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Today is the official end of Knit Unto Others.  The main reason for this short charity knitting project was to remind us to be thankful for all the good things in our lives and to give what we can to others in need.  The efforts of knitters who gave a few days to knit items will be appreciated by many who will now be warmer throughout the winter months. Thank you to all who joined us and knit a few items.


You can certainly continue to knit and give and the KUO blog will stay up all year with info on places to send knit goods. Carole and I thank you for your participation and for caring. We hope to make this an annual event of giving thanks and knitting for others during the Thanksgiving season.

I did get seven hats completed during KUO.  Knitting with the same needle size, same size yarn and in the round over and over caused pain in my arm and shoulder, however.  It is clear to me that a variety of projects, vigilance in stretching, along with frequent rests, are important to healthy knitting (and life over all).

It was last year at this time when my back seized up.  Bending, walking and just sitting were enormously painful.  Looking back it is evident that stress played a role in exacerbating a problem area.

Twinges of the same pain have cropped up in the past week and if not careful the problem could resurface.  The plan is for due diligence; trips to the gym, stretching and, most important, destressing through this hectic season.  We all must find ways to slow down, keep the demands on life to a minimum, and learn to say no (or enough).  Take time to relax and rejuvenate, so that you have something to give without creating a deficit, and don't stretch yourself to the max.

Takecareofyourself_1We often say knitting as a way to relax and find solace.  Remember to keep it that way...keep your knitting time fun and stress free. Is the last minute gift worth the stress?  Maybe a trip to a local boutique could produce a nice gift with less stress.  Use knitting time as a way of reconnecting with yourself and to find quiet, contemplative time during this season of mania. 

Be good to you!


You're so right. The stress of holiday knitting is something I'm avoiding this year. I have one scarf to finish and that's it. I think, because I gift knit all year long, that there's no reason for the holiday knitting frenzy. And I was thrilled to join you with the Knit Unto Others blog. I'm glad we did this together!

Thank you for reminding me that knitting is about making things with my hands and my heart, not about how many things I can make.

Here, here. Holiday knitting is something I refuse to do, just for those reasons. Thanks for the reminder.

It is nice to think it is possible, I wish I thought I could do it.

I think I've given everyone who feels like they need something knitted from me their token item (or two or three), so I should be able to focus on knitting for me (and for charity) for the next long while. Thanks for being you, Margene. :)

Thanks for the reminder, Margene. I don't do holiday knitting for that reason but the reminder is always good!

Terrific hats. And yes, exactly. Knitting on a deadline is too much like slave labor. It's certainly not why I knit. Thanks again for leading on KUO.

Great reminders to give to others but to also take care of ourselves, Margene! It was something I needed to hear as I prep for my knitting tea this weekend, mailing of gifts back home and the ramping up of my water aerobics to a new, more difficult class.

i've just started work at Target...putting things back on the shelf over and over and over and ove....ack! talk about stress, but that's ok, it's all part of right livelyhood AND i've been knitting during my 15 minute break, in the break room. just two rows on a sox make a great deal of difference in my outlook. plus, now i'll know how to stretch to keep"certain things "from ouching. and oh yes, i too , gift all year, when ever i can and for every and no reason. part of the process, yes?

I'm guilty of the stressful holiday knitting! However, I made a decision to put aside the rest of the holiday WIP to knit for a friend's family who really need it. I'm feeling much better now!

Yay! Thanks for the reminder that it's ok to put a project down for a night or two. It's supposed to be fun not hurtful! All the best to you in this season.

I read an article (somewhere....who knows where) about back pain. The title of the article peaked my interest (and annoyed the dickens out of me) by inferring something along the lines of "your back pain is all in your head." I thought, yeah, right. Tell that to me when I can't stand up straight! But in the content of the article, the gist was a huge portion of back pain was a direct result of stress...that people unconciously tightened up so much that they caused their own back pain. Upon reflection, I realized, every time my back has gone has been either during some stressful time or immediately following days of stress. Made me think, you know?

You'll never guess what I cast on for again....Hanging Vines. It's going (fingers crossed) really well...

Take care of yourself :)

It is really hard to make time for yourself all year really, but during this happy and hectic time it's even more difficult. I usually take some time in the afternoon for a gingerbread latte and some comfort knitting:)

I'm glad Knit Unto Others went so well. I participate in the Preemie Project and it's some of the knitting I'm most proud of :)

glad to hear your KUO was a success! take care of you. thanks for the always wise words!

So true, Margene. I don't do much holiday knitting, really--just the odd hat or pair of socks for someone I know will appreciate them. Much as I love knitting, it isn't always the answer.

This is going to sound a bit weird. I'd had back problems for years, since high school. I always attributed it to stress, and I would always have back problems in the spring. Summer 2004, I had excruciating back pain that would not go away, and total lack of appetite. After I became jaundiced, I found out that I had gall stones, and they expressed themselves as pain in the middle of my back! I had the gall stones taken out, and my gall bladder removed, and I have had no back problems since.

Hopefully your problems aren't that serious, and that you don't have back problems again this year.

So, I need to turn the tables on you - RELAX! BREATHE! Take care of YOU! Love you! ;-)

Hi M:-)
i love your bonny cup and the little bit of knitting looks so cute.. enjoy the holidays don't stress yourself out.. and RELAX :-)

I've still a couple more hats I want to get out, but I'm almost done. I would not have gotten around to this were it not for this knitalong - I thank you (and Carole) for the impetus.

Take care of yourself, and remember to take your own advice.

When I just can't do it, I like to buy gifts that were made by other artists. I can support their art, their efforts to support themselves through their art, and give a unique gift. It's the next-best thing to giving my art. :-)

Okay, we both need to knit something other than hats and on different size needles. I have been knitting up a few hats over the past week or so using the same pattern but different yarns with the same size size needle and my shoulder is killing me as well. Of course, I didn't help the shoulder by playing with the heavy tools. I need to finish the hat I currently making and than take a break.

I do not knit gifts for some one who would not appreciate it or take care of it. For them, I will buy something. So take a break and relax.

I can't help it...I always knit scarves and hats for the teachers for the holidays. I did knit one over the summer. :) And I just finished my second hat for KUO. I like it quite a bit. :) Thanks for organizing this.

Thanks for your good words.. so far I am sticking to my resolve and not deviating into gift knitting, although there is a birthday present waiting in the wings to be made for January. Loved the photo of destressers, especially the cute rabbit cup.

I just got my Give a Little prize in the mail today - thank you so much for all of the effort you put into organizing! I hope your holiday season is stress free.

Thanks to you and Carole for doing KUO -- I finished two hats and am thrilled with both of them. Take good care of yourself, ok.

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