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More Swatches

Why Swatch?

While working on the last few rows of Rosarie's body my thoughts have turned to what I'll knit next. There are two sweaters in my stash that are calling to me, so I pulled out the yarn and decided to swatch.  For small projects, like socks and (even) lace, no swatching is done.  A sock is small enough that if it doesn't work you know quickly and can start again. But, for a garment that needs to fit and look right, a swatch is a must.  I have also learned, the hard way, to wash the swatch the same way the sweater will be. This is especially true if the yarn is from a small grower/producer as yarn of this type is as 'real' as it gets and may change character when washed.

Cara asked if I'd knit the sweater Smith is wearing in Monday's post.  Yes, I did...I knit it for ME! There are few knitters who haven't made a garment that turn out too big or too small for the wearer.  This just happens to be my worst fitting project ever.  It was also the first sweater I knit after taking a hiatus of several years from knitting more than socks or other small projects.  I found the yarn while reading a profile of Beaverslide Dry Goods in Knitters Review, and just had to try it. The color I finally decided on was Chokecherry Heather and it arrived within a short period of time.  Beaverslide has great customer service and fast shipping.

The sweater was from an older Rowan Magazine and it's knit in a large rib pattern (8x4 or something like that). Right after the swatch was finished I started to knit. The yarn was heavenly, luscious and soft.  When the knitting was finished I tried it on and loved the sweater but, as I usually do after finishing a sweater, I washed it and found it really bloomed. In fact it GREW!  It was so big I could hardly believe it was the same sweater.  Even though it was big I wore it a few times until last year when I lost 25 lbs.  It nearly drowns me and is impossible to wear comfortably. So, I had Smith try it on. He loved the color and style (thank goddess) and it fit perfectly, so he is now happy to have a warm and comfy sweater.

The main reason I brought up this sweater (other than Cara's query) is that I love the yarn and have yearned for more.  The Neck Down Jacket, that I made as my Everyday Cardi, is also now much to big (I still wear it) and  it's time to knit another simple cardigan.  While checking the Beaverslide site last week I clicked "What's New" and found this gorgeous colorKim, our StashAlong host, has given us Valentine's Day off so we can indulge ourselves if we feel the need for more yarn.  I have been good and actually enjoyed not acquiring more for my stash. In fact, I've been giving some of it away and have a couple more items ready to knit. It feels good to have control of the big yarn desire (to some degree).  Anyway, the Woods Rose has been on my mind and just won't leave. It wants to live at my place and grow up to be a lovely, warm cardigan. I'm up in the air as to whether I want to succumb or stick it out until April. What's a grrl to do?


Go for it. You've even got permission. Don't pass that up! The color is gorgeous. Will you do another top down or a pieced cardi?

I say definitely go for it - and especially in that beautiful color that won't be inherited by your husband. Just don't shrink any more. :)

I always pay attention when yarn speaks to me! That's a lovely color and you know you want to, so go ahead!

Now you've got me thinking that I might want to make the top-down cardi for the Olympics, but time's a-wastin' and I don't have the pattern! I'll go ask my yarn...

I would go for it if it means not having to squash that "feeling" over and over again the next 7 weeks.

Gorgeous color! I've been thinking of another everyday cardi too - something lighter than the manos - like my Jo Sharp Silkroad DK of which I have TONS in my stash. I'd love a nice simple pattern with maybe a few embellishments. Like a cable along the raglan or something. I'm interested to know what you're thinking....

Lovely color and the yarn sounds yummy. Will it be another neck down cardi. Great, simple pattern. I hear you won some yarn.. ;))

Listen to the yarn. You've been given a day off of stashbusting for a reason, grrl.

A girl can never have too many cardigans! Yep, listen to the yarn ;)

Hope you are well, Margene.

You will still be there in April, but if you really love it, go for only live once ;-))

I think now that you've mentioned it on the blog, you'd better cheat and snatch it up now before someone else does! Great color!

Is there any other yarn in your stash clamoring to be knit? If there is, I would wait until April. Of course, I'm moving my stash and cannot imagine wanting any more wool for a very long time.

That color will be beautiful on you. Have you decided which cardigan to knit? If you've already picked out the pattern then I think you should go ahead and buy the yarn now.

Hello, this is yarn calling!!! :)

I say go for it - you were given a day off to do it. It's a sign ;o)

Of course, I'm a member of the anti-stash-along so I'm kind of in league with the devil (not that I think Carole is the devil or anything...just tricksy) ;o)

Valentine's Day off? That's so sweet. I say, "Go for it!"

oooh, that's funny - you've been given Valentine's Day off from the stashalong - boy oh boy, get out the plastic, girl!

Do it. Can't tell you the number of times I thought I'd wait and then it was either gone (very sad) or not enough left for the project (worse).

Oh, I feel your dilemma. I'm not going to give advice. *Buybuybuy* ;)

Oh, you definitely have to make it, especially in this wonderful colorline - that alone is permission enough, isn't it? I'm looking forward to seeing the FO - have a lot of fun with knitting!

The Woods Rose is beautiful. Perhaps Smith could buy it for you as a Valentine, and then you wouldn't have actually succumbed to the urge, yourself. Oh, hell. Just buy it. Too lovely not to!

Sounds to me like you've already made up your mind, but are just fighting it . . . Go on. It's beautiful yarn!

Carpe Filato

THANK YOU! I just bought some Beaverslide yarn and am about to start a vest for my mother... but now I'm going to wash my swatch and check the gauge again before I start! That Wood Rose is a beautiful color - I bought the Huckleberry Heather and am already planning on buying more for myself. :)

What pretty yarn. If you truly can't get it off your mind and have a day off from your stash buster kal, you should buy it. You'd really kick yourself if there wasn't enough for your sweater in April. And I can't wait to see Rosarie! I can't believe you're almost done.

Congrats on the weight loss. I love your everyday cardigan pattern and have bookmarked the site. Funny, but I shop thrift a lot and have aquired three zip front plain cardigans this year. This seems to be the year of the 'hot flash' for me, so cardigans are in and pullovers out! I think the wool is safe until February 14th, but I'd order it up then!!

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