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It's Not Maryland...but It's Home

It's a good thing we didn't believe them when they said it would be a nice day on Sunday and rain only on Saturday and Monday (plus through the rest of the week)...we didn't believe the Sunday part anyway.  Here is what it looked like across the valley Sunday afternoon.  This is the south end of the valley while it is awash in a cloud burst.

And this is the center of the valley (if the camera was a bit better you might be able to see the Great Salt Lake just to the right of the mountain).

And this is a picture of downtown Salt Lake looks teeny, tiny but it isn' t as far away as it looks.


SwanfamilyOh, look! Blue sky! Patches of blue is what we had off and on all day (and it was chilly burrr, cold).  But, we had sunshine in our hearts as we spent the day with our dearest friends, Camille and her family, my Swan family.  We all joined in the preparation of a delicious breakfast while just being together.   Here is the delightful  gang of Camille, her two handsome sons, Josh and Zach, Zach's beautiful wife Chantel , and the precocious and charming, Miss Aspen Dawn.   She is ever busy and full of joy and life...the light of her Gamma Cam's life.  It was a lovely day and perfect because we were together. 


UpthecanyonSmith and I did make a quick trip up the canyon afterwards, just to see how much water was making its way down from the slowly melting snow-pack. Here are the peaks above where we stopped to take pictures of the stream.  The streams are flowing rapidly and if we have too much rain or it heats up too quickly we could have some flooding along the banks.  Below is  Big Cottonwood Creek which flows from the canyon, through the valley, not far from our home (we are not in danger) towards the Great Salt Lake.  We have our fingers crossed for those in harms way. 


Well, now that I've most likely eaten up my bandwidth for the month with all the pictures...happy Monday all.  I'm off to read up on the Maryland reports. 


Beautiful photos as always Margene and little Miss Aspen Dawn is a model in the making. Have you ever knitted for her?

Lovely recompense for not being at Maryland. I love the implicit motion of the stream picture.

Looks like you had a lovely day! I am in awe of your surroundings. A day with loved cannot possibley do better that that!

What a cute little cherub! Sounds like you had a great visit, and as allways: great pictures!

Glad you had a wonderful day. Miss Aspen Dawn is adorable as is the rest of your Swan family...Take care.

What beauty you have, Margene. I never fail to be impressed. I think the Maryland grrrls are sleeping itoff because there's nary a peep from them yet. Time for more coffee while we await the pictures. Cassie's up, at least!

Beautiful pictures, Margene! Especially that gorgeous little grand girl of yours!!

so beautiful, chica! rain or shine, your part of the world rocks. I'm still browsing the air fares so don't give up on me yet.. I send you hugs...

I love the picture of Aspen. We had a wonderful time with you yesterday. Thank you for making the day so special. I am glad you enjoyed the rest of your day as well. We will make some cards soon.

What gorgeous pictures. Thanks for risking the bandwidth excess.

It sounds like you had a beautiful Mother's Day.. what a cutie pie little Aspen Dawn is. We had even more rain yesterday and today, and the North Fork of the Yuba is looking a lot like your photo, but too rainy to get good photos. We get a lot of rafters and kayakers up here this time of year. I am ready to see some sun in betweeen all these storms, and to start knitting a few skimpy sweaters! Have a great week.

Margene it looks like a lovely weekend with wonderful family. Aspen is adorable. As we were driving, stuck in traffic...I was wishing you were with us. :) And I mean that in the kindest way.

It looks like a wonderful not-Maryland day. Shopping's great, spending a day with family and friends are always better.

Wonderful photos!

your photos are simply amazing. thank you so much for sharing the beauty around you.

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