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The P-Word

After pondering the preferred sock to knit for Project Spectrum in the perfect color pallet yarn, Fire on the Mountain, my preference is Potu...Pomi...Porti...Pormth...Pomatomus. From here on out to be called the P-Word Socks. While I'm not very far along I can tell you this is one fun sock to knit. There are only a few stitches created with each color, so it's like knitting with a riot of color. The pattern is a hoot, too! I'm so lovin' it!


Today will be my last post about Pink and Red for Project Spectrum's first month. Sigh...it's a sad day, as I love both color so much more than the colors for the next two months. Despite that, it will be fun to play with new color and I hope to feel more favorably towards Orange, Yellow and Green by the end of May. (Yes Norma, I do love Typepad's color feature.)

Yummypinksalmonanneyarn_1During Saturday's yarn crawl I did buy more PINK sock yarn. Can you stand it? I tried to put it back. I tried very hard, but you know how sticky yarn can be. While it is pink there are some lovely shades of salmon floating around in it, too.  I have yet to knit with Shaeffer Anne and this makes the third 'skank' in my stash.  If I hadn't already crashed on the StashAlong this would have ended it.  It is the only yarn I bought besides plain yarn to dye and the sweater yarn (for which I had enough on my gift certificates).  I wouldn't call that a StashAlong backlash (yet) and I hope there isn't one.  I do have enough yarn to enjoy through the summer. (Please be kind and don't laugh or poke fun, I do mean it...*cough*.)

MyprettyprojectspetbagfromcarolynInsideofmypursewithpsock Another P word is my new purse!  It's a perfect size to carry a knitting project. While decluttering last year I handed over, to a friend who sews, a big bag of fabrics and patterns.  The bag was full of good intentions too but, we know what the road to hell is paved with and I needed to improve my track record.  Carolyn took some of the fabrics and one of the patterns, made a purse (that I had intended to make) and gifted it back to me. (She is a real sweetheart!) The inside has several pockets for tools and enough room for a sock project!  It now holds the P-Word socks.

Judysbeautifulpuresilkyarn Judy sent some of her beautiful pure silk hand dyed yarn for me to test. The color is so rich and the yarn so shiny!  I will start knitting with it to see what I think and give her a report.  It had to be included with this post because it is such a fabulous red!

And, just in time for the end of the Pink and Red month, I finished the Child's First Socks. I've knit them three times and still love the pattern. I hope my pal loves them, too.


Child's First Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush
Yarn: Hand Jive  Nature's Pallet – Indian Paintbrush
Needles: DPN Bamboo size 1.5
Time to Knit: 2-7-06 – 3-19-06
Knit for: Alison’s SockapalOOOza and Becky’s  Red Hot Sizzling Socks KAL

This post brought to you by the letter 'P' and Project Spectrum.


Wow, look at all that color! I'm trying to figure out what I can do for yellow/orange month myself....gots me an idea though.

The silk yarn is gorgeous...let us know how it knits up.

And the purse???? Can a grrl have too many?

Orange and green (though it must be a specific kind of green) are two of my faves. I am hoping very much that you will discover a whole new respect for them by the end of their run in Project Spectrum. :-) That's what the project is all about, right?...

Love all your project spectrum posts. You're so creative!!! I'm the same about yellow, orange and green but surprisingly enough, I did find some yellow and orange in my stash so the month will be off to a good start.

Great P's! I love your Pal's socks....they are grrrrreat!

Lotsa people making those Pom Socks and your sockapaloooza socks came out sooo pretty. Love all these Ps!! :)

Very pretty socks and what a cute purse!

Wait a minute! You're skipping through the letters of the alphabet, Margene. Yesterday was G. What happened to H through O? ;-)

Clearly, I need some Fire on the Mountain STR yarn. Yes, NEED. Sigh.

Fire on the Mountain has moved to the top of my must have sock yarn list. Great goodies - I'm really going to have to try that sock.

Gorgeous! And such a color-saturated post today -- truly a harbinger of spring.

It was great to meet you on Sunday! The socks turned out very nicely. Of course your sock pal will love them!!

I just can't feel good entering any contests you have about Utah - I have an unfair advantage, so I didn't send an answer for your last one. The "wrong" answers you got were interesting (and entertaining); people tend to forget the GSL exists. I think a lot about Lake Bonneville and how right where I am sitting right now, a fish probably swam once. That is one of the reasons I am so enamored with the lake. I went out to the Spiral Jetty last summer. It is really striking, breathtaking. I am convinced that it is haunted --- remind me to tell you of the creepiness in the middle of the night. It is wholely otherworldly. You should really get ahold of a high-clearance vehicle (you'll need it) and take a trip out there. You won't forget it soon.

I love the purse! It's so colorful and fun! Your recipient is so lucky to receive such beautiful socks.

I loved this post! Does that mean my whole craft closet is the paved road to hell - there are more good intentions in there than I care to admit! :)
The bag is beautiful. I've been planning a bag with all kinds of pockets and what not for my knitting - but it just hasn't happened yet.

Love it just like my favorite Sesame Street shows :)

I'm so glad that you cast on for the P socks! Aren't they the funnest?

I'm so hoping that I'm your sock pal..........

The P-word socks suddenly becomes very popular recently ... I've seen several floating around. I actually want to make that too.
The Anne sock yarns have been very attractive ... the colours are very vibrant ... and they are on sale in Little Knits too ... great temptation!

Is every Saturday a LYS crawl or was it just last Saturday?

Also, I'm in love with the Pomatomus pattern, it's so fun! And it looks so good with that sock yarn. :)

That pink sock yarn is great! It looks just like bubblegum.

Egads, I'm liking pink. What are you all doing to me? Excuse me, I need to go look at some black for a while.

The red socks are very nice; the color, the pattern and, of course, the beautiful knitting. Your pal should be overjoyed.

The "P" word socks are on my list of must-knits, too. They look like a lot of fun.

Oh, and one more thing, I was up to Black Sheep on Saturday, too. And, I also purchased the Elsebeth Lavold book that you got. Fine minds, and all. There are several sweaters that look very tempting in that book!


What a Perfectly Photogenic Post! Please continue to Post P-Socks and any other letter socks you want to share with us.

Copied out the pattern for the "P" Socks. I could fit into your "P" post today, Margene, with my name!! Love the red silk. I blocked a Flower Basket Shawl I made today from cotton - I know, it is not the greatest to work with, but I do love the shawl! Now I have to put a second Nancy Bush book on my "Please Purchase for Peg" list!!

Give orange a chance! A nice gingery sort of color never hurt anyone.


I just love all the reds and pinks, and hope that the other months give you as much joy. The purse is great fun!

We here at Chez FKD, especially those of us of the furry persuasion, LOVE this post for obvious reasons :)

I just cast on this sock last night! I hope mine looks as lovely.

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