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And The Winner Is...

SaharaKnits - Lisa wins the first birthday give away! 

Thank you for the fun guesses and comments.  Hobbies have always been a part of my life.  My first hobby was reading and it is one that has continued on until Blogland came to eat up my reading time.  I did get through this months book club pick, for a change, however.  Crochet was my favorite hobby in the early 1970's and then I learned to knit. I have been a happy knitter ever since.  For about 10 years I studied embroidery of all sorts, in depth.  I never gave up knitting completely, as it was a nice traveling companion and easier to do in tight situations. 

Being outdoors is a big part of my life and it was this blog that started my interest in taking pictures. I do an adequate job, at least for this medium, but I wouldn't call it a hobby. Blogging seems to bring many of my favorite things to do together in a wonderful way. However,  I could give up blogging but, never knitting.

So, KNITTING is the right answer.

This weeks question may be rather easy if you've been reading for a time and easy to find if you're new here (or skim as some readers do).

What is our favorite spot for Sunday breakfast?

Please send your answer to the above question to zenbirthdaycontest at gmail dot com. On Friday the random number generator will help me pick the winner for this yarny prize to be announced next Tuesday along with yet another prize.
Opal Rodeo, KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud (Horizon), Trekking XXL (pink pastel stripes), green Chibi with one large and two small needles, a sheepy sticky note pad AND chocolate, of course.
Good luck!


Hold it----NORMA SKIMS???? OMG! You have no idea what this means, Margene...muuuhahaha!!

What fabulous prizes!

OK. Fess up the source for the green chibi...

Looks like a great haul for some lucky knitter!

Wow. Look at that prize!

Silver Fork Lodge! Dang, I missed entering the first drawing, but not so this time!

I knew all about skimming Ann -- she's quite up-front about it, much to the chagrin of *cough*Cara*cough* some -- and, I'll admit, I skim a fair bit myself, but I did NOT know that about Norma. ; )

What a lovely prize! :) And your Sunday breakfast is always fab. I have checked out their menu. YUM!! I don't read as often as I used to either...do you upload books to your iPod?

Mmmmm, now I want to go out to a fabulous breakfast.

Oooh Oooh! Pick me! Pick me!

Ha!! I need to get us a skimming button! is anyone going to tell Vicki she skimmed the part about where to send her answer??

HAHAHAHA!! Crap, now I'm an embarrassed skimmer. I want you all to know that I skimmed right over all the fabulous prizes, too! I got so excited about the question that I bolted right then and there and it wasn't 'til I was skimming someone else's comment that I first read about the prizes!

Oh, my face is red!

Hahaha...too funny. Well if I didn't know the answer (which I did) I do now!

Oh, come ON! You big liar! I do not skimp!!! Wait, what did you say?

I am such a dunderhead ... "It couldn't be KNITTING," I said to myself, "that's too obvious." Next time I shall try to remember .... when you hear hoofbeats, look for horses, not zebras.

Congratulations to Lisa ... and I'm going to be sure to make a guess for this next one.

Green chibi? With smaller needles? Just like the orange one? Huh.

Great prizes!

Great prize!

Margene - as my family used to say - you give the bestest gifts! Now maybe I could get to see a Chibi up close and personal. Wish me luck!

Well, Silver Fork Lodge, of course. After all your descriptions, my husband is ready to plan a trip to Park City just to go out for breakfast!

That's an unbelievable prize -- how could I not enter? Go ahead, lead me into temptation. I'll come willingly. I'll even navigate while you drive.

You're such a generous knitter, Margene. I don't think there's anyone in blogland who is friendlier or more fun. Not that I'm sucking up to win the fabulous prize, nooooooooo.

*knocks Carole over* NO ME!! Pick me!!


*ahem* Sorry Carole...I saw chocolate and lost it...

Green chibis??? They're torturing me here.

Best prize package I ever saw! I just discovered Trekking and I think it's my new favorite sock yarn. Breakfast is sounding mighty good right now.

Now that is a great little prize package. I would be happy with a green chibi :)

Congratulations to Lisa!


Just wondered if you've worked with the Alpaca Cloud - I got my SP some, but haven't worked with it myself.

Congratulations Lisa! You give the best prizes Margene. And of course I know where you go for breakfast.... I look forward to hearing about it and seeing new photos every Monday. :)

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