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July is for Socks

July is such a crazy month around here.  During the month there are a couple of holidays, our trip south mid-month and general summer fun going on.  The last week of the month is usually rather busy in the office , but in July we are preparing for our annual golf tournament.  I can barely keep up with it all.  Throw in the blog,  a daily post, and I'm in overwhelm.  Please pardon my hit and run (mostly it is hit and miss) blog reading and commenting.  I'm looking forward to the first of August and a little 'down' time.  The perfect thing to knit during the busy, too hot, summer remains to be socks.  I've been burning up the needles (when I can) and have three and a half pair of socks under my belt, with not much else to show this month.

The Frilly Petticoat socks were such a fun knit.  The pattern, by the Sock Bug*, was so enjoyable, easy to remember and perfect for the lovely Opal Petticoat yarn. (Thanks again Cara.) The pattern shows off the color changes very effectively. Feather and fan variations seem to be the sock of summer 2005.


Graycesockyarn_1I finished up the Sockapal2za Socks (2 pair!) and should have pictures soon (time, time, need more time!) and also have one more Birch Leaf sock to finish up (I'm knitting as fast as I can, sorry Susan, but I AM). Also on my mind is what's next in line for sock knitting. (I've become obsessive in my sock passion!) While rummaging through my considerable sock stash, thinking I might want to knit red socks, I found this newly acquired yarn. This is Pure and Fancy Wool's sport yarn in the colorway 'Royal Blue'. I've started Sock Bug's 'River Rapid Socks', which are looking good, and I love Grayce's yarn, too!

*Sock Bug calls the pattern Lacy Scallop Socks, I've named my pair 'Frilly Petticoat'.


I love these frilly petticoat socks. They turned out great in the self-striping yarn. Those feet sure look happy!

I'm out of control with my sock yarn purchases...just wish I could knit them up as quickly as you do. They're lovely. Take care :)

I've been seeing lots of feather and fan variations out there. I'm not getting sucked in though. See me? I'm no lemming. (in this one particular thing) :)

They are beautiful socks Margene and the colors perfect.

They are so cute, Margene. What fun!

What? An Opal type I haven't yet come across at my LYS? I really must talk to someone about this.

You're quite the productive sock knitter these days!


Oh my goodness - I love your frilly socks - the pattern is lovely and the yarn is so pretty. :) Thanks also for the link to sockbug - I can't wait to try a few of her patterns.

Very cute and summery!

Wow! I *love* those socks!!!

They look yummy. Great socks for that yarn. I can't wait to see the blue ones! :)

Beautiful socks, Margene! :)

PS. Thank you so much for the link to the Sock Bug web site! What great patterns!

Oh my goodness - what beautiful socks! Pretty, pretty, pretty!

Those are great socks. I love those colors!

Petticoat in the house here too, and calling my name. Your socks are gorgeous. Sockbug has so many delicious patterns. (So many patterns, so much sock little time - hee!)

Oh I knew you would turn that yarn into pure frilly goodness! Love them!

By the way - are you saying you've made your sock pal TWO pairs of socks? Lucky, lucky pal, if so.

Pretty! They definitely say *summer*.

Oh so cute and cheerful! I love them :)

I love it when you get obsessed. With socks. Of course. Don't forget to stop and enjoy the summer during all your craziness!

Those socks are so cool! I love the colors and the pattern. And, umm, I notice that YOUR stripes match just perfectly. Hunh.

those are adorable! must go get pattern....

Sockbug is the best, isn't she. Love the socks, so cute. I just ordered 4 skeins of Rainforest, can't wait to figure out the perfect pattern for them.

Holy Cow! Those are GORGEOUS! I think I like those better than mine!!

A perfect marriage of yarn, color and pattern. Brava!

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