but now I am going to try to please someone else and really want the results to come out right!

Um...Margene? How is it that one of those fantastic cards and one of those FABULOUS washcloths are now in my hands!!!! This Internet is MAGIC!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You are too sweet! (And how'd you know I needed some chocolate rightthisminute!)

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