One More Thing (Or Two)
Sky on Saturday for Sandy


I'm going to be having my own "Dye-o-rama" with almost forty ounces of shetland to dye before my weaving class, but don't dare join anything else at this point! When, by the way, is your Stitch 'n Bitch...and where. You might just have a visitor in late May.....

Squeeeee! I love it!

OK, you talked me into it! The weather is warming up and I will be willing to dig out the dye pots.

I just signed up and I can't wait. My girls and I are going to dive into the dye up to our elbows!

Looook! We're in a timewarp! This post is dated tomorrow at 4:52am. Gotta love Typepad, eh? Heehee.

It SOUNDS fun, but it sort of assumes that it was possible for me to dye . . . sadly, not. Have fun, though!

Whoa, time warp! It's post-dated to tomorrow morning, but it already posted! '

Oh, geez. I just read Snow's comment. Almost verbatim to mine. That's okay. Since we're in a time warp, I'll post the comment anyway!

Oooooh - I just happen to have some yarn from KnitPicks and a bunch of KoolAid, so I'm signing up! Only made one skein before, but it came out really, really well and was loads of fun. Can't wait!

Yay! I already signed up - this will be a lot of fun! :)

Already signed up -- wondering if I have enough time to handspin my yarn, and if so should I dye it before or after spinning? Decisions, decisions.

mmmmm..........I LOVE lilacs..........yours are beautiful! It will be a little bit before we have some out here, so it is nice to see yours!

I LOVE lilacs. That fragrance and Lilies of the Valley have been my favorites since I was a little girl. And yet, I have never seemed to have lilac bushes in my yards! thank goodness my neighbors always did :)

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