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Beautiful Brier

Brier is one of the nicest fitting sweaters I have ever knit and will be a main part of my wardrobe for years to come.  At first the Black Water Abbey yarn was stiff and hard to knit.  Because of my tendency to knit rather tight, a rustic yarn can be difficult to work.  After the first piece was finished and blocked it was evident the yarn softened and relaxed enough to make a beautiful, yet sturdy fabric.  Knowing that made continuing on a easier.

There are several interesting details on Brier. The seam down the back was worrisome in the beginning but, it looks fab and there is no discomfort from the welt.  The sleeve seams and button cuffs give the jacket a classic, tailored look that compliments the front lapels. The cuff on the sleeves and bottom hem on the sweater are knit in garter stitch, with the body continuing in stockinette.



As each piece was finished I washed and blocked to insure that everything would fit together nicely. When it come time to sew it all up, it was like fitting puzzles pieces together. Two parts to the back and each sleeve took more time to sew, but added the details that set Brier off. The collar again was knit separately and had to be fit in place.  Then came the buttons on the cuff and down the front. It was a thrill to slip her on and see that everything did work, did fit, and fit me as well.

Brier's color makes her hard to photograph. Sun washes out the detail and shadows darken her too much.  Hopefully you can get the idea with the two pictures below.



Bwaforribbycardi Brier is one fine lady, a joy to wear, and the finished product has sold me on Black Water Abbey yarns.  This proves, once again, that the small grower/producers of yarn really have something special, something better than the norm.  The color Bluestack just might make it to my stash someday soon.  In the mean time, because my first thought for the BWA KAL was a different sweater in three colors, there is enough left over to knit a second sweater.  I think another Ribby Cardi will be my future (would these colors look fab?).

Brier by Rowan Book #36
Yarn: Black Water Abbey- Chestnut - 5 skeins
Time to knit: 10-01-05 - 11-19-05
For: Black Water Abbey Knit Along hosted by Snow and Lizzy.


Brier came out positively beautiful! So flattering and feminine. Looks so nice on you - love your accessories too!! :)

It's lovely, Margene. And the fit is just perfect!

I MUST HAVE THIS SWEATER. Slightly '40s looking, too. It is wonderful. Man, I've got to get to WORK.

You really have lost a lot of weight this year....It fits perfectly! Bravo!

You are almost tempting me to give BWA another try.

It looks fantastic on you! The fit is perfect and I love the seam and buttons! Great job, Margene.

I, like Norma, agree: I must have this sweater! It might even make me break my Rowan embargo.

Everything about it is beautiful...the color, the fit, the attention to detail. What a great sweater. :)

A lovely stylish jacket. Great fit,and fab colour on you. I really must finish something for myself. Sadly it'll take a lot more knitting than anything for you ever would. ;-]

you look fabulous in your brier! great work, this is one you'll wear and wear.

Perfect Margene--and could the buttons match any better? Well done!

WOW! Perfect knitting, perfect finishing, perfect fit! It looks great on you, I don't know how you'll ever take it off. Just makes me jealous that I don't have something to post. Oh wait, I do.......You'll have to wait though.

you look like a Rowan model! a fabulous job my dear!

It looks wonderful, Margene. I can hardly wait to fondle it tonight.

That's gorgeous! And such perfect details with the seams and buttons. You will be so warm this winter.

Simply Gorgeous.

Brier is a masterpiece (is there a grrl version of that word? because if there is, that's what I mean). It looks just perfect on you.

One fine lady, indeed! Absolutely beautiful, Margene. I think the color is stunning too, even if it was hard to photograph.


Margene---WOW. Hot stuff, and the sweater isn't bad, either! Such beautiful work. Thanks for the inspiration!

This jacket is so lovely, in such a versatile colour. A classic that will always be instyle. I like so many of the things you knit!

Very, very nice. What a beautiful sweater - it looks fabulous on you.

It fits you like a dream! :)

Brier is just perfect for you, Margene! Perfect.

That is a home run. Great combo of yarn and pattern. You know, a sweater that tailored might even be work appropriate....hmmm.

Really beautiful!! Timeless design...Wish I could knit...I am a too tight knitter and end up frogging everything...sigh...


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