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Some of you have asked about the button on my side bar that says BP Autumn 2005. Rock Chick and Shobhana thought it would be fun to have a small swap among friends and that's what we did. I have already found some new friends in the group, as some participants were new to me.
Awhile back I sent a package to my BP giftee and this weekend I received a very, very nice package from the person gifting to me.


After picking up the mail and dropping my glasses and keys, I opened the package quickly.  It was from far, far away and I love the yarny card and the pink paper she used to wrap the gifts.

Inside were so many wonderful, knitterly things!  I love the little pen that says 'Get Knitted' and the tiny bar of soap, too. Both have been put to use.  See the chocolate. It still looks just like that. I'm saving it, savoring it, for a very special day...the kind of day when you need something extra special.  This is my favorite chocolate and one of the bars is full of nuts!  Grrl, I love me some nuts 'n chocolate!


But, the 'icing on the cake' is the yarn.  There is Opal sock yarn in a color of blue that I love, love, love. Not only was I dying of curiousity to see what the yarn would do, but it spoke loudly and clearly....Start Socks Now!  So I easy sock with the Picot edge.


The other yarn was a kid mohair, a soft and lovely yarn in colors that make me smile.  I've never seen this yarn from Australia called Kaalund.  I've been wanting to knit with a mohair lace weight and I'm just thrilled! 

Some yarns come with a vision, don't you know?  Have you ever had that happen with you meet a new yarn?  This yarn told me it could become the most beautiful lace scarf, just perfect to wear over a sweater. I could see it...knit and finished around my neck.   A quick look through some patterns produced a lace scarf by Nancy Bush that was inspired by Estonian lace. It's called just that, 'Estonian Lace' from the Fall 2001 IK.  This will be my next lace project.  Thank you, My Better Pal, for such thoughtful and lovely gifts!  You are truly the best.

The auction for Oliver brought in over $300.00! One of the canvases was very sought after, it seems.  How exciting to be a part of giving this darling boy a set of 'Wheels' so he can get around in style. You can still donate to his cause by clicking the Oliver button on my side bar. Go Oliver!

Don't forget, there is still Lorna's Laces Lullaby yarn to be gifted to commenter #7000.  Just over 300 comments to go...the yarn could be yours! 


A small, private swap among friends sounds like fun. Great idea!

Green & Black . . . mmmmmmmmm!

What lovely gifts! I'm so glad you all had a fun swap...what a great idea. I think it's so great that you cast on for socks right away! :)

Fab gift! And casting on right away. Also incredible about Oliver's auction. Way to go Margene. That Santa one was popular, huh?

What a thoughtful BP you have.....such lovely yarn and great chocolate!!

Congratulations on the auctions!! It is all good, isn't it?

Thank you for the link......I am very flattered :-)

That Estonian Scarf is on my list too! I really liked knitting an Estonian lace sampler in a Nancy Bush class that I took a few weeks ago at Stitches. That mohair looks yummy - can't wait to see what your scarf will look like!

Yarn for scarves and stoles speaks to me. I wonder what sock yarn would say? :)

I'm going to have to find that issue of IK. It looks gorgeous and I've been contemplating that Estonian Lace pattern from Fiber Trends. You are one lucky grrl!

What a fantastic package!

That pen and the soap come from an online shop in the UK. The soap is sooooo yummy. I've received some before, and it smells heavenly. Lasts quite a while, too. The yarns look great, too. What a spoiled brat they've turned you into (but in a good way). And, it's great you found some sock inspiration here.

Wow, the auction did so well! Hooray! Love the gifts...what fun! Interested to hear how the mohair laceweight goes...

I'm so glad the yarn spoke to you and you're back in the saddle again with socks! Can't wait to see the lace scarf, too. Those colors remind me of pictures on your blog of Utah sunsets.

A lovely package of goodies there, you'll love the Kaalund Mohair, it's so soft. Well done with the auction, Oliver is going to have lots to smile about.

I think the Better Pals is a great idea. Secret Pal was a good idea but now it's just too big I think. My friends and I are thinking of doing something locally.

A Nancy Bush Estonian lace scarf! What could be better? :-) I'll have to see if I have that issue.

Unless something drastic happens, we're coming down tonight. See yas!

I love that laceweight Kaalund mohair your pal sent you. Very, very pretty!

Green & Black's is the BEST chocolate! Lucky you. :)

Thanks for the push! I'm sitting on my first BP package to go out. Must go to post office today! Great choices for you! Yay BP!

What a lucky girl you are to have such a thoughtful BPal!! That yarn... I could just eat it! Beautiful colors.

And since I'm expecting a baby soon, I think I need a little Lullaby. :)

What a good pal you have. The yarn is beautiful. I had picked up Evelyn Clark's Estonian lace scarf pattern recently, the Fiber trends one. So many things.

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!!! I was very, very surprised! I like to read your blog, but I don't think I have ever commented! Thanks again!

What a great donation you're able to make for Oliver! Isn't it amazing what something in demand can fetch? Wonderful for you, too!


Got the package yesterday! Thanks so much. I MUST return the favor

Congrats on raising so much for Oliver! And on susch a great BP. :)

I saw many fabulous mountains in AK... Unfortunately Denali was mostly hidden for my visit. I did manage to snap the little peak or two at the summit I did get.

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