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Project Spectrum Begins

A couple of years ago I purchased a book called Landscapes for Small Spaces: Japanese Courtyard Gardens to help me decide what would work in my own courtyard.  One of the gardens in the book had a bright red umbrella that changed a very small courtyard from dark to bright and cheery.  I have long looked for a red  umbrella of my own but, they are either not available or just way out of my price range.  Some how Kim was able to read my desire and when she sent the new header I about fell over!  It was like a dream come own red umbrella.

Yesterday Project Spectrum started and it made the red umbrella more meaningful. Thank you Lolly for such a great idea!  Just as I was bogged down by winters lack of color and knitting on brown Gloria, along comes March and a reason to knit with pink and red!  The planets have aligned and several of my other KnitAlongs will come together nicely with Project Spectrum.

Cutawaypinkalpacabeginning This will be my third sweater for the StashALong and I'm so thrilled to use the beautiful pink alpaca, purchased at Estes Park Wool Market last year, for Bonne Marie's Cutaway. It's the same yarn I used for Blaze and it will become a perfect spring cardigan. The new Rowan magazine gave me some ideas for embellishments, too.  It will be a very Grrly Grrl Cutaway. 

The sock I'm knitting for my SockapalOOOza pal, is a bright pinkish red, which such a happy color.  With Project Spectrum thrown in this one is a 3fer as it will also work for the Red Hot Sizzling Sockalong. The pattern is one that has been seen on many blogs lately, the Child's First Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks. It is nice to have a beautiful sock to knit as there has been a sock drought for a couple of weeks.

I also joined the Project Spectrum Post Card Swap. I have long wanted to make my own greeting cards, so this was just the push I needed. There is a scrap booking store next door to my gym (which is very near my home) and I ventured in for the first time last Saturday.  To say it was mind boggling is an understatement. The walls were full of pictures and colors and racks of paper and trinkets filled the floor.  I walked over to the counter and told the clerk I was a novice and need some help.  WhatwillimakeoftheismessTruthfully I just couldn't imagine how any of this could be decoded into a final project but, I had to try. She took me around the store pointing out the way items were sectioned off by events, colors, adhesives, cutters, etc.  Things started to make a little sense. She also gave me a magazine with ideas to help the creative juices start to flow and then left me to wander.  I went up and down each aisle and tried to absorb what I could and look for a place to start.  After I found a pretty pink card stock and a section called 'Spring' the ideas started to flow and I picked through the many bins of cutouts and stickers.  It took about 40 minutes to gather what I needed.  This jumble of color and paper should be a post card for my first pal, Clare.  I'll let you know when it arrives at her door so you can see the finished product.

On Monday this beautiful needle case arrived from Mim. She made it with pieces leftover from a special dress she made. I love the fabric and thought it would be a nice way to start out  Project Spectrum, too.  It's gorgeous Mim! (Click the picture for a peek inside.)

SusanshatatsilverlakeSpeaking of Utah Grrl, Mim...another Utah Grrl, Susan has a fun hat in the newest MagKnits.  I test knit a couple of hats from this pattern for her last year and it is such a quick way to knit a hat.  No DPNs needed!


In other knitting news  Gloria is having her first date with a 'needle with an eye' and should be 'coming out' soon.  While the needle has his way with her I am tangled up in's her time to be finished. Also on my needles is the knitting I'm doing for 40 Days for Others. A quick hat here and there will insure a warmer winter for someone in need.  The plan is to have a box full of hats ready to give to the men's shelter next winter. Never a dull moment in the land of knitting Zen.   


Great hats, I like them so much better than the one in the Magknits pattern. Now I really feel like trying one out :)

the new look is gorgeous! though for some reason, this morning where your banner should be it said, "picture not available"?? who knows why.
and I haven't forgotten to call you, just have been away for a few days. will call today, chiquita! and Rosarie? o fer the love of wool...cannot wait to pet her. I may have to unearth the celtic sweater from my 20+ year old UFO pile. and finally finish that star.more loveliness. what an inspiration you are, chiquita. hugs.

You have all the bases covered! I spent yesterday playing with reddish/pinkish yarn, too. I do love that hat -- thanks for writing about it!

That hat pattern caught my eye---love the colors you've used!

Your planets ARE aligned -- and I really like Bonne Marie's Cutaway. Can't wait to see it "pretty in pink".

That pink alpaca has me drooling. I signed up for Project Spectrum embarrassingly late, but I'm in! I was working in pink and red anyway, surprise, surprise.

You've been busy, haven't you? The needle case from Miriam is gorgeous! And it's red, too. How perfect.

Well, that was a linkfest if I ever saw one. I love Susan's new hat pattern, and that needle case -- WOW!

Wow, I didn't remember that you'd knit three hats. I've got some yarn picked out for your homeless shelter project. I just have to find some time to knit the hat. *sigh*

YAY! I'm glad you like it, and thanks for the link. I always sell more patterns when you've linked me :) Susan't hat looks like it might actually be one that would work for me... hmm...I will have to find some yarn for it.

I see the header now and it's great! I love it!

Looks great! I need a much better stash. I would never have alpaca in my stash!

Love the new look of your blog.

Wow, you have so many fun things in this post that I don't even know which thing to comment about!

Card making is great fun. I wish I had time to do more of it! There are some really great card-making sites out there on the web if you need extra inspiration! My favorite is The website for Paper Crafts magazine is a good one too. Have fun--I can't wait to see what you come up with!

I loved that needle case of Mim's, and it goes so perfectly with your new look! I really would like to figure out how to make my own. As of now, I have all my needles sitting in a plastic cup on my desk, and Matthew has taken up a recent fascination with playing "pick up sticks." Not good! I don't even want to know how many dpns have gone down the heat vent when my head has been turned!

The red umbrella is so sophisticated. I've been loving red (and pink) lately. Can't wait to see all your frou frou embellishments to the cutaway.

I didn't notice the red umbrella yesterday, I was too busy admiring all the purples....Looks like you're all ready for Project Spectrum!

40 minutes to pick out goods for a paper project? you did good, i loose my brain in that section of the store and it's not a hobby i "do" just one i look

I think "40 projects for others" would be a better description considering how many samples you have/are knitting this year! Can't wait to see all your Project Spectrum projects!

I absolutely adore the new header, Margene! That red umbrella is indeed a beautiful thing and the new look is fantastic.

I'm amazed how much Project Spectrum stuff you are able to work on this month! I had to go shopping just so I could play, LOL!

Wow! That's neat that a lot of your knitting plans fit in with many of your KALs.

Pink alpaca... how cheerful and springlike! (But also warm enough for the not-quite-spring season, which makes it a practical choice as well. ;-)

And I love your new red needle roll. Gorgeous! Mim is an artist.

What a gorgeous needle case and from a friend makes it even nicer. I am such a fan of red! Keep on looking for that red umbrella. Maybe you could try a market umbrella that usually come in green or ecru! So nice to knit with cheerful colours!!

It amazes how much you can get done in a day. I want to be like you when I grow up! I'm still puzzled about my postcard (read: don't have a clue), but I guess it'll work out soon.

Whoa...Margene, you are in TROUBLE, Grrl, if you get sucked into paper crafts and rubber stamping and scrapbooking and bookbinding and....well, ask me how I know?!

Love the pink yarn and that case is gorgeous!

How wonderful that you blog decor is even more meaningful thanks to Kim! It's so you :)

Your cutaway is gonna be so lovely, what a beautiful pink - I can't wait to see how you embellish it!

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