Flowers for You
'Nothin', Nothin' But Blue Skies' Do I See


I see peony foliage! That is going to be some whomper of a color. You are way ahead of us. I just finished pinching the herbacious peony buds to one per stem, so you know they are some distance from bloom.

There are a few peony bushes right by where I live and I've been driving by every day to catch them popping through. It's making me nuts.

Have a great Sunday! Thanks for sharing!

Peonies make me weak. I love them that much. Ours are not ready yet.

That's taken me right back to my childhood, when I would visit my grandmother who had a row of peonies at the bottom of her garden. Of all the shades she had this colour was my favorite. Thank you.

That bud looks positively pregnant! I can't wait until my own peonies bloom. The way the weather's been around here (rain, rain, sun, rain), everything's growing like crazy, and I'll bet my buds are getting ready, too.

First, did you know that you can pick peonies in tight bud and "hold" them in the fridge if you need to time them for a party? That little gem won me a ribbon in a flower show years ago! (It works with roses, too.) Second, did you get up to Sundance for the mountain bike race this weekend? No? Gee, you missed my son crashing and tearing his arm open (21 stitches) but continuing on to win. And I trust him with my GRANDDAUGHTER??!

I love these photos you're posting lately, really nice! Spring is being a wee bit too shy in Montreal to get good stuff like that yet, though there is one brave tulip in my landlord's yarn...

This matches the potential of the chives pic on my blog!

I wasn't sure what it was until I read the comments! that is something else!

Ha! Shows you what a city-girl, Florida has the ugliest foliage in 52 atates woman I am...I thought it was a plum, hee! (and I thought, that must be some condo if Margene has a plum tree!!)

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