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Missing Blue


Have you missed the blue skies on my blog?  It has forever since our sky has been clear blue. On Saturday I hoped the wind would blow away the clouds and clear the sky, but it never blew in a storm.  There have been 13 weekends in 2006 so far and 11 of them have been stormy. The week days haven't been much better, fewer storms but, still partly to mostly cloudy. It isn't that the sky isn't interesting but, I miss the blue sky...I miss showing it to you.  Sadly, this weekend looks no better. This picture shows more of the mountain from my place, and the horse pasture next door, because on Saturday the high winds blew down part of the fence.  At times like this I'm very happy to live in a condo, as someone else has to deal with the problem. Here horsey, horsey...let's go for a ride!

To assuage my yearning for blue, I turned to the Douceur et Soie I chose for Susan's Mountain Stream Scarf. The color is a balm to my blue missing soul and the undulations of the pattern do a nice job of mimicking a mountain stream, with a bit of sky reflected in its waters.


As you've heard me say before, knitting lace is fairly new to me. Most of the shawls, or wraps, I've knit are simple, short pattern repeats. The bottom border of MS went quickly and smoothly, until time to pick up stitches and start the body of the pattern. One must be very careful and make sure to count correctly, which I, apparently, did not.  It took 4 (maybe 5) tries and then frogging to start the main section...again, before I was back on track.  This has nothing to do with the complexity of the pattern, it isn't hard, and it is great for a fairly novice lace knitter, a knitter who takes the time to count carefully.   Susan has written a very easy to follow pattern, one that is interesting to knit and very pretty, too. After ending the third repeat I held up the scarf to admire my work....oh so...!  No! What's that?  A boulder was in the stream and had taken the water off course, AND it was on row 3 of the third repeat!  The process includes ALL that is knitting.  The stream met the frog pond is now, a day later, back on course. 

Bluesilkywoolforjean Last weekend on the yarn shop hop I found a lovely shade of Silky Wool for Susan's Branching Out Scarf.  It's sad but true, I haven't knit this pattern, as yet.  My friend, Jean in Grand Junction, will love the color and it will be a nice gift for her birthday in July. I might hold off and knit this during June for Project Spectrum.

Another reason to share that I'm 'Knitting the Blues' is that TeresaC is apparently too busy to blog.  Hey grrlfriend...where are you?


Beautiful photo! I just cast on Braching Out the other night -- it's my first lace project and, even after one repeat, I can see some pattern.

I bought the Mountain Stream pattern after I saw it mentioned here and I am looking forward to starting it. I read through the pattern, and this shows what a neophyte I am, but I did not imagine it knitting up as your picture suggests it does. I'm even more intrigued! Yours is beautiful and I love that color.

What a beautiful picture!

That's funny... I just finished my blue square and was thinking about how much I like blue, even though it's not my official favorite color. (My favorite colors are deep reds and purples. Can't have purple without blue.)

Your lace that I've seen doesn't look all that simple.

Teresa blogged today. I love that blue you're using for Susan's scarf - it's so happy looking!

Even on a cloudy day, the scenery in your back yard is so pretty!

I have some red Douceur et Soie, I hadn't thought of Susan's pattern for it, but seeing yours, it works up lovely!

Love that blue yarn! Hopefully it will help bring back the blue skies!

It's been a little grey here too, but so far I don't mind it. I always enjoy your blue skies and hope they come back soon! For now, we'll just all have to enjoy your blue knitting!

Looks like I'll be pulling out the magnetic board and magnet strips for sure on Mountain Stream. (Don't tell Susan, but I haven't knit Branching Out yet, either. I'll get there....)

oooohhh loving that scarf, the blue yarn is Peeeeeeeeeeerfect!

Hmmm... I've been craving the color blue. Is that weird? Now it makes me wonder if it's because of the weather we've been having. It has been windy and gray here for quite a while now. I've been thinking "why isn't blue for April?!" I'm getting out the blue now anyway but have some great blue knitting planned for April too!

I meant "great blue knitting planned for June!" :)

Still love that blue.

I gotta break out of my green rut!

Your photos are still beautiful, even without blue skies. I have bright turquoise Silky Wool for my Branching Out, which I feel unmotivated to knit, as the temperature is in the 70s, approaching 80.

Wish I could send you some blue sky! You will love knitting Branching Out! The difference in the views of your mountains and mine is that there is a plateau of grass land at the base and mine is tall, tall trees. Will get a blog and a photo of my mountains soon!

Oh, Margene, quitcher bitchin'. ;-) Look at that beautiful mountain with the brooding sky!! It doesn't have to be blue to be beautiful. Although I must admit I've been DAMN ENJOYING my beautiful weather the past couple of days. But it's soon to end and I will be moaning. We're all dreading a weird summer again, like it's been for the past several years. It's one or another variation of ICK all the time lately.

What was I saying about quitcher bitchin'??????

Such a gorgeous color you picked for your scarf! For both of them, actually. Between your influence and Lene's, I feel like I can't maintain my sick-of-blue stance for long.

I love how you described your difficulties--"a boulder in the stream". Even in adversity you are still creative and good-humored. Must be all the Zen. ;-)

The lace is lovely...........sorry about the "no blue" sky. We've had an abundance of great skys lately..........I'll send some your way.............can you hear me blowing?

It's nice to see such gorgeous blues in the midst of Project Spectrum pinks, reds, oranges, and yellows...

I've put that lovely yarn on my list of pretty things I need to acquire eventually. Such a gorgeous sky blue!

My son was saying "tut-tut, looks like rain," a la Winnie the Pooh this morning. I guess we need the moisture, but I was hoping for nicer weather!

You are going to love the Silky Wool. And that an awesome color. My favorite in fact. :)

Very nice. You'll pick up the rhythm of the lace soon and you'll be done before you know it.

Hey! The sky is blue today! WooHoo!

The scarf looks gorgeous!

The scarf is beautiful. Now that I am home from Utah (hey, the skies were bluer than Seattle in winter and we saw 3 moose, that's good enough for me) I will finally be casting on my Mountain Stream scarf today.

I was worried that one skein of Douceur et Soie would not be enough, since it is 5 yards shorter than the KidSilk Susan recommends --- and she says that you use the whole thing. Keep us posted.

My Branching Out Scarf is now in Park City with my very impressed non-knitting friend. It was a great pattern for learning lace.

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