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It is hard to comprehend the devastation left by Katrina.  In 1987 I took a trip to New Orleans for the first (and last?) time.  It was a magical city and it charmed me thoroughly.  It is so sad to think it might not ever exist again and if it does, it will never be the same.  Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and other parts of Louisiana have as much, or more, devastation.  It is heart breaking.  Those of us not directly affect may not know the suffering first hand, but we will suffer the economic effects in the near future. 

Susan and I have set up a program, ala the Yarn Harlot, for donations to Katrina victims. Every little bit helps those in dire need.  Give up your morning latte for a week, or forgo that yarn purchase for a time, and give just that little bit. You can donate on-line or call 1-800-HELP NOW.  Let us know what you have donated to Katrina Aid through the American Red Cross (we recommend the Disaster Relief Fund) at this email address:  Please put your name and the amount donated in the subject line.  We'll keep a tally on our sidebars so that you can watch the dollars grow. 

If you would like to donate a prize to the cause, please send a second email with the word 'PRIZE' in the subject line. You can knit something, like Susan and I will, or give anything else to the cause. We could also use the help of any Blog Button Makers so we can have a button worthy of spreading the news.  Please mention either of our posts on your blog and lets spread the word!


Thank you for setting this up, M.

Hi Margene. Consider it done.

Definitely throwing in my bit. I'll email you what I have sent as soon as I can get the site to cooperate. ;)

WOnderful idea - My company is offering a 4 to 1 match for all contributions - it would be a good idea to check if other companies are doing the same thing for their employees who want to make a donation.

Thanks to you and Susan for organizing this. I just sent you two e-mails about donations, but are you at all interested in non-knitting contributions too? I will happily throw in some good CDs to sweeten the pot.

please let me know.

Awesome Margene! I'll be checking back for your button.

Do you have a name for this effort, for anyone who might be interested in creating a button?

I knew someone could pull it together! Yay Margene. I've linked from my blog.

Margene, thanks so much for rallying your bloggers to help with donations for the Red Cross. You do good works!

Great idea!! The loss is unimaginable. I used to live in NOLA and can't watch the images without crying. Fortunately, my family and friends are accounted for and only have loss and damage of replaceable items to report. But those still on their roofs break my heart. I wish I had a prize to contribute.

Thanks for starting up another great knitting/charity project. I will be sure to get involved.

That is such a great idea! Your rock!

Hey Margene, you're awesome for doing this. I've just gone and made my donation...

The Red Cross website was overloaded, so I ended up calling on the phone. The 7 minute wait to donate was a small price to pay.

The Red Cross website was overloaded, so I ended up calling on the phone. The 7 minute wait to donate was a small price to pay.

A good idea, Margene. also opened up a donations page for American Red Cross, the way they did for the tsunami victims. Go there if the ARC site is overloaded.

It's a good thing you're doing here, Margene. Very good.

Thank you for doing this - to encourage others to give. I live in Germany but I'm a Mississippian and seeing my home state and my beloved Southland destroyed is almost more than my heart can take. Those poor, poor people.

Thank you for setting this is heartwarming to see the total donated by knitters. I feel like my drop in the bucket is not so lonely.

If any of you are considering making a donation to the Red Cross for hurricane relief efforts, you may be interested to know that most of the major airlines are providing air mile bonuses of 500 miles for donations of $50 or more when you fax them your receipt. These air miles can then be donated back to the Red Cross as well (some airlines require a minimum 1000-mile donation), which uses them to provide travel assistance due to medical or personal emergencies that arise during the course of disaster relief. Some airlines offer a choice of organizations to which you can donate.

You know, one of my favorite things is a wasp nest. to think that something so small can make something so structured is amazing.

Thanks so much for setting this up. I've linked to you on my blog and will tell every knitter I know.

I think it is wonderful what you two are doing. I am donating money to both the Red Cross and the Humane Society. It isn't much, but it is better than nothing. I let people know about what you are doing on my blog today. I hope that helps a little. Thanks again for caring :)

Thank you for setting this up and doing what you can while encouraging us all to do the same. I myself have an appt at my local Red Cross Apheresis unit this Sunday to provide platelets and blood products since the need for additional donations of this kind is also needed.

I just sent an email along with my prize donation and a button. Thanks for organizing this!

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