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Knitting With Will

The Utah Shakespearean Festival has been a part of our summer for 26 years.  It never disappoints and is a highlight of our summer.  In recent years we have also enjoyed visiting Neena and Don in their lovely home.  Neena knows how to throw a party and can cook up a storm...all by herself.  Another highlight was meeting Heather. You can see a picture of 'the grrls' on Neena's post.  Next time we meet, Heather, we'll have more time to chat!

NeenasfrontstepsUsflearLast year I told you about Neena's new home and our trip to USF in this post. Check out the rock wall she and her dh have been building. This year they have been working on the steps that will lead up to the road.  All this rock, the wall and the steps, has been carried and placed by hand.  Neena is one awesome grrl. Each year I love to visit with Will, Lear and Juliet.  It's always fun to renew their acquaintance.  Lear still has trouble with his knitting and has a bad reaction each time he drops a stitch.  Lace was more than he could handle, I'm afraid.

KnittedcostumeKnittedchainmailCamelot was our favorite play this year (all the plays were wonderful but, this one really stood out).  The costumes for the soldiers were knitted!  They used a heavy weight nylon yarn and then painted the public side with gold paint.  It was very effective chain male. I wonder who knit all that armor?

Will is always waiting with open arms to embrace me and my knitting (note sock in his right hand).


This year Juliet tried to get away with my FBS, just as Neena did last year with Charlotte.  And while she did look beautiful in the violet color, I just couldn't part with it.  Maybe I can teach Juliet to knit next year.


It seems that taking my knitting to the top of Utah and to Kolob Canyon has made it possible for me to be inducted in the Extreme Knitting Challenge started by Teri.  Now that's cool. 


That is Juliet's color! Are you sure you didn't want to leave it with her? You snatched Will's sock out of his hand. It would have been the least you could do.

Great photos! You and Will look very happy together. ;-)

Juliet, trying to steal FBS. I am still blown away when I look at it....lovely.

Oh you are EXTREME, Margene! Totally EXTREME!

Great pictures. What a wonderful place to visit every summer. I haven't had me some Shakespeare in a while....

That Will - such a ladies' man! I'm glad you had a good time in spite of your car troubles! I hope the heat wave breaks soon.

LOVE the knitted chain mail! I know I never would have come up with such an idea. Here's hoping for rain!

Shakespeare and knitting--that is a great way to spend some time :)

Tee hee! I love the fact that all the Shakespeare characters knit! Who knew?

Juliet looks lovely in the FBS. Looks like you had a great time, Margene!

Has anyone noticed how svelte Margene is looking lately? Wow! Go, Margene! :-)

Love, Love, Love the picture of Juliet with the FBS!

Morgan loves that Juliet statue! We have to stop and say hi all the time. :)

Be careful of that Will.... he's an awful womanizer. You can even see it in his face there! Juliet looks AWESOME in FBS. LOVE Lear's belt buckle! You're a stitch, grrl.

Knitting with Will looks like such fun. I love all the knitting poses. I'm also loving checking in on Neena's blog. She seems very fun and a great cook.

I knew that you were going to qualify for the extreme knitting challenge. Too cool. (I have got to get busy making that parachute...)
The picture of the shawl on Juliet is charming.

Wow, I would have been tempted to leave FBS for Juliet forever! Cool pic.

I went back and read the post about your 11,000 foot peak, and here's the thing. Our puny 6,000+ foot Mt. Washington is counting from sea level, which is where most of us Yankees live. Your mountains start counting from the central plains which are quite a bit above sea level. Methinks there might be almost a draw there! Did love the shawl on Juliet, though.

Great photos! I would be envious except that we are going to see MacBeth tonight at the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival at Sand Harbor... picnic dinner followed by full moon performance and possible afternoon thundershowers... always an adventure. Congrats on the extreme knitting; maybe I should send you a climbing harness and see what you try next :)

EXTREMEly interesting photo of you and Will. But Will needs to be using sunscreen! You, on the other hand, look great. :)

I know I mentioned it before, but your FBS turned out beautifully. I enjoyed the photo shoot. And thanks for the link to Neena, through her, I found recipes for sorbet I'm going to try!

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