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March is my favorite month and not because it's my birthday month.  In March the days become noticeably longer and grow warmer bit by bit.  March weather is unsettled and interesting, as one day will be snowy and wintry, and the next it could be near 70 and clear blue. Birds start to sing and court, their songs fill the air with joy.  The first flowers start to appear and, near the end of the month, the first color tips the trees.  This reawakening of the earth fills the soul. That said, wouldn't you know this week will be more like winter than a hint of spring.

This March I have the special treat of meeting two bloggers face to face.  Laurie is coming to town with Mr. Etherknitter, to ski this weekend. And Caroline is coming for a short visit before heading off to stay with Neena.  There should be a celebration or two while they are here.

Beth S. was the winner of last weeks prizes.  Because I'm still not used to her new email I didn't even realize it was THAT Beth.  Congratulations! The correct answer was 33 Socks!   One person (sorry I didn't write down your name) made me laugh out loud with the answer of "0 socks in the drawer as it must be a trick question and they are some place else".  Sigga Sif answered the question correctly by using the random number generator and that gave me a good chuckle, too. Thanks so much everyone for playing along!

Fewextralittletreatsforyou This week the prizes are extra special.  Utah Grrl Mim, is a book maker extraordinaire and she is holding one of her special journals just for the lucky winner. Plus, Utah Grrl Karen, dyes beautiful sock yarns and the winner will receive one of her newly dyed creations.  There will also be a few extra gifties coming your way if you answer the this question correctly.

What is the name of the specific mountain range in my view? Rockies yes, but the name of this range within the Rockies.

Please send your answer to the above question to zenbirthdaycontest at gmail dot com. On Friday the random number generator will help me pick the winner.

Susan and Mim designed the most beautiful lace projects and serendipitously both picked names with 'Mountain' in the title. The three of us will be hosting a Mountain Lace Along. More details can be found at the blog as we work to get things set up.  Susan's design, Mountain Stream Scarf, is in the Orenburg style (Orenburg for beginners!) and Mim's is a triangular shawl with a design reminiscent of mountain peaks, therefore, it is the Mountain Peaks Shawl.  You can join us for one or both projects by emailing mountainlace at gmail dot com.

Myvictorianpin_1 Here are a few more things about Gloria. Claudia asked where we took pictures. It was Snowbird and it was packed with skiers.  It was a bit too cold to be out on the deck for long but, this spring we'll return to enjoy the sun and atmosphere.
I made some modifications to Gloria, too.  Instead of the ribbon (which didn't look like it would wear long), I will use some of my antique and vintage pins as closures.  The pin in the photo is Victorian and it's one of my favorites. I didn't make the bell on the sleeve and made the neck 20 stitches smaller.  Chalk it up to scrawny neck syndrome.


Yikes, is it possible that I'm the first to comment!

Eee! It's my birthday next week too! Ides of March darlin'!

You do not have a scrawny neck, okay? Nice gifts for this next contest, too. I have a journal from Mim that I won and I also had her make a reproduction one for Dale to use for reenacting. She does wonderful work. So, should I abandon Seraphim in favor of Mountain Peaks? You know how I hate to be left out of these things.

Love that pin. Remarked on it to my mother yesterday! Fab friends coming to visit. Now, when are you coming to NY?

all the spring you get in march sounds like my winter, just kidding, we get signs of spring just like that in early february. i'm looking for robins to arrive around Dad's birthday of february 2nd and by march dogwoods bloom to let us know easter is close.

The box arrived yesterday, and it was jam-packed with delightful things. :-) Thank you so much!

I love March too. The very earliest stages of spring make me even happier, I think, than the full-on sunshine-and-flowers days.

So that would make your birthday the 14th? You're in the good company of my officemate and my son.

I'm in too many KALs already, but both mountain lace designs are to die for. I too am working on a shawl of my own design, but I see I have far to climb.

I'm definitely knitting Mountain Peaks soon. I'd like to knit Susan Orenburg scarf as well, but I'd better get poor Torino done first. Or just stop talking about it in hope that everyone forgets I was ever working on it, including myself!

I've been poking through my things, looking for your mailing address, Margene. I know I have it somewhere, know me. Would you mind emailing it to me again?

Stop tempting me! You just have too much yummy stuff on this here blog. It was still light here at 6:30 last night! Thanks for the reminder of all the things good about March (because it's cold and windy and supposed to snow here today).

Both of those lace patterns are just gorgeous. I'm still a total lace novice, but i'm sorely tempted to jump in. Hmmmmm.

No wonder I like birthday is in March too, as is hubby's and number one son's.
It is sunny, windy and warm here today, but tomorrow is is suppose to snow. Unsettled weather is what we get in the Rocky's in March, the warm days are just a teaser.
Since I don't do lace (yet) I'll pass on the spectrum project is keeping me plenty busy.

I like what you wrote about March today. It is because of the unsettling nature of the March weather, I would fall sick more easily in March too! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this year would be an exception! ;)

The pin you paired with Gloria on Sunday is fabulous! Because I have the same mountain range in my view, I'm going to opt out of the contest. Happy Birthday Week (or is it month?)! :)

Whee! I actually know the answer to this one!

I'm excited about the knit-along. I've been wanting to knit one of Mim's shawls for a good while!

Oooh...I may have to join the Mountain Lace Along. I want to knit a shawl for my mother for Mother's Day, and I think the Mountain Peaks Shawl is just about perfect. Yay!

Dear Margene - I am so embarrasingly behind in my blog reading! ;) It is great that you are able to meet some bloggers this month. I really like March too!

I hope that Smith understands the true meaning of Birthday Month. It's a month long celebration of you being born and sharing your life with him! He should shower you with presents throughout the whole month and not just save them for one day! Don't forget the little things either! Like cooking dinner for you, making you coffee, scraping the snow off your many ways for him to show you that you are very, very special! I think you are! And...well...maybe he won't go for it but...
Well, it was a thought anyway

I just downloaded Mim's pattern. It's lovely.

I am glad to see you celebrating your birthday so much, and it isn't even here yet! We are kindred spirits in this way too, as I think we should all take advantage of every reason to celebrate and bring joy into the world! How about a photo collage of your vintage pins, someday? I have a few choice ones left, but not as many as I used to...

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