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The Cold Is Here!

TreeatsilverforkdustedwithsnowColdandsnowydeckatsilverforFrom Thursday on it rained through most of the weekend.  This time of year, when it rains in the valley, there will most likely be snow in the mountains.  Last year at this time we had 5 feet of snow! The resorts were open by the end of October. This year the snow totals are more normal and the snow stacks up slowly. The days of sitting on the deck at Silver Fork  are over until spring, but a lovely compensation is the fire roaring in the back ground while breakfast is enjoyed.


Afterward we took a quick trip up to Silver Lake to see how much snow had covered the meadow and found it was so cold!  We immediately realized it would take time to reacclimate to winter weather and that hats, gloves and scarves would be necessities from now on.  Back home is a cupboard full of warm items for winter wear, but my thoughts turned to others who are not  so fortunate. 

There are many charities who want and need hand knit items for those without. Many knitters have something on the needles all the time for  Dulaan, CIC and/or Caps for Kids.  There are local sources, such as homeless and women's shelters, that could use your knit items, too.  Norma has a 'one for me, one for them' policy with her knitting and Marguerite knits all year for CIC.  By giving a few minutes of knitting time you can help to keep small fingers and ears warm this winter. Thanksgiving will be a good time to turn my knitting attention to charity knitting. That should give me time to finish up some of my 'already on the needles' projects.

DFS is one project that needs to be finished right away.  It will be a gift for my sister-in-law, as her birthday is coming up, (it's doubtful the shawl will be finished in time) and she just gave birth to my brothers first child.  We are thrilled to welcome Amanda Katherine into our family. 

She is about 24 hours old in this picture.

Thank you to everyone who gave donations and prizes for Give A Little.  As you know, over $100,000 has been donated and we have been giving out prizes everyday.  Today Susan and I  will draw names and give away several of the very generous hand knit items that were donated.  Winners are now posted. Congrats and thanks!!


Ahhh... now there's a baby to knit for! Congratulations.

I can't believe all this snow. It's really strange. If we get half an inch of snow once in 10 years we are "lucky" ( depending on your point of view)

Welcome, Amanda Katherine! I'll miss y'all tonight; think of me wrestling small but tough boys instead of knitting! :)

Congratulations Aunt Margene and Uncle Smith! What a beautiful baby.

Congratulations on your new little niece....what a cutie!

Another good project to knit for is the SHIPS program. Knitting winter hats for our soldiers overseas ;-)

Congratulations to your family on the arrival of that beautiful wee girl!

You are an inspiration, always. Thanks for the timely reminder.

Congratulations on your new niece! How wonderful - a new person to knit for! I'm hoping to unveil a new Dulaan knit tomorrow or the next day. It feels so good.

Awww, a new baby to love! Congratulations Auntie Margene! Do they live close by? I sure hope so.
And thanks for the reminder about charity knitting. I need to get my butt in gear with some of that.

Congrats on your new niece. She's terribly cute.

Awww, she is just precious! I am so baby hungry right now! Brand new babies are just so perfect. And immobile. Which would be a nice change! :)

I can't believe you are in snow! I'm getting spoiled by this nice warm southern weather, but it seems odd to not see frost in November at the same time!

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

Congrats on the new niece! I love some new baby feet for kissing. :)
No snow for us yet, but I'm sure it's around the corner.

I love knitting for babies! Small project that go fast and look soooo cute.

We've got a lot of snow on the mountains here, too. The days are getting so short! How did we wind up near the end of another year? Is it me, or are these things picking up speed?

Congratulations Auntie! Love the name, maybe cuz I have an Amanda myself. ;)

Beautiful baby! Congrats! :)

Awww, so beautiful. Congratulations.
I hear you about the cold...we have snow on the mountains up here.

Will go check the GAL blog...maybe I'll get lucky :).

"...the fire roaring in the back ground while breakfast is enjoyed." Oh, this IS what winter is all about to me. A contented sigh, deep breath of the smells, and back to the knitting and other wintery activities. Not much winter in Kansas, but there's some to look forward to. Thanks for the glimpse ahead! :)

Congratulations on the arrival of your niece!!! I'm sure she'll get a lot of special knits from Aunt Margene.

Nice to see I'm not the only proud auntie! We could start a ring. ; ) She's gorgeous!

Congratulations to you and your family on Amanda's arrival!

As always, you (and Norma, and Stephanie) inspire the rest of us to help those less fortunate I must get some Dulaan projects back on the needles. thank you for the reminder.

Snow! I am a little envious, although I know it will be here soon enough, and I am still enjoying the fall color. We had rain too, with more on the way. Pleased to hear about the new wee girl...and thanks for the great plug for charity knitting. I am skipping Christmas gift knitting this year, and continuing with the cloths for katrina, although I will be ready to move on to other charities soon as well.

Aww....welcome to the world, Amanda. Bet you'll find it's a warm and wonderful place :-)

Hmmm, when's the next flight out to Utah? I'm just assuming you'll have a nice place for me to rest my head when I get there, because, with postcard scenery like that, you must get people inviting themselves out all the time.

Mazel Tov Aunt Margene! From one aunt to another - I love me some nieces! YAY!

Congrats on being a new Aunt! Beautiful baby!

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