And The Winner Is....
Fall Colors with Snow

What I Did on Friday

Friday was such a beautiful day. The weather people foretold of inclement weather for the weekend. So, I took a walk around my place.  Here are the mountains with a stand of trees which are just tinged with fall colors. Can you see there is still snow a top the peaks? The blue sky is for Sandy .
I visited the last few flowers in my favorite colors.  Wouldn't that combination make a great sock yarn?

And I took a picture of my sock drawer for Jane, with my feet (at the side) for Mim .  Several socks are missing from the drawer as I have been wearing socks all week! It's too soon for this weather.  Let's have some more fall, please!


OH! Snow AND blue sky? I'm feeling faint! ;) Just gorgeous! And all those socks? I had better get my needles clacking. I need a sock drawer like that!

I think you need a bigger sock drawer. ;-)

I'm with Sandy. Someday, one day, I'll have a sock drawer like Margene!

I'm impressed. You've actually got a nice variety of color in your sock drawer. Unlike some of us. ;-)

Your sock drawer and your flowers actually match pretty well! I am soooo jealous of your view.

Of course your sock drawer would look impressive. (Nice sandals.)

Your fingers tell us you are wearing socks this week, your feet however, tell a different story. ;)

I am working at having as impressive a sock drawer!

I am aspiring to have such a well appointed sock drawer!

yes the flowers would be lovely sock colors and don't forget to include the greens of the leaves. are those Opal socks in the upper left corner? one of the rainforest colors? do you happen to know how the new Tiger differs from the old tiger? i still have two whole bundles of the old classic Tiger, aside from the tigers on my feet.
marie in texas

Thank you! And those colors would make fabulous yarn! I'll keep it in mind. I want to learn to handpaint yarn. I'm looking for a supplier for laceweight silk :) See you soon.

We need Knitting Sunshine Dani or Fybrespates Jeni to go mix us some colours like that. Are you listening girls? If I had a view like that I'd sit out there all day long...knitting socks ;)

Your sock drawer is stunning. Are those all hand-knit? I'm assuming they are. Very nice. I've got one whole pair of hand-knit socks to my name (and I just received them from my sock pal). My drawer is so drab compared to that.

Love the clear blue sky. What a gorgeous day!

oh my gosh, are those all your handknit socks!!! i only have one pair, and that i did not even knit that (the lovely sockapal socks)!

beautiful scenery as always.

I heartily approve of those colors in the sock drawer.

You definitely need a larger sock drawer! Beautiful stash you have there.

I bow humbly to your sock drawer... I'm just working on my second pair now - lovely soothing rounds of stockinette in an Angora blend that would probably stripe for someone else but is pooling in an intriguing way for me - but I do enjoy the process, and the product.

My single sock hangs it's head in shame looking at all your pretties M!

Thanks for the breathtaking view once do you manage to ever go inside?

Hey, don't I see a red edged cream coloured sock in there that looks suspiciously commercial? c'mon, did you knit all of those?

i have sock draw envy!

one day... I will have a sock drawer like Margene!

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