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You might expect me to say I'm plodding or plugging along (still) on my Hanging Vines stole.  But it doesn't feel that way.  Each and every stitch is still a joy. If I could sit and knit for hours, this would be my choice. There is no denying the beauty of  the yarn or how much I enjoy knitting the pattern.  Five balls complete and the enjoyment of knitting has not diminished.  Three more balls to go before she is on the blocking board.  My only question about continuing (to post),  would be if it becomes boring  to you, dear reader.  But, I do feel it is still blog worthy.
You can see the pattern well in this picture.


Motivation also continues for the shawl, as I wrap this beautiful yarn around the needles and watch it create an amazing pattern. 

Here she is again hanging out at Silver Lake last Sunday.


Knitting time has lessened because of 'moi dejunque-ing'. An update will come on Friday, as there should be something to show by then. Motivation continues and progress is made, albeit slowly.

Now for some Blogland updates. 

Nathania has set a date! Congratulations, grrlfriend. 
Carole is having a contest, ala moi...comment and win yarn (still more to be given away here, too). 
Shelby has one more week! Well, now only 6 days, but then we know new babies have a mind of their own.  We're waiting for you Appleseed!
Annie has received a 158 squares for John's memorial afghans.  Grrlfriend, are you going to put them together all by yourself!?
Donna wants you to find something beautiful within a mile of your home and post it to your blog. What a great idea!!  Here's my picture:

It may not look like much but, then again, it might send you screaming. It is a beautiful wasp hive.  It looks like pale gray papermache and is constructed in swirls,  which form a spiral pattern.  It hangs from the  deck above my front door, but not one wasp has bothered us.  I'm sure management will remove it shortly.  Nature is beautiful and I wish they had picked the nearby tree to nest in, instead of my stoop.


Wow, when I looked at the photo of the nest before reading, I thought it looked like a ball of white yarn sitting on the floor.

Wow, when I first looked at the photo of the nest, it looked like a ball of white yarn sitting on the floor.

Hanging Vines looks great. I too thought the wasp nest was a ball of yarn. Silly yarn one track mind. Everything looks like yarn to me. :)

Oh that is beautiful! Why didn't you get closer? he he
Our wasps make big nests...but not white.
Very pretty...and I too thought it was a ball of white yarn with rice :o)

Thanks for sharing!
And I'm happy to meet you!
You have a wonderful site!

Every time I see your stole it looks more and more beautiful. The colors are so amazing..I may have to indulge in some of the yummy yarn! I too have a one track mind and thought it was yarn!

Lovely wasp nest. Glad they aren't bothering you. Hangin' Vines is stunning. Love it still. And always will. :)

I can't believe not a wasp has bothered you. You must really, really be Zen to be able to knit with that above your head! I told my husband about the Gauntlets :). I WILL not covet them..... :)

How can you wonder if we'd be bored by photos of that stole? It's gorgeous, Margene.
The wasps? Step away from the nest....
(It is quite beautiful, though, isn't it?)

Thanks for the shout-out, Margene! The Hanging Vine stoles is by no means boring - it's absolutely stunning!

That is such a beautiful wasp nest. My friends have an abandoned one in their house (hanging on the wall)...I love the architecture of it.

Hanging Vines is looking lovely.

I thought the nest was yarn too! It looks like ribbon yarn.

You shawl is going to be amazing, Margene. It's the same Print of the Wave pattern as my Flirty Ruffles, so in a way, we're working on the same thing. I like that feeling.

Thanks for the linkage!

I love your hanging vines stole. The colors are so yummy. What size are you making?

That is a truly lovely stole.

The wasps? Not so much.

LOVE the stole, what a beautiful colour. Can't wait to see it finished!

Hanging vines is looking quite beautiful. Great colors. And the wasps? I also thought it was a centerpull ball of white yarn. At first. I don't like stinging creatures much.

The stole is gorgeous...and inspires me to keep plodding on my own hanging vines.. :)

Great minds think alike, I too thought the nest was a ball of yarn...

The stole is gorgeous...and inspires me to keep plodding on my own hanging vines.. :)

Great minds think alike, I too thought the nest was a ball of yarn...

Your stole is really coming along. It's beautiful. I too thought that yuo had found a beautiful center pull ball. Everything in context, huh?

That nest is absolutely sensational and I'm awfully glad it's not on or near my building as Myria is allergic to bees and wasps - emergency room pronto kind of allergic.

But what a great picture :) Post something beautiful? Hmmmm...

Hanging vines = beautiful, not boring! (you want boring, check out my pictures of sock ribbing - yeehaw)

Buzzing white ball of yarn hanging from eves = scary!

Good thing you're the Zen type and not the screaming girly type!

super cool wasps nest - between you and Norma - the bugs in the know know where to go!

I also thought that was a little dumpling of yarn, possibly cotton. :-)

And Hanging Vines looks great. That colorway is really something!

Aggghh, I was hoping to hear that it was going to be at the FAR end of your mile! Glad they aren't bothering you!

Your stole is looking great!

Bees are just so fascinating - I have never seen a white hive like that...

Your stole is stunning! I'm probably in over my head, but I went to Purl in NY and bought the pattern. I'm totally inexperienced at lace, but i'm going to take a crack at it.

Love the wasp's nest too. What a remarkable work of art.

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