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GLORIous Day

A glorious day it was in the mountains on Sunday. A perfectly glorious day to show off Gloria! 


She make me feel so good, lord, I wanna say she make me feel all right.
I’m gonna shout it all night...GLORIA


I’m gonna shout it every day...GLORIA

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah,
Looks so good, Gloria


All right, feel so good Gloria
All right, yeah now

Gloria by Jane Ellison for Noro
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino in Chocolate (105) and Silk Garden #47
Time to Knit 1-2-06 - 2-28-06
Second Sweater for the StashAlong

This was the perfect sweater to knit along with Rosarie. Since Rosarie took concentration, to read the charts and time, due to the smaller needles, Gloria was a nice change of pace.  They made for a great partnership because where one couldn't go the other did. This is my first time knitting with Silk Garden and the yarn was lovely in color and texture. Cashmerino is soft and smooth to knit but, it may not hold up for the long haul. It's very likely there will not be more of this yarn in my future.  That doesn't mean Gloria won't be fun to wear and I know she'll 'make me feel soo good' every time I do.

Please pop over to Marcia's and tell her to have a wonderful and HAPPY Birthday!!

(Thank you *Van Morrison.)


She too is stunning. You may have to keep her and Rosarie in separate bags.

And, once again, I envy you your mountains. Someday I want to see them up close.

Yep, those mountains are stunning...I can't wait to get to them in a few weeks. Gloria is fabulous! I'm on my wait to say Happy Birthday Marcia. Have a happy monday!

Is it just my computer? I don't see any photos - only words saying 'image not available'......

So pretty and I love the colors. So different than the picture in the pattern. Love it!

It looks great! I love the stripes on top with the solid underneath. You're churning out these stash -along sweaters!

What a beautiful day and beautiful sweater! I saw this last night in your photo album of completed projects and thought "how did this get by me? I don't remember her finishing this!" hehehe Lovely!

It's too bad we can't dress our Weather Pixie in whatever clothes we'd like - sometimes mine wears a sweater I'd like to have though. :)

I really love that sweater! That's one I'd even consider making. In say, shades of purple. ;)

Well, I was happy that I caught a Van Morrison song on the radio this morning on my way to work, but it wasn't Gloria. She's beautiful. I'm not sure why, but she does look different than other Gloria that I have seen. . . perhaps it is because the colors of the Silk Garden are easier to see. . . they seem to stand out more from the solid background. In any case, I like!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!!

P.S. Gloria wants to come to Idaho. ;)

Gorgeous. Even more incentive for me to get cracking on mine. Is that a pin broach you've used to fasten at the neck, or a button?

looking good Margene! another fantastic job!

Love it, it's perfect, I love the little swing its got.

Love it, it's perfect, I love the little swing it's got.

Sorry about 2 comments there...I realised I'd omitted an apostrophe and ended up with two bites of the apple....now the world can see my error...oh the shame ;)

Wow--that was fast! She looks great (and so do you.) :)

I love the sweater. The shape and the striping are really flattering. When I started reading the post I immediately thought of Gloria by U2 - I'll have that song in my head all day now.

Another winner! Gloria looks great!

You make me laugh. It looks great! Are the sleeves striped, or is it just that the texture makes them look that way? Fun colors!

LOVELY! I like the cut of that design. And it was a wonderfully beautiful weekend here. Glad you were able to get out and enjoy it too. :)

Clearly I'm so out of step with popular culture - I was thinking of Handel.

Great looking sweater - looks like it can go (and do) just about anything!

That looks great, love the browns on you, so pretty.

I was thinking U2...but Van will do just fine :-)

Beautiful job, Margene! (god, you're fast...)

Love it, love it, love it!!!!!!!!

Another beautiful sweater that looks great on you. I envy your knitting speed.

Gloria, what a beautiful chick! Great job, Margene!

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