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I have no memory of the first time I heard the name Sarah Swett and/or learned of her work. It was either an article in a magazine or the book 'Knitting In America'.  Or it may have been when friend asked if I would like to attend a lecture and art show, at a local gallery, because it was on fiber art.  I do remember seeing Sarah's incredible works of art, hearing her tell us of the enchanted life she lead, and watching her spin with a drop spindle.  It was at the moment I became enchanted with spinning, spindle spinning.

Was it watching the ease with which she spun, the hypnotic spin of her spindle, or the story she spun of a life made perfect because of spinning, dyeing and weaving?  She had a fairytale life and admitted it freely. Who wouldn't want the same perfect life?  At that moment I wanted to learn to spin more than anything. It took all my strength to fight off the desire as I knew it would suck me in. I knew it would take over my life. I knew it would force me to discard all other hobbies and, possibly, all other responsibilities.  I overcame the sure addiction urge and knit on.

Spindlepracticewithcrack Then I started blogging and met the Bermuda Triangle of spinners. This triangle consists of those who make it easy to procure fiber crack, those who are spinning pushers, and several other  junkies who talk constantly of the easy 'high'.  Many a knitter has been sucked into into the dark side by this three sided coven.  The list of new addict's devotees grows daily, in frightening numbers.  My resolve has begun to break down, evidenced by the recent purchase of bunny crack, despite the fact that I cannot spin.  This is a conspiracy of epic proportions and one which is futile to fight.  I give up and submit.  Look for me in the dark alleys and fiber dens.



Well, all I can say is that I'm incredibly jealous that you got to see/meet Sarah Swett, as she's one of my heroes.

I'm just going to ignore all of the name calling and implications.

Oh, yummy!! Kim's bunnies make the best fluff, don't they! Do I see a wheel in your future? It is soooo much faster than the spindle! ;)

Oh, no, Margene! Not you, too! You watch yourself on this slippery slope, it makes your mountain scenery look like ant hills.

Yes......I definitely see a wheel in your not too distant future~

How lucky for you to have seen Sarah and her work.....such breathtaking work she does!!

I have not heard the call of the spindle (yet), myself, but I do recall how much I loved holding and fondling the little buns of corriedale roving that I used for thrummed mittens last year. Indescribably delicious!

Okay, you got me interested in socks, but I *will NOT* submit to the Charybdian call of the spindle! :)

I don't dare hear the call of the spindle, I'm way over my head in the knitting area, but I'm loving keeping up with you and how you do. That pink bunny crack or whatever is just very something with it and post soon. Take care and enjoy your weekend.

:::::waves hands frantically in the air::::: "Oooh! Oooooh! Me too!"

It's taking every ounce of resolve I have to knit these days. All I want to do is play with my new Charis spindle. And there is definitely a wheel in my very near future.

I so understand the siren's call...


I feel SO MUCH BETTER now.

I think the definition of irrevocable addiction is when you KNOW that the substance IMPROVES your life. I have no regrets, and remember when I, too, said, "Can't see it. What do these people find so fascinating about this? I can BUY yarn, for f***sake!"

Those bats or buns are mom has a few wheels...but I just don't have the urge. Occasionally, when I see some beautifully spun yarn on the blogs. She's not getting rid of any more they are there if I ever decide to.

Dark alleys and fiber dens! I love it! :-D

Just give know you want to. Go ahead, it will be so nice. No matter that now your stash will expand to include unspun fiber as well as yarn. It's all good. Submit to the call of the spindle. You won't regret it!

Margene Well, I have an addiction of another kind. Its reading your blog every morning, looking forward to whats going on in your knitting world. It was such fun meeting you at Estes. Wished I had more time to chat but things were hot and busy, as you know. Hope to see you at Taos and please keep blogging. Grayce at the Plain & Fancy Sheep Farm

I'll meet you there :-)

see you in the vortex... wait til you get THE WHEEL.

AS long as you don't start breating like Darth Vader ok? ;)

Bunny crack before spindle?
Oh yeah baby. Welcome to the dark side.
You're going to love it here.

I just knew they were going to suck you in eventually. May the force be with you.

Margene, what kind of spindle is that? It's beautiful! I was looking at the spindles at the Needlepoint Joint last night, and I didn't really like any of them. I feel myself being pulled, though. It's a little bit like standing on the event horizon of a black hole. You know you're going to get sucked in irrevocably, you just don't know when it's going to happen...

Thank goodness I haven't fallen prey to that addiction yet. Knitting is expensive and engrossing enough without adding to my vices. But I can admire your efforts vicariously. Have a spinningly GOOD weekend everyone!

I refuse to be indoctrinated into the cult, but I enjoy watching all of the rest of you succumb!

The Spinning Cult; I love it. I've resisted so far, but the other night found myself looking at drop spindles somewhere on the web and thinking "they're not THAT expensive". And I bookmarked the site, so it's probably inevitable.

There are worse cults you could get sucked into! I'm glad I've finally learned to spin (something I've been curious about my whole life), but don't consider myself brainwashed at all, and I think the spinning wheel in my bedroom looks very nice, indeed!

Hey, is that the same stuff I got from Kim?? Something Sherbet?

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