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And The Winner Is....

Stockinette!! Yes, stockinette wins hands down.  An amazing number of knitters weighed in on the question. Thank you all for taking time to give an opinion on this most important technique.  It seems most knitters (who commented) agree that knitting stockinette is good for the soul, is good to destress and can be a Zen like practice.  There were very few detractors but, it’s all good as long as we’re knitting, right?

I used random.org. to generate the number of the winner and it is:

RisaHer comment:

I love stockinette as well.  To me there's nothing more relaxing than endlessly working on stockinette in the round.  It is perfect for keeping the hands busy while allowing the mind to do other things, including read, watch tv, daydream, or freak folk out on the subway as you stare at them while concurrently knitting (my personal fave ;).  It creates a fabric that is elegant in its simplicity and is the foundation to all that is knitting. 

(My favorite part is in bold lettering.) 

Ryan left the very best comment:

Without stockinette, we couldn't make swatches. And if we couldn't make swatches, we couldn't calculate our gauge. And if we couldn't calculate our gauge, none of our hand-knit clothes would fit, nothing would be shaped the way it's supposed to be, and fisticuffs would break out between knitters and the people they gave things to. The divorce rate would skyrocket. There would be no point to patterns because everybody's finished project would be guaranteed to look different and be a different size; there would be no point to yarn labels because the weight of the yarn and the gauge wouldn't matter. Knitters would become frustrated and stop knitting, and hundreds of yarn manufacturers would go out of business. Knitting as we know it would cease to exist, chaos would break out, and anarchy would reign. In short, the future of the world depends on the existence of stockinette.

I completely agree 100%.  Thanks for putting the stockinette stitch in perspective, Ryan. Maybe that will win over the few who could not see the advantage of plain ol' stockinette..

Tomorrow our Stitch ‘n Bitch gang is going to meet for lunch at the Avenue's Cafe (E St. and So. Temple, if you want to join us) and then head to Black Sheep Wool Co. for Nancy's book signing.  It looks like a great weekend.  Enjoy yours!


Gauge, schmauge.

I fear the end of the world as we know it may be closer than we think, if stockinette is all that keeps it tied together. Let's hear it for stockinette!!

Swatching is what keeps this self-proclaimed Pefectionist Knitter sane. Woohoo for Stockinette!

Yay for Risa! I'm so glad she won!! Have fun at the book signing and tell Nancy you have a friend who wants to meet her, too.
Which socks in the book did you knit, anyway?

Yay for the stockinette winners!

Have a wonderful weekend. Mine will be playing catchup with my work, but it's all good. Maybe I'll even sneak in some knitting time, if I'm lucky. But then again, there's the gardening that needs to be done....Hoo, boy.

Congrats to Risa! :) I was thinking about my love for Stockinette last night as I was working on my Klaralund... it is so wonderful!

Have a wonderful weekend, Margene.

without stockinette- WHAT would i knit at the movies????

lace NOT happening there- even with my little flashlight----too easy for loser me- to mess up a rib in the dark----somsee--- stockinette- it's a movie thing.

I had no idea that the future of the world depended on gauge swatches. Hmmm...

Have fun at the book signing!

freak folk out on the subway...lol and true that! it's funny too cuz they will talk about what you are doing as if you can't hear.."she's crocheting ....my grandmother used to do that but she only used one hook"

Well if it couldnt be me, I'm glad it was Risa! Enjoy your weekend Margene!

LOL! Must try the subway trick! Thanks for the tip, Risa. Have a great weekend all!

Congratulations to Risa!

My favorite is reading while knitting stockinette. People (non-knitters) just don't think you can do it. The subway thing is pretty funny.

Hooray for Risa for winning and for Ryan for that awesome comment.

Pick me up a copy pleaseeee :(

Congrats to Risa! Ryan's comment is a classic. Cara's posting is the pre SnB me. I've seen the error of my ways, Ryan!

Have a great weekend, Margene.

(I knew we were right about the stockinette, but it's so nice to see it verified!)

Knitting would not be knitting without Stockinette!

Ryan's comment was perfect!

Of course, now I suppose I should confess that in the four years I've been knitting, I've made, oh, maybe three swatches... Apparently I can talk the talk but I cannot walk the walk!

Of course, now I suppose I should confess that in the four years I've been knitting, I've made, oh, maybe three swatches... Apparently I can talk the talk but I cannot walk the walk!

Knitting without looking at it is a *great* way to convince shoppers at the LYS (where I used to work) that no matter how young you look, you've probably been knitting longer than they have (because somehow, even most knitters don't seem to have figured out how truly *easy* this is!).

bravo, ryan! have a lovely weekend, margene.

Thanks for putting this all together... loved Ryan's comment; chaos is only a breath away at any given time, but knitters are such civilized people, making swatches and creating order in the universe... a comfort to know. Have a fun time tomorrow!

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