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Weekend Weather

Thursday was a day full of crazy weather...rain, rain, rain and wet heavy snow covered much of the higher elevations. Around the University of Utah over 12" fell and 2-3 feet of snow pounded the ski resorts and closed the canyons.  The very wet and heavy snow brought down a avalanche in Little Cottonwood canyon that pushed a couple of cars off the road, one with 9 people inside. Amazingly they were not hurt.

Since the first of the year it's been wet and cloudy most days but this weekend the skies cleared.  We didn't have time to make up up to canyon so you'll have to settle for pictures of our view the last three days.

Snow melts quickly this time of year!
The lawns are greener than we've seen in a long, long time and the blossoms are starting to come out here and there. After a winter of white we now have color!
Prettyinpinkflowersinapril Redtulipsinthesun Sunnyyellowdaffodils_2

Yesterday Chris sent an emailed to tell me that Ginger had created a special button for those of us who failed, crashed and burned dropped out during the StashAlong. It's fabulous, Ginger!!


Estes or Bust!

And speaking of buttons: Kristi made several very cool buttons for attendees of the Estes Park Wool Market coming up in June.


If you are heading to Colorado on June 17th, please leave Snow a comment here, take a button, and she'll create a list of people attending. We'll figure out a time and place for a meet up.


That is a fantastic series of photos. Nature is amazing, and you have a BIG share of it in your own back yard.

thanks for reminding me of what non-florida flowers look like; so pretty. But, i'm glad i can buy mine in the grocery store instead of waiting for them to live through the snow. are the pink ones hollyhocks?

What a great Utah report! I loved the sequential mountain photos. Felt like I was back there (in a good way).

Fantastic button. FANTASTIC. I think you can still be proud.

Somehow or other, I gotta find a way to see those mountains at least once in my life. And the floral splendor is magnified by the seemingly interminable wait -- thank goodness it really does end!

Will this be the year you get a wheel?

Gorgeous pictures as usual. I'd be incredibly jealous of Estes Park if I didn't have the Marlyand :) Definitely the time of year for fiber fairs!

I love how those mountains changed completely in 48 hours! Very cool!

So are you watching Big Love? :)

Wow, that snow melt is amazing! Gorgeous flowers!!

Color. Wow. So bright!

How would I ever know anything if it wasn't for you. I just signed up with Snow.

That Stash-and-burn button is a hoot! :)

I love seeing the progress of melting snow! And your flowers are so vibrant and fantastic. Can't wait for Estes! We need some sort of countdown thingy.

That Stashalong button - now THERE"S a button I can really use!

I love that stashalong button - but I'm glad I don't get to use it!

Nine people in one car? Was it a Volkswagen, and were they circus clowns? ;-)

I am ENVIOUS of the Estes Park junket!

My button would have to have a lot more flames than that...I hit the WEBS sale last weekend and could barely fit the stuff in the trunk! How far a drive to Estes Park from SLC, Margene? We're planning a trip out, maybe in June, and that might be fun to do (ducking as husband hits me over head with baseball bat) if we come around then. By the way, seeing red umbrellas all over the place out here!

Can't wait for Estes Park...and now that I've figured out the button thing I'll go grab one:)

You're ahead of us in the color arena, but it's a comin'

Beautiful flower pictures! What is the pink flower on the left?

Awesome mountains - beautiful flowers! I can always count on you to wake me up with some pretty scenery on Mondays Margene. :)

The Crash 'n Burn Stashalong button - oh my. I'm so glad I don't have THAT KIND OF GUILT hanging over my head!! I did everything I could to keep you faitful Margene!! *sigh* heh

Margene Sure hope you come by and see me again this year at Estes. Hopefully I won't be suffering with a Migrain like last year. Lambing is over, shearing is over and dyeing has commenced. Spring is here big time in Texas. Grayce

Gorgeous photos. I can't wait to meet you at Estes.

Hmmm, maybe I will have to go to Colorado...sounds fun. Gorgeous pictures by the way.

And do you know about Snake River Fiber Festival? It's in Idaho Falls on May 20th and 20st. Plenty of shopping and loads of workshop. Lots of fun!! http://www.snakeriverweaversandspinners.org/snake_river_fiber_fair.htm

I love your photos of the mountains. Thursday morning, I had a 7:30 am class. It was still raining when I went in and snowing by the time I came out. In the short hour I was in class, an inch and a half collected in my car. Crazy.

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