You Know the Mantra
Blue Skies and Knitting

Look Up!


Sandy! How's that for sky?


Frappr, drappr, DO!
Tell me, tell me true!!
Where in the WORLD are you?

Thank you to everyone who has already signed in! It's fun to read all your notes.

My Better Pal Emma's darling little chick, Oliver, needs some HOT WHEELS!  Please help by going to the auctions, here and here, where you can bid on two fabulous Clapotis'.  Don't you need something wonderful for yourself or a special someone for Christmas?

Happy Weekend!


That IS a sky worth looking up at! :) WOWZA! Such beauty!
sigh. I'm getting weak with the map game!

What a beeeeeutiful sky!!!!

Wow - that IS a beautiful sky. I'll come back later to play the map game. It's more fun with photos, and I realized this week that there are almost none with me in them this year. I'm charging up the camera battery now!

Wow, what a beautiful sky shot. I always look forward to your nature photos...and that is just incredible.

The sky is gorgeous. Your pictures always make me want to pick up and move to Utah, or at least take a trip out west. Maybe someday...

Gorgeous sunset!!!

I can't wait to see Brier finished.

Gorgeous sky! Oh! Those are some pretty Clapoti up for auction, too. Thanks for the heads-up on that.

WOWSA! Now, THAT would be a beautiful colorway!

WOW! Breath taking beauty as always!! Oh, the sky is nice too ;)

Happy Weekend!

What a gorgeous sky. And I pray that Oliver does get his Hot Wheels, he's giving up some gorgeous Clapotis' for it. ;)

That sky reminds of the one I was sent from Washington last night. Such a beaut!

Can't wait to be west. Maybe I'll have to move my pin soon??!!!

Were you paraphrasing that Romper Room scene where the teacher (Miss ?) looks into the hand mirror? Not that I'm old enough to remember :)

That sky is beautiful. Absolutely amazing.

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