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What I Did On HPZN Day


Knittinatthebirdinthesun Easterbunnyenjoyssnowbirdfun_1 The weekend was full of blue sky (and wind) while spring slowly takes over the valley floor.  Trees are leafing and blossoming, flowers of all sorts are in stages from full to waning blooms.  Since it is the weekend, and we had few obligations, it was decided to head up to the 'Bird' and check out the sun and snow conditions.  Hanging around the plaza, watching skiers from all over the world, and feeling the sun on our winter starved skin was a pretty darn good way to spend hedonistic pagan-like Zen nothingists day (HPZN). However, everyday is HPZN day, but yesterday was especially a nice one.  We saw the Easter Bunny from a distance with a trail of children following to pick up the eggs he left behind.

Skipatrolatendofrun Snowblowingofftopofmtbaldysnowbird Chairs are set up on the plaza where you can sit in the sun and watch the skiers come off the pure white slopes, swooshing right up in front of you to disembark. It was a picture perfect day but, maybe the skiing wasn't so good. It has been warm, and the snow is slushy, with no refreezing at night and the upper peaks have very stiff winds to contend with, too.  You can see the snow blowing off Mt. Baldy in this picture.

Spring is a time of slow change in the Rockies and this week will be no exception.  The promise is for snow today with warming temperatures towards weeks end.  At least the warmer days come more frequently and there is a longer lapse of time between the cold and snowy days. 

Can you see the P-Word socks in the above photo?  They had their debut at the Bird...details tomorrow.

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""hedonistic pagan-like Zen nothingists ""
WOW !! a name for what i BE other than be here nowist or frisbeetarian like george carlin


Very clever, sneaking in those Pword socks. How about more detal?

Spring snow is is knee-wrenching conditions, but has the poignancy of late season and last turns. We are cool spring here, which makes the blooms last longer. Every house has some small or big patch of forsythia. Trees are starting to leaf out. The pollens are making many miserable.

Well, you see? The Easter Bunny visits all the good people -- even the ones who don't believe! :)

Can't wait to see the P-Socks. We argued about religion all weekend. Does that count?

I'm looking forward to the p-word sock detail, thinking of recasting on them myself on size 1's. It's a fun pattern, just no size 2's for me.
They look great!

A title to remember.

Sounds like a wonderful place to sit and knit!

Looks like a fabulous day!

Love the socks.

LOL! I *love* HPZN day! Also, thank you soooo much for the lovely package that arrived on Friday!

It looks like you had a wonderful weekend. I can't wait to see the details of your P-word socks. I cast on for mine over the weekend. You were right! They are worth using dpn's.

I sent our Easter snow your way. the middle of California.

Now it's all yours.

Oh, you tease, you. :-) I can just see a little blob of color, and that's it!

HPZN! My new motto. I saw those P-socks right away. I can't wait to see some detail shots. Sounds like a lovely weekend.

Happy HPZN Day! Do you have several celebratory days around the year fro this particular holiday? The sun looks glorious...

Love the socks and the wearer! I can see flags flying in the photo with the mountains for background. Do they fly a flag for each skier's home country? Our Easter weekend weather was cool! Easter weekend when I was young was always the time to sport new ankle socks, coat, dress, gloves, purse and spring hat! Little skinny red legs did not add to the magnificence of the picture of style!

Glad you had such a lovely weekend...What's better than knitting in the sunshine?

What a lovely way to spend an afternoon!

I love your weekends, M!!!!!!

What a gorgeous day! Snow AND sun - what a terrific combination!

What a little snow bunny you are! Great pictures!

Hehe, is that a REAL day? Looks like you had a nice weekend. It's so weird to see snow!

Margene do you feel like you're on vacation every day? What a beautiful view you have all the time and wonderful fun places to whisk off to on short notice. Knitting while you watch the skiiers swoosh down off the mountain - I truly would feel like I was on a lifetime vacation. It's so nice to visit your blog and get to see these things and read our personal accounts of them every day. I nearly feel like I'm there. :)

Let's hear it for HPZN. And for P-socks. We want a close-up!

Ours was rather HPZN as well. The P-word socks look like they're pretty fabulous - let's see a closer view sometime soon. I'm with you on the warm weather/no wool thing, though, which is unfortunate since I just finished a great wool sweater that will just have to wait until fall. Happy HPZN to you!

Oh, lovely lovely blue skies. And P socks.

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