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Sahara left me a comment a couple of days ago after she found my blog through Utah Grrl, Isela.  She complimented my knitting and embroidery, so I know she took some time to check out my blog.  I did the same when I went to her blog from the link she left and found it full of interesting knitting and fascinating posts. It's the type of connection I love in Blogland.

Once in awhile someone will ask a question in the comments that leaves me wondering if the person read my post or checked out the blog at all before asking.  Often the answer is in the post or one from a day or two ago.  There are 5 days worth of posts on the front page and many times the posts hold the answers.  So I have this question to ask of you. How do you blog? 

Let's say you come across a new blog you haven't seen before and it looks interesting, full of pictures, and knitting you like.  Do you read the first post or two only or do you really look around the blog?  Do you check the FO photos, the archives and/or the links on the sidebar? Do you let the person know you like what you see and that you’ll be back?

When you go to a blog that you read daily, or whenever you have the chance, do you check to see if they have added anything new to their blog? (Some of you do, I know.)  Do you read every word of a post or do you scan it, skim for content that catches your eye? Do you check the links and/or comments?

Do you generally blog on the fly and hit as many blogs as you can, or do you take you time to visit only a few blogs and read them thoroughly and leave a comment?

What is it that attracted you reading a blog in the first place? If you blog do you enjoy new bloggers stopping by to comment so you can go check out their blogs, too?

As the on-line knitting community grows it becomes increasingly hard to visit as many blogs as I'd like, and it seems to become more impossible each day, as new bloggers come out of the ethernet.  The best way for me to find new reads is when someone stops by and leaves a comment, as time to check the ever-growing Knit Ring is limited.  So, let me introduce you to some of the new blogs I've found.

Liz of Athena Dreams knows how to take beautiful photos that show off her incredible knitting. When you visit, don’t forget to look at her Multi-Media Album.  The "A" for the ABC Along made for very interesting reading, too. (See my side bar for the ABC Along ring and make the rounds for many good posts beginning with "A".)

Theresa of Knitting Underway also has an interesting blog and like many of us has to join as many KALs as possible.

Chris of Stumbling over Chaos has a very nice looking black cat, Chaos, who reminds me of my one and only feline friend, Chico. She’s got some good knitting going, too.

Laura of Sugar Bunny Boulevard has pictures of her darling children and her very nice knitting, too.

Beth S. often left comments on my blog and then started her own. She's a fabulous knitter.

Plain Jane just came to my attention just recently and she has great pictures of her fabulous knits, too.

Alex has also been a fun read and I love the name of her blog.

Alison does some beautiful knitting and also makes small dolls. You must see her latest.

Thank you to all of you for coming by and introducing me to your blogs.

Leave a comment if you are also a fairly new blogger. We all would like to get to know you, too.


And just to keep the sock mania in a frenzy, Amie is keeping a count of all the sock knit in 2006. Can we together knit 2006 socks in 2006? (Button on my side bar.)  You can join many SockAlong groups for inspiration and ideas. Let's knit up a sock storm!

I leave you with the beautiful view of Mt. Olympus in the Wasatch Moutains (here in our valley). It was taken Tuesday while walking my boyz.  It always takes my breath away.  You must click to get the full effect.


Have a wonderful weekend!


First of all, thanks for all those new (to me) links to other blogs. As for your (enourmous) question, here's how I do it: If I come along a new blog I really like I look all over it, I love the FO Galleries, I go through the archives. I often skim the text a bit, but will read thoroughly if the pictures catch my eye and I want to know more about them. I also read blogs of people I've met in real life more thoroughly than others. There a loads of different reasons I am attracted to a specific blog, I could go on and on here, but I'll leave some comment-space for others.
Ah yes, and p.s.: I really love your mountain & snow pictures

Thanks from me too for the links to new blogs -- some of them I know, some I didn't, so it'll be fun to check 'em out.

What attracts me to a blog first is good writing and photography. I like blogs that encourage a dialog (like yours always does!) and make me think (again -- you).

Some blogs I read closely, savouring every word (ahem -- you), others I simply scan. At the moment I have 180 blogs in my Bloglines (yipes, how did that happen?) so I can't read them all closely.

When I find a new blog I like, I generally read the last month's worth of posts, and usually the first one or two posts the blogger made, to get to know the blogger.

My list of blogs I read is ever-changing -- I unsub and sub willynilly, but there is a core group that I read religiously (and of course yours is in that group).

BTW, I would like special commendation for the best "sucking-up to Margene" in a comment today. ;-)

I'm with Wendy - when I stumble across a new blog one of the first things I do is read at least all the posts on the front page. If I'm liking the blog I'll read some of the archives and look at galleries and the like. And if I like the blog on first glance I add it to my bloglines. A great way I've found to "keep up" with all the new blogs is to subscribe to the Knitting Blogs blog, as I can click on them as Julie lists them as "added to the ring."
When I read my "daily" blogs I usually skim the sidebars for new info, and I read the comments if it's a particularly thought provoking or interesting post. And, of course, when I'm leaving a comment (which I can be really bad about!).

I like different blogs for different reasons. Some for the writing, some for the knitting, some for the pictures and some just for the person. When I find a new one I like I will usually read the past month of posts if I have time. I love looking at people's finished object galleries. Time is my biggest factor when blogging. Sometimes there just isn't enough time to read them all thoroughly.

Thanks for the mention, Margene! :) And also for the links to other blogs you've been reading. I've discovered some of my favorite blogs through links posted on blogs that I enjoy.

Hmm. Those are good questions. I read a lot of blogs - my current list is always in the sidebar of my blog. I read them differently, but I think those differences break down into broad categories.

The first category contains blogs of people that I feel I've come to "know" pretty well (online). We've "clicked" and made a connection. We follow each other's lives, always commenting and offering support as needed. I read the comments religiously, because some great dialogues get going there. IRL, I think these would be people who "get" me and I them.

The second category contains most of the blogs in my active list. I keep track of new posts through bloglines. I nearly always comment, even if it's nothing deep, just to let the blogger know that hey, I'm here, I'm reading, I thought that was interesting/moving/fun. IRL, these are people who could become friends, but not the "insta-click" type. They feel like comfortable acquaintances.

The third category is the smallest - blogs that had an initial appeal, but as I keep reading, they're not reaching me in any way and I can't find anything to comment on. IRL, I think these would be the people that I don't "get" and who don't "get" me. These are blogs that I'll eventually unsubscribe from.

What strikes me about so many of the blogs I visit is that there are so many incredibly warm, funny, creative bloggers out there who just aren't widely known - not a lot of comments, not a lot of subscriptions showing up in bloglines. This is maybe a subset of my first two categories - blogs that just don't seem well known, but probably should be.

Hmm. This is by far the longest coment I've ever posted. Thanks again for such a thought-provoking post!

That drives me nuts, getting a question that is anwered if they had read the post. I always try to scroll though FO galleries, so I get a sense of what projects the writer likes/works on. If its a blog that has good writing, I will often read back through archives, at least skimming and stopping to read anything that particularly peaks me interest.

Thanks for the links - some new to me blogs in there.

What fun comments! Like you, I have a core group of blogs that I read all the time, count many as friends now...and most always leave a comment. Then there a bunch of others I will read when I get a chance, but I only comment when something really strikes me, and a few others that I skim over and rarely leave comments as they get so many comments already, that what I had to say, had already been said......LOL

It never ceases to amaze me just how many blogs there are out there now. Usually it is the pictures that will grab me first, or the readability of the blog (colors, font, etc) that will jump out at me. If I find that I like the way the author writes, many times I will skim thru the all of the archives and I always look thru the photo albums. Blogs with really small font and very few pictures rarely keep my attention. I guess I am a very visual reader.

I see you have your ABC album up ;-)

I've been coming across a lot of new to me blogs through the JKAL. It's actually my favorite part of the whole thing. Since I check them all on a weekly basis, I feel like I've been getting to know people without having to read too much. Some of those blogs I've actually added to my bloglines list.

Another way I've gotten to know people is through the whole secret pal thing - every time I've been involved my pal has been some new to me. So I've read EVERYTHING in their blog - everything - archives going back to the beginning - you name it. It's exciting to immerse yourself like that.

In the end though there are quite a few blogs that I have in my bloglines list that I never read out of bloglines. To me that's a big deal because you can't comment that way. True skimming that way. But yet I can't bear to take them off the list.

What am I looking for in a blog - something, anything interesting. Quirky interesting. Crafty interesting. Funny interesting.

It really depends on the blog as to how I read it.

One thing I definitely do is surf around their blog, see what they back a few posts, etc.

Have a great weekend.

When I find a new blog I read a handful of posts and see if it's appealing to me. I look for a connection with the blogger and I definitely look for personal stuff as well as knitting stuff. The technical blogs are great for the technical stuff but I just don't enjoy them as much as those who share their personal joys and tribulations. I have over 100 blogs in my bloglines subscription and most of those I read pretty carefully and comment on many of them. I nearly always click out of bloglines to read them because I want to see the whole blog, not just the post. I want to see what's changed in the sidebars and all that jazz. And, even though I read that many, there are really just a handful of those who I consider to be true friends. You know you're one of them!

I think I have a coolness factor I look for! Seriously. I look to see if they have a sense of humor, aren't too serious and if they swear. Also, if they have a Bush backwards clock thingamajiggy then they're a sure fit. I also look at the pictures of what they're making. I like to be inspired by my fellow bloggers. I think immediately I was taken with your pictures! Oh wait, and you posted about a sweater you had made I really liked too. Wow. Is that long enough for yah?

Also, Bloglines is like my crack. I look forward to my updated feeds like crazy!

My reading style varies from blog to blog, and day to day. Sometimes, I read every word. Sometimes, I scan and just look at pictures. It all depends upon how much time that I have available to me at that particular time in the day. That's kind of how I blog, too. Somedays, I let the pictures of my projects carry my posts, other days, i actually try to give some thought to what I have to say. I *always* read all of the comments that I get...not that there are very many (not that I'm complaining...) ;)

The things that draw me to read blogs religiously
-They post often - if they go for too long, I drop them from Bloglines
-They share something about themselves but there is a fine line there. I want knitting content and if their personal saga gets too much like a soap opera, then I tend to loose interest. There are exceptions when major things happen and then I think the blog community can really hold a person up.
-They attempt to share photos. I'm a visual person and I love pictures including non-knitting ones like your lovely mountain pictures.
-They keep it relatively clean. I have to read profanity in the coarse of my work, I don't want to read it for leasure. Occasional bad words in context are fine but I've seen blogs where every other word is profanity. Turn off :(
-They are interesting and funny.

Most of the time I find new blogs by word of mouth or by following a link from another blog. I'm a newbie blogger and really enjoy seeing where others come from and find it amazing that I get hits from overseas. I feel honored to have others read my blog.

Those bloggers that I read regularly (like yours) are considered friends. Isn't the Internet amazing?

Thank you for introducing me to some new blogs. And thank you for reminding me to re-visit everyone's sidebar stuff. I know I periodically remember that I haven't put recent FOs into mine, etc, and you made me think I forget to revisit others'.

And regarding socks - I will be teaching a class in the Queen Kahuna method of knitting simultaneous socks on two circs, toe up, beginning in February. So, in preparation for the class, I expect to turn out a number of pairs of socks in the next six weeks. Fortunately, I have some sport weight sock yarn that is wonderful, which will speed up the process!

When I see a comment that intrigues me, on my blog or elsewhere, I check out the most recent post. Humor is the first thing to catch my interest, usually. Pics of projects that interest me help attract me, but it's the writing I'm most interested in. Not having a digital camera myself, I am not quick to dismiss a blog because of lack of pics. If I like the most recent posts, I usually check out the "about me" or "100 things". Then I track them for a couple of weeks. See what they're knitting, what they're talking about...If the blog snares my interest frequently, I start looking at links in posts they've written....checking out the FO gallery, etc. If a blog I like gets tons of comments (like 50+) a day, I don't tend to comment. Maybe I feel like it's already been said, and I hate doing the "me too" thing, or a self esteem issue that what could I possibly have to say of interest after all those comments? Hmmm. interesting thinking material Margene. I have a handful, perhaps a dozen, blogs that I check daily. I also ring surf and add blogs that interest me to my favorites.

I've found many of the blogs I read through KALs that I've been involved in. I've also found a few through other people's blogs. I try to comment as much as I can, but sometimes run out of time, or selectively comment depending on the post. Although there are some blogs belonging to people I feel I've connected with that where I comment all the time.

I like to read the latest post of a new blog, and perhaps a few other posts. I then sometimes subscribe to them and check them out over some time to decide if I want to continue reading or not. I enjoy reading a variety of people, and so I find myself with a monster bloglines sub list.

I think I should say "thanks" for pointing me to a whole list of new blogs, except that my list is already pretty huge. We won't discuss how many I follow through Bloglines. When I find a new blog I tend to just read the main page, and dig around more as the spirit moves as I get to read them.

What fascinates me is the relationships that have formed online--I've had the good fortune to meet people I only knew online, and it's kind of funny, because often I know quite deep stuff about them, but maybe not some of the basic surface stuff.

Gosh what an interesting post! I have to say that I am addicted to reading blogs and tend to read one lot at work ( those that have posted while I'm asleep on this side of the pond, and then another lot when I get home in the evening. Thanks for the new blogs listed, I have added at least a couple to my Bloglines list :-). I tend to read the last few posts of any new blog I find and then subcribe and see how things go. If I find myself skimming through their posts rather than reading them closely, then I unsubscribe - it doesn't happen often and my bloglines list is creeping up towards the 100 :-). I have certain favoutites ( including you) where I like to comment at least once a week, but I don't comment for the sake of it. If I haven't got something relevant to the post to say I don't say anything. As a blogger I love to get comments ( who doesn't) but I don't get paranoid if I only get a couple or none. I write as much for my own enjoyment and to catalogue my knitting life as for others but if others like what I am saying and come back, fantastic!

Thanks for the mention - I've been reading your blog for a while, but I really never "got" the comments thing and the dialogue aspect of it until I started my own.

As for my blog reading, I have a limit of about 50 subs on Bloglines that I can really follow and remember who they are and what they're about, etc. These I read regularly, look at their archives, commments, photos, etc. But I'll often surf the webrings when I want to see what else is out there. If I like something, I follow it for a few weeks to see how much I like it, just like everyone else says.

Great questions. When I first visit a new to me blog I'll scan the sidebars and read all the posts on the main page. If there's something there that really interest me I'll read through random posts from the archives. I have even been known to go all the way back to the earliest post and read every single post on the blog. If there is a gallery I will look through the bloggers past projects to see what their style is. I have found some of my favorite suppliers by reading blogs. When there are links to other fiber blogs in a post I always check those and have found some of my favorites in this way.

I only comment on posts when I feel a connection with that person or something in the post. I rarely do a me too comment.

Until recently I depended on bookmarks to keep track of my favorite blogs. I don't know why it took me so long to see the merits of subscribing. It's the only way to go.

first i scan the photos, then i read the main entry for today , then i check the buttons and links for what looks interesting and that's my quick answer. i read YOUR blog everyday. i've linked My Son to some mighty cool stuff through links i've found on knitting blogs and i've found some fine patterns through knitting blogs and i've become fond of some people i know through knitting blogs and thats my quick answer because i need to go pay my light bill now before rain begins; i haven't seen rain since i moved to dallas in september so i'm looking forward to todays rain!
marie back in florida; "never more to Rome; except for short visits" lol

I'm not really a new blogger, however, I am new to reading your blog and to commenting more on other's blogs. I never had the time to surf and comment before and now that I'm at home more, I've finally had the time to find more blogs to read. It's been great and I really enjoy yours too! Won't you stop on by my blog too? :)

I posted on similar thoughts yesterday. Sometimes I read every word, sometimes I skim - depends on the topic. I do like wandering and meandering and finding new reads. Looks like you and I were wandering in the same neighborhood yesterday. I made some of the same discoveries you did.

I'm off to check out the others.

Ooh, DEEP questions! My answer--all of the above. When I find a new blog, I start off by skimming the pictures and content, if it's interesting (to me), I'll look deeper, read more carefully.

For the blogs that I regularly read--it depends on my time frame on a given day. I might just read the entry in Newsgator/Bloglines (in which case the sidebars may not even exist for all I see). But some days I'll visit the blog itself, and take a look around for things that have changed--but that varies from blog to blog, too. There are some I read regularly and "click" with so well, I want to know who THEY are reading, their books, their music--because chances are, I'll like them too. And then there are some that I read and enjoy, but whose tastes are otherwise so different than mine, I don't worry too much about what/who else they're reading.

Blogging is an interesting thing, I think. Especially among knitters. There is political commentary, thoughts on books, music, restaurants . . . a nice slice o'life from one and all . . . and yet I find them so much more accessible than blogs that focus on any of those things. The sense of community never fails to amaze me, and yet a lot of the time, all we have in common is the actual knitting. How cool is that??

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