Life Will Never Be the Same

Throw Down the Gauntlet

Your support has been overwhelming! More than once I have been moved to tears by your generosity.  Check the Give A Little blog to see what prizes have been donated and how much money is raised.  We are off to a phenomenal start!  Each week we'll give away a prize and there will also be an auction, for some of the most wonderful things you have ever seen, in the near future, too.  You grrls, and guys, are awesome!!

Last year when  Sally Melville came here to teach she wore a pair of her gauntlets. We all wanted a pair as she made them look so cool. There is no reason why I didn't knit them right away, except to say I might have been in a sock rut. Now my sock drawer is full and it's time to try something else. While I will never give up sock knitting, this was a nice diversion and it will not be my last pair. They will be the perfect thing to keep my wrists warm during the chilly months of winter.

Heybabywannaplay_1 Cutmyheadofandseeificare

Seeingyoueyetoeye_2 Mylovelygauntlets_1


Sally Melville's Gauntlet from The Purl Stitch
Yarn: Koigu KPPM Color P117 (maybe), 2 skeins make one pair.
Needles: Size 2 bamboo
Time to knit: August 15-26, 2005

I'll be knitting a like pair of Gauntlets as one of the prizes for those who donate to the Red Cross.  Thank you, thank you again!

Have a great weekend.  We have a small local Fiber Festival this weekend and we'll take a hike, too!


Margene - I don't know who is more beautiful - you or the gauntlets. I love the pictures. Thanks for setting up the Give a Little blog!

the donation blog is great. thanks to you and susan for setting all of this up.

lovely gauntlets too. they look so great~

take care~

Beautiful pictures Margene! Just what I needed this morning!

Thanks again for setting up the give a little blog - I visited a couple of times yesterday and it definitely was a comfort.

Have a great weekend. L, C

I love that last picture! They look great.

Have a good weekend, and enjoy the late summer weather.

I'll be reading and studying ...

OOOH, you look HOT, Margene! :) Give a Little was a fantastic idea. Have fun at the fiber fest.

I'm so glad that Give A Little is off to such a great start. And the gauntlets (and pictures) are awesome! Oh, and I'm still so jealous that you know Sally Melville.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! Every one's efforts are greatly appreciated! We didn't have as many 'refugees'in our small community as in some larger towns around us, so the Red Cross has pulled thier resources out of our area. However, the many churches and our area's Salvation Army are still doing what they can. Please know that all the evacuees are ever greatful for all your prayers and donations.

Holy SMACKEROONIES, look at how that total jumped up overnight!!! Yay, Margene and Susan!


You and your guantlets ROCK! Just beautiful, Margene... :)

you are too cute margene. thanks to you and susan for all this effort.

Margene, you are utterly adorable.

oohh, I love the gauntlets. I must make a pair too.
R U going to the soldier hollow festival? I am going 2 :). Maybe we'll see each other there.

Have you ever thought of being a model? Seriously, you certainly could represent those of us past a certain (teen) age who need a fit and gorgeous model to inspire us.. and the gauntlets are pretty cool too! I don't know where you are finding all the time to keep up the Katrina relief effort but bless your heart and Susan's too.

Work it, work it, work it! :-)

Seriously. Love them. I'd even like them in a solid colorway, I think, especially if a picot hem were involved.

Love the gauntlets, and you show them off well. Margene, yours and Susan's efforts are much appreciated. Love reading both of your blogs. Chelle

Margene: If you're setting up the auctions for "Give a Little" on eBay, be careful with your wording. They had issues with both "Katrina Relief" in my auction titles and my "all proceeds" wording in the description.

You look simply beautiful in your new gauntlets Margene!! Oh, and the gauntlets are cute too ;)

I too am so astounded by the rousing response of this community to helping those in need! Thank you again (and Susan too) for organizing this!

Enjoy your weekend, Hunny!!!

Very cute you are Margene wearing your gaunlets! Thanks some much with the effort of helping others.

You look fabulous darling!!! I love them. You are amazing and I plan to give via work because they match donations dollar for dollar, so I will email the amount next week. I'm sure I can part with some stash because who knows when it will be knit. Where do I send it?

I love the gauntlets. I've been hesitant to make them because of the small needle size and fine yarn, I thought they would take forever to finish and be totally boring. But yours are inspiring!

You must be working out like crazy Margene. You look fabulous & so do your Gauntlets! :-)

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