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As my friend Carole is fond of saying: We have the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in this post. 

Gloriaswatchinsilkgardanddbcash_2The Good:  Rosarie is proceeding well, the second Fancy Silk Sock is finished, and Seaweed has been neglected this week (oops, that's bad).. The two sweaters that are calling to me from the stash have been culled and swatched. Meet the swatch for Gloria (I love Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, Chocolate).  This is my first chance to knit with Noro Silk Garden (#47), too and together they'll make a very handsome sweater.


Prettyinpinkcutawayswatch_1This yummy pink alpaca was purchased Estes Park Wool Market last year. The swatch is soft, light weight and gorgeous (and well washed) and will make a very light, warm Cutaway. I'm so tempted to start this sweater!  However, Color Spectrum is starting in March and the colors for the month are Pink and Red. Don't you think I should hold off on this AND the Red Hot Sizzling Socks as part of Color Spectrum?  Yesterday we learned who our Sockapaloooza  pal is. It's hard to imagine that 600+ sock knitters have signed up!  The sock for my pal should get priority as I don't want to face any deadline knitting. Hint: It's a she and I know her blog.
(More good: I haven't bought the Beaverslide yarn, yet.)

The Bad:  You may remember that just before the StashAlong started, I visited two LYS and bought a few items with my Christmas gift certificates.  One purchase (a special order) was yarn for the Bi-Cabled Cardigan in the Winter IK. The shop didn't realize that the yarn came in large and small skeins when they placed the order.  Consequently, only half the needed yarn arrived and there was no more of the dye lot.  That helped me make the decision to cancel the order. The sweater maybe something I'll knit later but, enthusiasm for it has faded for now.
(More Bad:  You ALL are not helping me stay on the StashAlong by giving me permission to buy the Beaverslide yarn!)

PrettystashyarnforsocksThe Ugly:  This section could be the good, bad and ugly rolled into one. With the yarn returned, I now have a credit at the shop. The credit's OK, BUT not going over that amount will be a challenge.  It was a good thing that I had the credit, however, as when I stopped in (why go to a yarn store when you're trying to knit from stash?) there was a selection of Trekking XXL. It is a new yarn for them (few people in SLC carry it) and this color was in my hand immediately.  It would not/could not be put back and things do get ugly when you can't let go.  I also bought back some of the Gems Opal to make Whitby socks for the KOTR KAL (down the road).  There is a bit more good for now, I still have some credit left over AND I traded the yarn for one (half) sweater for two socks. That's an improvement, right?  The StashAlong goal remains intact. Whew!
(More Ugly:  I WANT the BS yarn....sigh.)


Oh, man! WHEN do you plan on sleeping? Really! That is an impressive list of G,B and U. Consider me suitable impressed. That's good, right?

I love it all! Especially the Debbie Bliss. Can't wait to watch the progress...Wow...600 knitters, Alison is amazing isn't she.

Wow, love the colors you chose for Gloria. Looks very elegant.

Oh, you can always get the Beaverslide yarn when the Stashalong is over. I'm laughing a little because I know just how it feels - I get focused on something and my mind just won't let it go. Two pairs of socks for half a sweater? Considering how useful half a sweater is, I'd say you got a pretty good deal.

Your chosen colorway of Silk Garden look very similar to the one I used for my Klaralund. It will look so pretty, Margene.

You know, you can start on the red and pink now! It is okay if you finish things in March for Project Spectrum :) Just an idea! I don't want you to deny yourself something you want - like Cutaway!

That Trekking XXL is lovely. I can't wait to see the socks you knit with it. I'm so impressed with your ability to stick with the StashAlong!

Good: being your friend
Bad: you being part of the stash-along
Ugly: you showing me a new trekking color and me not being part of the stash-along.

When I read yesterdays post, I searched up and down for you About page...to see your stash. I am glad you decided to swatch for Gloria and Cutaway...although Gloria looks like a bit more than a swatch. The colors are lovely. Love that Gems...I think that is the color I had in a contest--very pretty.

I'm with you - I've been wanting to start a new sweater and my sock pal socks (because I already ordered the yarn of course!), but both will be red/pink, so I'm thinking of waiting until March so I have two great projects for the spectrum. Can't wait to see if you buy the yarn.....(enabler....)

Looks mostly good to me ;-)

Your Gloria will be Glorious. I would vote for saving the pink for when Spectrum begins.

Love the sock yarn!

Tempting...so tempting.

I will not buy more yarn! I will not buy more yarn!

Buy the Beaverslide and enjoy it without guilt.

Life is short, yarn is cheap.

I can't wait to see your Gloria. It's going to be beeeeyoutiful! ;)

You are a paragon of virtue. And you get so much knitting done in a week it's amazing, and you have so many fun projects in the works! It's all good. No bad, no ugly. ;-)

Love the pink alpaca, Margene. I am in the Anti-Stashalong. Buy more yarn. I am waiting for my red yarn and ragg sock yarn to come in.

Didn't you say just yesterday that you get Valentine's Day "Off" from the stash-along?? Is there some kind of reward or satisfaction of not taking a day off? NO. Everyone must have time to rejuvinate and prepare for the next stretch of work. I highly encourage you to take advantage of your day off. There's no glory in skipping those sort of things. (have I convinced you or should I go on?) heh

Wanting the BS is NOT ugly . . . 'cause, isn't that the whole point? If it were ugly, you wouldn't want it!

I love that trekking yarn--I have always wanted to try it but I haven't found a colorway that really jumps out at me when I am lucky enough to see a skein or two. The one you picked is perfect for spring--I can't wait to see what it will become :) Stay strong with the Stashalong--you've done great so far!

I think that color of Trekking would have forced itself on me as well. Sometimes we just have to give in to the will of the yarn!

Hmm, I think depriving yourself will only lead to a binge later. Which WOULD be ugly. :) And besides, what are rules for if they can't be bent or sometimes broken?

I need to knit up the Trekkking XXL I have... It calls to me but I want to do it justice... DO you have a pattern in mind for yours?

oohhh; pretty colors...
on tuesday, while my son was here to take me to the Arlo Gutherie concert, i showed him my lucky yarn winnings. (thanks again) He oohhed over the colors and held the KSH up to his cheek to feel how soft. what a great kid.
how durable is the gems opal for socks?

Quite a list. I think you're doing really well on your stash along. You didn't exceed your credit and you haven't purchased the BS yarn...yet. Look at all that self-restraint. That's definitely a good.

Yay! You're starting Gloria! I've chosen her for my Knitting Olympics project, but mine will be in the colours on the model. Really looking forward to it. It'll be my first Noro experience.

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