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It is truly amazing that this pair of socks is finished AND that they look so cool. The P-Word socks enjoyed showing off at Snowbird on Sunday.  Can you see 'em hangin' ten?  For some strange, serendipitously happy reason the socks are very similar in their color changes.

The reason I'm amazed that the socks are finally finished is that there seemed to be little I could do correctly on the second sock. The first sock was interesting, exciting to knit and, just watching the color change with each stitch, was fascinating.   The second sock was rife with errors. It started in the pattern directly after the cuff and was due to my lack of ability to remember a decrease in one section (over and over).  You'd think that if you make an error once would be enough to help you see the light and get back on track. BUT, NO...I had to do it 5 times, FIVE times. After the light came on and progress began the leg went quickly, smoothly and there was no problem until the gusset area of the foot.  This vicious sock will always come back and bite you in the butt if you're not careful. Do not become complacent or arrogant around this sock. You must be on constant guard.

Sideviewofpomatomassocksatthebird_2For some inexplicable reason, even though I thought I was following the chart, oneYO at the end of a row was missed FOUR, at least FOUR, times. Now, lest you think it isn't about the process and that I just talk the talk and don't walk the walk...at no time during the daily flogging frogging did it enter my head to stop knitting,  throw the sock across the room, or give up (however, chopping it into tiny pieces with sharp scissors did crossed my mind, fleetingly).  Several 'technical terms' were screamed uttered at the sock but, I continued to process and reprocess. It is all knitting and it was well worth the effort.


Pattern: Pomatomas from Knitty.com
Yarn: Socks That Rock, color Fire On the Mountain (Thank you, Regina!)
Needles:  DPN Bamboo Size 2
Time to Knit: March 28-April 16, 2006
Modification: Star Toe


Very pretty! Congratulations on wining the fight with sock #2. :)

Winning even... ;)

Lovely! the colourway is awesome truly a match made in heaven :-)

Fabulous socks!! The color is amazing.

Amazing P-Socks! I've been wanting to knit those, they just bumped themselves up the list.

They are fantastic! I love them!!

nice tootsies!!!

They look beautiful! I am jealous--I am going to have to knit the P-word socks soon.

Those socks are terribly cool! In fact, I'm now worried you are too cool for me. LOL

I also love making the same error over and over again. It keeps me humble!

Great P-socks, Margene! I'm totally with you - I had a love-hate relationship, too. I just finished my second pair, and they, too, got frogged a few times. The only thing I got better at was frogging. Definitely not the pattern.

those p-word socks do rock! they are the coolest looking socks around....


I gotta get me some STR.


Those are wonderful socks, Margene! Totally worth the processing and reprocessing!

They're beautiful! I love how the colors begin pool right onto the toe, just gorgeous. Definitely worth the processing and errors, b/c these socks are so much fun, aren't they?! :-)

Margene, those look even nicer up close! I love the colorway, and that pattern makes it really psychedelic. Your feet look very happy, and I hope it stays cool enough there to wear them for at least a little bit!

Your pomatomus are almost as nice as mine ;-) Amazing how that pattern can take a colourful yarn - so many can't. Your knitting ennui as you want to go outside and work in the garden and do things, but can't? We have a similar problem here, except it is coming into winter - it iseems to be hitting a good month before we expect it - and it is cold and wet, stopping us from planting stuff.

very funky, very cute.

Your P-socks rock!

Sheesh, last but not least!
I wasn't sure about the color being too busy for the busy pattern but these P-Socks are just P-erfect! :)

Wowza! You're P socks have turned out wonderfully! I am currently working on the second sock of this pattern and am in love with it, sadly though they are not for me. (Sockapaloooza.) But the colors I'm using are so much more mild than your wild. It really changes the tone of the socks - incredible!

Oh, glorious. If I weren't so behind in sockage...


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