New Rules

One More Thing (Or Two)

Fifth Rule- After a pair of socks has been completed, cast on for a new pair as soon as possible. Knitting a sock is good for the soul.  It isn't a bad thing to cast on for a second pair of socks, either...however, more than that can be distracting and dangerous.


Mim's Eleanora sock is turning out to be great fun to knit.  The person of long ago who knit the sock for Eleanora de Medici, probably didn't realize their historic legacy.  It is especially wonderful to be knitting it in red just as the original was (they were silk,however, and mine are wool). It is a thrill that Mim brought this beautiful piece of history to the 21st Century knitter.  I may have found my solace knitting with this pattern, as it is interesting, not too complicated, and gives me a real since of being one with women of the past. The red Sheepjes wool that Ande sent is just lovely and shows the stitch pattern well.

If you are intimidated by a provisional cast on, do not worry, you can still knit this sock.  I'm all thumbs when it comes to the provisional cast on so, my fix was to cast on in Long Tail, over two needles held together. This insures enough give and that the stitches are easily seen when they need to be picked up.  There is no problem, that I can see, in employing this method and I now well into the cuff.  Do what will work best for you.

Sixth Rule- Review all rules before knitting each day.

Startingtheedgingonmountainstream Since I don't really like being told what to do (not even my own good advice, apparently), I didn't pay attention to the First Rule Wednesday night. The top border of MS was  moving along nicely but, when I got the wasn't MY end.  I frogged, reread the instructions, tried again...and again, and again.  Nothing made sense at that point and I just couldn't see, or understand, how the last rows went together.  I frogged back to the beginning of the border and went to bed. 

When I woke from a good sleep my first thought was of the lace and the second thought was like a revelation. I'm sure the room lit up when the light bulb over my head clicked on.  A vision of how the border should end and how it would fit together came to me.  My only regret was that there was little time to knit before work.  I may even tackle the grafting but, just in case, be ready to help at Stitch 'n Bitch on Sunday Susan!

Enjoy your weekend.


Margene, the MS is beautiful!

Isn't the Eleanora pattern fantastic? I've set aside red yarn for my Eleanora socks, too, now that the first Eleanora legwarmer is done.

Beautiful colour for Eleanora! I might knit mine in a shade of red since I red that the socks found in the tomb were red. Yours is a perfect red! Have a great weekend!

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