Motivation to Be Fit

Motivated to Clean the Junque

TheclosetfromtheroomBags and bags of no longer useful items have made their way into the trash.  Piles have been made of items to donate  and items to sell. There is progress...slowly.  It's hard work decluttering and my body can only handle short sessions. Besides who wants to tackle 25 years of crap and have little time for anything else?  I don't want to kill the motivation to clean up this mess, must keep the it alive and well.  This is, however, organized chaos.  If you asked me for a particular thread I could find it for you in a flash. I might have to move something to get to the right bin, but I could still do it. As of this morning two sections of the closet pictured have been organized and decluttered...2 sections to go.

All this 'stuff' is my needlework history.  For yeTheroomatitsworstars I studied needlepoint by traveling to seminars, bringing teachers to local guilds, taking cyber and correspondence classes, too.  I was passionate and totally immersed. It was easy for me and fun to do.  One of my teachers thought it was too easy for me and talked me into studying Japanese Embroidery. All the tool, threads, fabrics and such, were collected for both passions in abundance. For about 10 years I stitched and studied, and then my back started to hurt. It was too painful to bend over a needlework frame. At about the same time I found counted thread. It used a frame in which I could sit upright to work.  I fell in love with school girl samplers and started a new passion and accumulation. 

WindowbookcasemessWhat is the motivation for all this accumulation in the first place? As I look back at my past needlework life I know it was love of the project and fear that I may never have the chance to buy it again.  Fear that I might not, at some point,  be able to afford to buy what I wanted.  Perhaps you could also say there was too much love and I bought everything, far more than I could ever stitch. Being reasonable about what I can do, and will do, does help in divesting and decluttering the piles. Tell the that's the way to look at thing.

The motivation here is not to gain more room for yarn and fiber. The motivation is to enjoy a clean surface, to have a floor where I can walk without tripping over a pile of 'stuff'.  It's about being able to open the closet and find, without moving a thing, the thread I want.  This process is about being happy with what I already have and not 'needing or wanting' any thing more.  It is about simplicity and the ability to enjoy the process of simplifying my life.  Success breeds success, so perhaps my progress will build the motivation to keep things simple.

Yes La, this is a shameless way to get people to comment, but I have met several new people who read my blog and found a few new blogs to read, too.  Thank you for commenting eveyone and just so you know, today may be the day the Shimmer yarn is given away. Comment on!

Bloglines dumped all the posts I had yet to read!  I'm way behind in reading and visiting, too.  Maybe Bloglines was fed up that I had several posts to read in each of my feeds. Hurmph!


Pleeeese don't make me feel bad. I'm supposed to be getting ready for my exams in October and all I can think of is how to organise my yarn!

Think of all the new stuff you'll discover that you forgot you had! It gets to be fun finding stuff you loved and then put away. BTW, I love your shelving and big room. I'm green with envy at all the storage space.

I'm trying to shovel out my junque, too--the in-laws are coming in 2 months, and between the mess the hubby made (and isn't around to help me clean--he's out to sea) and the mess I've made....well, this is my two-month warning! Lol!

Your room looks like my mom's room. Even the futon. Reading your thoughts into why you's like looking into my mother's mind.

You are an many ways. ARE making progress!! I bet it feels good to clean out your space a bit. I always think better, when I declutter my office/studio, which, btw,needs a good decluttering again...LOL

Even your bloglines need uncluttering, M! I miss your visits tho...I even gave you a shout out in my post today. Please spread your Zen to FKD! :)

And when you're done, you'll be starting on my house? :p

We've got to figure out this combining two houses into's only been 18 months and we still can't walk through rooms!

My yarn is organized, but that's the only thing in my apartment that is! Your posts are inspiring me to work on my clutter little by little. Thanks, Margene!

And after Jennifer, me, right?

Your clean out is contagious - you have me thinking about how and when to deal with my piles of endless stuff. Keep on keepin' on.

I'm *almost* inspired to clean out all my accumulated craft clutter. Almost. :)

God knows what motivates bloglines to do what it does, and what it doesn't do. Almost as bad as Typepad's hiccups.

I was just feeling this week that my clutter will never be in control. You are providing motivation for me to re-attack pieces. I've learned my lessons. The stuff that makes it into the house is VERY carefully chosen. Now.

My office and the extension of our bedroom are both serious contenders for that HGTV show, "Neat." As in, they aren't neat. And need to be. So I'm pretending I'm moving again...which is how I decluttered last time. If I wouldn't move it into another country (document it, its value, pack it, pay for it to be shipped) I don't keep it. No, I'm not really moving, but it's a useful way to look at what I'm really serious about keeping and what's just there because I didn't have the balls to throw it out.

Let's hear it for simplification! We have so much *stuff*, don't we? Your decluttering is inspirational, Margene. Thanks for letting us peek in on you.

I'm a firm believer in the "if you haven't worn it in a year, get rid of it" school of thought, but I extend the time limit to five years on hobby material. You really gave me the bug, so I'm off to do the basement closet--ick! :)

Good luck! I'm a horrible packrat, and am staring down the barrel of a very necessary junque-reducing cleaning sweep.

It's always such a big job to declutter and simplify. Having someone show the way is a good thing! Good luck to you on this!

You're inspiring me to truly cull my cross stitching library. I have realistically needed to do this for a while but have hesitated. The time has come, and it needs to be done. When? That I'm not sure about, but now I know I need to do it. I will feel better knowing I'm being just a little more realistic about it. :)

Thank you for inspiring me Margene.

The closet is looking great! My DH has been cleaning the garage this summer and his key has been to commit to one hour each day and stay completely focused on the task. It doesn't seem overwhelming when you only have to do it for an hour. Then he rewards himself with something fun.
I was inspired and decluttered the corner cabinet in my kitchen. All my martini glasses are now UPRIGHT and that's a small miracle!

You've inspired me. And I have a resolve to severely limit any new purchases in all respects -- clothes, yarn, collectibles, etc. -- unless they are truly SPECIAL. I have taken a stab at the clothes closet - three piles, one to throw away, one to go to the Salvation Army, and one for resale. All those high heels that I haven't worn in eight years, GONE. etc.

I have been on a reorganizing/decluttering kick too. I have now lived in my current house for 7 years, which is by far the longest I have ever lived in one place. It's amazing how easily "stuff" accumulates! I am, like Norma, making very careful decisions on what gets in. I also am making a vow to not buy any more yarn until I can fit all that I have into one storage cabinet!

The closet looks wonderful so far. What I do when I decide a room needs to be completely organized is move out. I take everything and put it in a different room then I move things back in where they belong and every thing else I either goodwill, trash, or find a proper home for in a differnet room.

We have stuff still in boxes from our move 3 years ago. I keep putting more stuff in that room, but maybe it's time to clean it out instead. Thanks for the inspiration.

A timer is your best friend, Margene. Set it for 15 or 30 minutes. Work until the timer beeps then go do something else (like take a walk or knit or have a cup of tea in the garden) for an equal amount of time. You'll be surprised how much you'll get done in those concentrated sessions. And you'll still have time to do things that nurture you.

I've been exactly the same way -- when I did counted cross stitch and needlepoint, I would buy every kit, cloth, or thread I yearned for, thinking I'd never get the chance again. I'm becoming that way about yarn, now that I knit -- to the point that I'm buying yarn for projects that my skills aren't up to, and may never be - just for the love of the yarn, and for the fear that I'll never see it again.

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