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The sock mojo has been very strong.  It's difficult to pick up anything else when socks are calling in a very loud voice.  Makes a grrl wonder, what's up with that?  It's already too warm to wear them, which means anything new will be tucked away with the 'already worn' hand knit socks until fall.  Maybe that's it…they want the company of like minded friends.  We all understand that!  Besides, there are few knits as true as a sock in process.

Ribbingonkarensprettysock The second Eleanora has yet to be cast on because the Sleeping Dragon yarn, Purple Night, has been wooing my attention.  The colorway is aptly named, as the soft purples shade to a deep inky blue, which reminds me of twilight on a summer evening.  The pattern is the Slipped Stitch Rib from Charlene Schurch's book  Sensational Socks. It's a snug fitting pattern, which makes a good gift sock, if you're so inclined.  However, this pair is mine!  I'll be getting more of Karen's fabulous yarn soon, as I love her colorways.

Cassiessockafterheel I've also been test knitting Cassie's sock (which should be available soon).  The lace on the cuff and leg make a fun, yet easy knit and the plain colored yarn more interesting. Speaking of plain sock yarn….our LYS, the Wool Cabin, is getting a shipment of Opal (the German Opal) in plain colors.  It's so exciting! 

Because summer is a great time to knit socks are you ready for a fun summer Knit Along?

Mytrekkingstash Norma and I want you to go take a hike! With us, that is.  We have decided it's time to knit with some of the Trekking XXL sock yarn we have in our stashes.  Neither of us has knit a sock with Trekking and it's a damn shame! Many people love this yarn so, if you have never knit with it, and want to give it a go…we have a proposition for you.  We're good at propositions (well Norma is good at depositions but, not very good at KALs, of which I am fully aware). So, if you want to join me, the person with the best hiking trails on earth and Norma, the worst Knit Along host ever, in our Trekking Along, let's go! 

Trek Along With Me, the best is yet to be, just you want and see.

  • You must knit with Trekking XXL….color of your choice, sock pattern of your choice. Buy (or find in your stash) some Trekking XXL, get your sock pattern and supplies ready and let's Go Take A Hike!
  • Start Date June 1st – End date August 31st.
  • You should take a picture at least once a month (twice would be better), of you and/or your sock on a hiking trail during the months of June, July and August.
  • A trail can be an urban trail, like the Freedom Trail in Boston or the Magnificent Mile in Chicago or a nature trail. Get in touch with your landscape, whatever it may be.
  • Make sure you take along plenty of fluids.
  • Take the Button and add it to your own server.
  • Enjoy your hike and your knitting wherever you go!
  • Leave a comment on the Trekking Along Blog and we'll add you to the sidebar, as well as, send you an invite to post on the blog. Start date is June 1st.

It's the summer to 'go take a hike' and perhaps you can knit in a rock like I did last year.


The allure of socks is impossible to resist. Weather, schmeather. (I wear socks even in high summer, even with Grant yelling at me "it's not cold!" as if that would somehow help.) I have to think about that KAL. I said no more for a while, but I am feeling this tug...

I'm sooo up for this one! I've never knit with Trekking yet and I'll have to wait until I go to Boston to get any which is the end of June but I'll be hiking with everyone until then!

What a fantabulous idea! I love it! Socks and nature! I had planned to knit up by blue Trekking for June's PS knit. We must be on the same wavelength :) Don't forget to save a few hanks for Socktoberfest though!

This one was a no-brainer for me. Wonderful idea!

What fun, Margene! Count men in.

It's a lovely idea. If the Physio says I can, I will join in. First things first though I've got to find me some Trekking. Anyone know of a stockist in the UK?

I'm with Lucia, I wear socks all year 'round. This is going to be a fun one, thanks for putting it together.

I am still so bitter over my one Trekking sock being swiped at work. WAH!

What a great idea! Is it any reason I knew I "had" to have that ball of Trekking I bought last night?
I'm knitting some (german) opal socks right now and I'm loving them!

I'm Trekking-less at the moment but will enjoy seeing everyone else's adventures!!

I wish I could do this one! But if I'm going to be honest with myself I know there is no way in hell I'll get it done!

Sounds like a fun idea! And I have just the right ball of Trekking in the stash so count me in :o)

You girls are just CRAZY! Have fun! I'll be on the couch with my STR. ;-)

I love the way you summarize you and Norma as hosts. I'm tempted, but I just finished my Trekking...other yarns are screaming for attention.

Its oddly disturbing (but maybe I should be happy?) that your version of my sock looks better than mine does. Now that I think about it, its kind of funny, actually. (Better yarn, I think.)

I'm almost but not quite up for the Trekking KAL - I've got the goods, but too many projects going right now to seriously think about it. Unless my willpower breaks down and I cast on again.

Have a great Take a Hike summer!

Love the Trek with Me idea! I feel guilty for knitting almost nothing BUT socks lately but I'm enjoying it so who cares? Right?

What a great idea! Count me in!

This might be serendipitous. Kristen (Med Student Who Knits) just gifted me my first skein of Trekking, and my National Parks Pass is going to get a workout on my cross-country road trip, conveniently starting May 31st. I'll ponder.

cough, (blush) a*hem....i've still got sox on my needles from last summer which was my summer of sox
moving right along....

Sounds interesting. I especially like the part about taking a picture of the socks on a hiking trail. Let me check my stash. I may have to visit a yarn shop.

Hmmm, I THINK I have some Trekking at home, though it's the boot-weight . . . does that still qualify??

well, only if I can crochet it.

Cute pink sock!

I love the Trekking KAL. I have some of this in my stash and I love it. Great idea. How's the sleeping dragon yarn to knit with? It looks beautiful.

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