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The Hills Are Alive...

...with wildflowers! After a year of near record breaking snows and a very wet spring, the pay off is a plethora of mountain flowers.  So many of the meadow flowers are small and not very 'showy'.  The little blossoms are unassuming, mostly small in size, and subtle in color, unless you are standing there in 'first person'.

We are very lucky to have this gorgeous landscape as our 'back yard' and it is the main reason we stay in Utah (that and my fiber grrlfriends.)  If you've been reading here for awhile you have no-doubt heard of our frequent trips to Silver Lake. It is at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon in the town of Brighton. The Lake is 25 minutes from our back door and just up the road from our favorite place for breakfast, Silver Fork Lodge.  We often visit and walk around the lake (3/4 mile), taking in the mountain splendor during every season*.

Irisatsilrfklk The wildflowers around the lake come and go quickly.  We caught a  Columbineinwhiteatsilverfew of the last Rocky Mountain Iris on the lake.  Two weeks ago the whole meadow was full of these gorgeous flowers.  I'll make sure to be there when they bloom next year!  Most of the other wildflowers we saw are now in bloom in both Cottonwood Canyon's.  Monday, on our trip to the Albion Basin, we saw much of what we had seen the day before, but in larger meadows.   Many of the wildflowers are white and many are lilies. The natural columbines are so delicate, small, and pure white. (Cara needs to come out here and bring her camera!)

Whiteflowersinbunches Whiteflowersonastemtall

Rest assured there is color, too. In yesterday's post you'll see wild roses and yellow composites.  We have mountain orchids in purples and pinks and geraniums in white and bright pink.

Mountaingeranium_1 Pinkorchiflwres Moutainorchids

There are so many more, like Tushar Paintbrush, Penstemon, Blue Flax and Rock Cress. We couldn't begin to name them all or take pictures of them all.  The knitting went along both days (much to her delight), and I took a picture of the Hanging Vines stole, out of Judy’s lovely yarn. The rose tried to steal the show.


Now run over to Anne’s place and give her a big Happy Birthday!

*A Google search(on my side bar) for Silver Lake will bring up photos of fall and winter.


I think you did a pretty darn good job with the photography. Seeing all of those wildflowers scattered all over the landscape must be amazing. It seems from your photos that it's always gorgeous in Utah. I don't blame you for wanting to stay there.

I wish! I haven't taken flower pictures in a while and I'm really missing it. Life and the weather are not cooperating.

But thank YOU for sharing your beautiful landscape. I think, today, I'll close the shades and imagine that when I look out the window, I see what you see.

Stunning again...off to sing Happy Birthday to Anne. ;-)

Lovely shawl. The color is fantastic. Now you are making me miss Alaskan fireweed and forget-me-nots!

I've never been a long-stemmed rose kind of gal, so your wildflowers are right up my alley. Beautiful!!!

I love the colors of your new shawl.

Pretty flowers! I love wild flowers. We have them in the middle of our beltways in some areas. Most of them are purple.

Beautiful pictures, as always! Thank you.

That shawl is going to be goooorgeous. Thanks for the link to Judy...I haven't drooled over, I mean, checked out, her handspun yet, and I'm glad I did. It's to die for. And now I know yes, I can get away with not plying laceweight singles. What a lazyass I am...

Gorgeous photos - love the wildflowers. Your scenery is so beautiful. Maybe you should take pictures of something ugly now and again, just so we can all continuing living where we do without being so jealous. Just saying.

Just beautiful, Margene! I'm headed up to the mountains this morning with a new camera. I hope I can find some nice shots like these.

Just gorgeous flowers! You know, you told me flowers were coming, and I've been waiting, patiently, and I'm certainly NOT disappointed. Thank you!

What pretty flowers...I can almost smell them. The yarn is a beautiful color, I love that pinkish reddish rose color. Take care...I'm off to Anne's site.

Hi Margene!

Thank you for the beautiful photos of Albion Basin...such fond memories of great early morning hikes in the spring and summer...after skiing the same trek in the winter. It's so amazingly beautiful isn't it!! Have you tried Rustler Lodge for breakfast ~ Yum!! Can't wait to see the Hangin' Vine stole the color is so...right on!!

Happy Knitting!

ooohh! beautiful!

So much beauty in one place!
I think you have misplaced your oven you call weather.

Beautiful new knit you've got going on there, lady.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Those wildflowers are beautiful. The stole will be beautiful and I'm in love with the pile of socks that needs to be finished! I love lacy socks!

How wonderful! I bet the fields and valley's of wildflowers are stunning. We have our own version out here in the midwest... our grassy areas are bursting with black-eyed susans and purple coneflowers. Love it!

I love the flowers ! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics.

I just love the Hanging Vines stole...gorgeous color!

The color of your lace blends right in with the high mountain spring, and is probably very inspiring to be knitting. Thanks for the wonderful flower photos!

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