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It may not be the last time this season that our mountains are covered with white.  Tuesday was partly sunny while snow flurries made their way across the valley.  It was cool to see snow and sun at the same time.  Snowbird, the place where my P-Word socks 'hung ten', had up to 27" of  new snow in two days, with a total of over 550" for the season.  May it all come down very slowly. By afternoon the skies were clearing, the day was beautiful and held the promise of more clear days ahead.  It should be in the 70s today!

Susan so aptly named her Orenburg-style scarf Mountain Stream. Mine has been growing slowly...too slowly, because it seems I must knit 4 rows and frog 2.  I now know the vulnerable spots intimately but, it took me too long awhile to figure them out.  The first two stitches of a row can readily slip off the needles as the work is turned. This problem is found at least 4 rows beyond where they were dropped which results in more frogging.  This problem occurs so frequently that it finally dawned on me to check the stitches on every row when I turn the scarf.  Other errors include adding rows and sticking YOs in the wrong place. A rumor has been going around that I may be crowned the 'Princess of the Frog Pond'. The reason I can't be Queen is I work my way out of the pond, eventually.

Despite frequently flowing into the frog pond, MS continues to grow and show her off her beauty.  It is only this (and Susan will think I'm a weinnie) that keeps me goin' with the flow. I had intended to make it longer than the pattern but, Susan, who saw it in progress at Stitch 'n Bitch on Tuesday, thought the length was fine. (Laurie has decided we are really BITCH 'n Stitc, but that's another story).  Yesterday morning I frog back a few rows (there was a mistake to fix anyway) and started the top border.  The Douceur et Soie has been fabulous in the face of all this frogging and holds the stitches in place so they are easy to pick up.


My limited learning powers have led me to create a few New Rules for my knitting.

First Rule - Never knit anything complicated after 9:00 pm.  Keep simple knitting nearby so there is no excuse. Otherwise, continuous frogging will be the only thing accomplished between 9:00 and 10:00 pm (bed time).

Second Rule - No matter what time of day it is do not continue to knit if you're head is bobbing from lack of sleep (note to more). Mistakes will be made that will not be found until the next row or, more likely, after it is too late to fix easily.

Third Rule - Follow the chart religiously, do not become arrogant or complacent.  Mark with a yellow marker the decreases or YOs that are different from row to row or from section to section. Move your sticky note with EVERY row you knit so that it is easy to find where you are in the pattern. Don't assume you will remember. Make sure the sticky note is STILL sticky when you put your knitting away.

Fourth Rule - Remember that under any circumstances, especially stressful moments, that "It is the process". This cannot be over stated.

Knit on!


Those are great rules -- I agree! Carole and I were discussing lace over the weekend and I have one additional rule -- lace is NOT a good commuter knitting project. It's a "home" project.

Some projects just DO that to you. We make (and break) our own rules. I certainly know that no complex knitting after 9pm dictum. *sigh*

Great rules and mine as well. I can add a few more things that I do. I am SO glad Super Sticky Post-It's came back. But, I also use removable tape to make sure the note stays put when I put the project in my bag so the end doesn't get crumpled. Also, someone once told me that you can have too few notes but never too many. Yep. If you put your project away for any length of time (for me an hour), it really helps to know what you just did and what you need to do next, what you've modified and what size needles you were using if more than one. The scarf looks fantastic!

Well, I have to agree with the sticky note (or sticky tape) rule. I use a magnet board and never assume I'm in control.

It looks loverly! That blue is great.

The last time I dealt with a complex lace pattern I made up a spreadsheet with every row of the piece (it was a baby blanket) on it, all 240 of them, and crossed them off as I went. I couldn't watch TV or hold a conversation while working on the thing. I still did a lot of frogging. Immediately thereafter I had to do another baby blanket in English mesh lace just to prove to myself that I was capable of handling a simple lace pattern without spreadsheets and such.

I agree! After 9pm I'm all about socks!

This is good advice for the OTHER Mountain Lace project, too! (If you are the Princess of the Frog Pond, I am the Duchess!)

I only have issues with Rule 1: If I didn't knit after 9:00 p.m. (Matthew's Bedtime), I don't think I'd ever knit at all!

Beautiful! you masochist, you...hehe

Your rules are logical. Now you have no excuses for future dip(s) in the frog pond.

Yeah. I've discovered the wonder of using a post-it note to keep my place on the lace knitting because if it wasn't there I'D HAVE NO CLUE WHERE I WAS!! This lace knitting stuff is a whole new ballgame for me. And I still haven't decided whether to change yarn of keep what I have. I believe I will be casting off the bottom border and washing it to see what kind of bloom I get before finishing too much more and hating the yarn when I'm through.

Yes, I thought of some of these around 10 pm, when I frogged a 12 st section of P-sock because it had 11 stitches, then I lost a few more in the YOs. Lovely scarf, my Douceur did not take to frogging as well as yours.

Rule 5: never let your husband clean up the living room because he will dump the knitting in a grocery sack and all your little notes will come off and you will have no clue where you are. The only thing that saved his life is that no stitches came off the needle.

Great rules! I've been wanting to knit lace for awhile but now I'm not so sure I have the patience for it. It will have to be a pattern I'm totally in love with for sure!

It's going to be so worth it, though. Soooo pretty. Glad to hear that the Douceur et soie (sp?) holds up well under the pressure. I love their colors, too.

And read your knitting! :)

I learned that on the border of the shawl I am knitting. I kept saying, I can't "read" the pattern in my knititng and low and behold, I was right. The pattern "caught on" in the second half of the shawl and I had to tink back the row.

Good luck to finish the border. The end is in sight.

Like Kim, I can't follow rule number 1 either. And my reason is also named Matthew.

Love the scarf. I'm just about to seam up Gloria. Although right now it looks like the sleeve caps are monumentally too short. My finishing book says that's normal, but it's still freaking me out. First time I'm doing sleeves. Think happy thoughts for me.

Your Mountain Stream is so pretty!
I use a new post-it every few rows to avoid later finding it's drifted off the pattern. Your suggestions are right on target, as usual.

Rule #5: Have fun!!! ;-)

Your scarf is lovely. I must make a copy of your rules and put it somewhere visible so i can remind myself of them late at night.

I have to agree about not knitting anything complicated after 9PM. I can hardly do straight stockinette if it's late.

My Mountain Stream rules include: double check myself after row 7. For some reason I tend to miscount on that row.

Happiness is having the yarn coming from the center pull skein, since it means I am past the last frog place!

You are the most inspiring knitter, Margene! I am going to try this thing soon, with the pretty yarn from Unraveled Sheep. I am less intimidated just knowing you had to rip back all the time.

It's the process but I have to admit that I love the product.

I'm all about product right now because I have too many UFOs. The process is going to have to wait until I finish those two sweaters!

Those are some very good rules! I utilized a few of those while my mom was visiting. If I sat down to work on Seraphim and it didn't feel like it was geling, I put it aside.

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