Black and White Knitting?
Witch Way Did They Go

A Visit to A Coven


Once upon a time a tall  Faux Princess went to the land of Happy Green Faced Witches.  She was wined and dined and shown a grand ol’ time. They even let her knit and gave her lots of treats. Come along all next week for a trip to this magical land of Witches and Halloween fun.


What a cute picture!

Faux? You are a real princess! A queen! And adorable. Can't wait to see the rest of the partay!

I've already had one Halloween visitation. A black widow spider. *shiver* Arachnophobia is NOT healthy for me or for spiders.

I like the spiderweb! (I have the same tshirt...I heart Tar-jay)

I like the spiderweb! (I have the same tshirt...I heart Tar-jay)

woo! I'm excited!

Great spiderwebs! What did you make them with? I was thinking of doing some on my house, but our forecast is for rain, pretty much every day between now and the 31st.

Now where was this pic taken? It looks like fun!

Ooooh! Happy, green-faced witches are the best! Looks like you were perfectly attired, too. ; ) Faux, schmo...

what a cute pic! cool decorations.

Woo -- you have piqued my interest!

Wow! Twinkletoes and I both love the web :-)

Awesome photo of you --- gigantic spider webs and all.

Now I'm curious.

Love LOVE Halloween ;o)

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