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How far back in your life do you remember?  I remember a recurring dream I had when I was 3 or 4.  We lived in a very small house that had a tiny living room with a steep, narrow, slightly spiral staircase at one end.  In the dream I stood at the top of the stairs, with a large crown on my head, while wearing rather large bloomers (my goal in life was to become Queen). I would fly down the stairs and walk right up the living room wall.  I walked up the living room wall almost every night, I believe.

When I was 5 my parents bought their first home and I remember visiting the house during the building process.  I have many memories of that house, as our family lived there for 4 years, my first years in school.  Before we moved in my mother had me pick the color of my room, my OWN room and the ceiling light fixture, too.  The color I picked was a bright pink, slightly darker than pepto and the light fixture had cowboys on bucking horses, throwing lassos, etched into the surface.  I was so into Zorro, Roy Rogers and Hop-along Cassidy. (I also had recurring dreams that I WAS Zorro, no National Velvet for me!)  A friend said that my first room is a true picture of my (lifelong) personality‚Ķ.all grrl with a rough edge of a cowboy at heart.

I enjoyed making the Project Spectrum postcard over the weekend and also looked around my house to find what I could in my everyday life that was pink or red.  My house is mostly gray, the furniture black and highlights of color here and there. Not much in the way of bright colors can be found. Laura had a fun post last week of all the red things in her life. So, I'm making this into a meme. What can you find in your home that is red and pink, the PS colors for March?
Cheaphairsprayandasprin Exerciseballthatsavedme Myfavoritegum Myfeatherduster
Myfleecejacket Myimacstrawberry Myladybugfromhelen Myredchinesebox
Redwineredcandle Russianpillowneeldepoint Smithsmousepadfromneena Yummychocolatefromkim*

(*Thanks Kim for the chocolate!)

If you're in Project Spectrum you are tagged!

ProjectspectramfunthingsfromkristiGoodiesunwrapedlovethem Kristi sent the most wonderful prizes for a comment contest I won on her blog. She wrapped all the little goodies in pink and red paper.  Just look at the little lamb with a pink rose on its neck (and she's holding some Bert's Bees lip balm).  It was so much fun to unwrap each item and find out what treasure was inside.  Each piece was hand picked to help me have some fun with Project Spectrum.  There is a scented candle, a little soap purse, tiny pink sticky notes, and a large notebook to keep track of ideas.  I love the "M" stamp and the red stamp pad and also, the can of caramel chocolates so I can munch while I create.  The tiny Zen garden is so fun and unexpected! It's something I've always wanted to have on my desk! It's such a thoughtful and lovely package Kristi!


Kristi has a set of post card templates that might be helpful if you are making a PS Postcard. And she is a sock designer, too so check out her patterns because she's having sale!  Kristi is very talented and creative and she teaches on-line classes.

Think I'll go create and have some fun!


omg. i thought that breasty lady was your toilet lid! :) Cool red. i thought for the longest time that I could fly. i have memories of flying around my front yard. also...the moon lady. i was big into the moon lady. i would ask her for day i found some under my bed (probably halloween candy that slipped) but my sister and i were convinced!

My earliest memory is of a dream (nightmare?) I had over and over in a house in Castine, Maine, the first house my parents bought and my mother's favorite. I was about 4. It had a set of old, narrow and dark stairs at the back, going from bedrooms to kitchen. The dream? I'd be walking downstairs and half way down, a trap door would open and some witches would grab my ankles and pull me in. To this day, my ankles feel vulnerable!

Speaking of girly-girls, my earliest memory is of my 3rd Birthday, which had a Strawberry Shortcake theme. My mom had made this great pink birthday cake and put a real Strawberry Shortcake doll on top, and when she lit the candles the hair started on fire!

It's fun to see all the red in your house. This will be an easy one for me--my house is FULL of red!

Glad you're enjoying the chocolate!

is the whatnot area of smith's mousepad padded? my son would LOVE that mousepad.
when my brothers and i were young we called hopalong cassidy hop-along key-sa-deech, broken italian for hop-along whaddya say?
wish i could show you my red "captured in sliver" glass candlesticks. beautiful. my red completely covered in sequins tennis brim, red gloves, and the red blood gushing out of the crochet Zombee doll i made for DD

What a cool little zen garden! I'm going to go check out Kristi's templates!

Okay, I'm still trying to figure out the breast lady... and Ditto Kim - the Zen garden is so cool to keep on your desk and thanks for the links to Kristi's templates - I'll definitely be using them during Project Spectrum! Thanks for "Showing Your Reds and Pinks" around the house Margene - it's fun to hunt around and find them isn't it? :)

Red is my favorite color, as you know, so I'll do this meme with pleasure. One of my earliest memories is of sitting in the kitchen and hearing the milk man open the door and come in and swap out the empty milk bottles with full ones. It's mostly the clinking of the bottles that I remember. My mother told me that the milk man stopped coming when I was 3, so I was pretty young.

Wow, that's a fun meme - I think I'll take the bait tomorrow.........Thanks, Margene!

*Sigh* I love red and pink. The kids and I'll will have to search the house today for all our red and pink things!

Heh, that's a great idea Margene! Things that are red in my house? Heh, my living room!!!! I love the red living room, it makes me so happy.

As to your earliest memory question, mine is from when I was still sleeping in a crib. I'm guessing I was over a year old but younger than 2. Mine is also a dream that would happen every night. It was based on a Johnny Quest episode though! It was a nightmare actually but in a kind of surreal way, nothing bad actually happened in the dream, just the possibility of something bad.

My other early memories are playing with Hot Wheels cars and making dirt tracks and mud obstacles for my cars! :) And climbing trees with my cat! His name was Man and we were constant companions from when I was 2 until I was 7. He was my grandma's cat and we moved to England when I was 7 and I couldn't take Man with me. I missed him terribly... :)

Mwahahaha, didn't you get the memo? I don't do memes. This is too hilarious. Of course, I'm not officially in Project Spectrum, so I'm safe. AND, if I CHOOSE to do one, I will. So there. *pfffffffft* :-D

Oh Margene, you were one cool kid. I ADORE that room!

Love the red. And thanks for sharing the girly cowboy within.

Kristi is so fabulous, isn't she? She's definitely one of the best people I know. As well as talented.

I think my earliest memories are of playing with my big sister. I must have been three or four. Siblings are such a huge part of our lives.

Red is my "fravorite" color, as my four-year-old says. My earliest memories are from about age 3, and they're little snippets: playing with my Bozo the Clown punching bag (remember those?), playing Batman and Robin with my brothers (I was always the person they had to save, of course), rolling down the grassy hill in our park, stuff like that. Your childhood room sounds like a fantastic place! What a cool kid you were (no surprise there).

Oddly enough while I love pink and red, I have very little of either color around my home. I tend to live in a haze of beige - I find it relaxing.

I think my earliest memory would have to be hanging out on the front porch of the aparment my parents where renting with the couple that lived below them. We moved from there when I my brother was born, so I must have been about 2 years old or so.

The only pink thing in my house is my knitting bag! ;)

I love purple, with pink and red right behind. Miss B puts pink first. I think I will be visiting her room for this meme.

One of my earliest memories is of going to visit my great grandparents in their apartment in Astoria, NY before they went to live in a nursing home. I remeber my Bubby feeding me treats at the kitchen table, the layout of the apartment and the round picture that hung on the wall. I described my memories to my grandmother (it was her parents) once recently and she was amazed and pleased that I remebered so much because I was only about 4 or 5 when they moved. It felt good to make my grandmother smile.

Hmmm... is there red in my house? I'll have to go home and check tonight. thanks for the great Project Spectrum idea.

I'm not doing Project Spectrum, but I love the idea of the postcard. My memories of my youth are somewhat black and white - the way that I dream, so it is very hard for me to recall much color at all. I am not sure I could find much either pink or red in my life unless I walk into my five year olds room and it is like a strawberry icee machine exploded. The child likes nothing unless it's Barbie Pink or Crayon red. Go figure.

Love the idea of a red/pink meme. I'll be doing it in a couple of days. What fun to look for color!

Let's see, I remember being in my crib. (I also remember climbing OUT of my crib, which shocked my mother when I told her a few years ago.) I remember having my diaper changed when I was little. I remember riding in my carriage. I remember learning to walk. I remember learning to read (a big day for me!). . . .

Hmmm, I think my earliest memory is moving to the big house, I was 3. I don't remember much except the big tire in the backyard filled with sand for playing. My nephew swears he remembers being born. He's nearly 19, and he still sticks to that story, he remembers cleary at 11 months naming me Bobby. Of course the kid is a genius, maybe he does actually remember being born.

Oooh, how fun. I have lots of red in my house. I'll have to work on getting some decent pictures. I love your description of yourself - a grrrl with a cowboy heart - that's me too!

My earliest memory was from when I was just under 3, waiting one Friday night for my father to come home from work, watching Star Trek with my mother. Fridays were "present day" at our house in those days and naturally my sisters and I looked forward to them.

The red and pink hunt was a hoot, stop by my blog and see all the things I found!

My earliest memories involve chasing a kitten around my backyard, a sandbox, and trips to the little lake across the street from our house. I had recurring dreams of being on RomperRoom and the place catching fire (I wonder what the experts would say about that??)

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