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'Nothin', Nothin' But Blue Skies' Do I See

MoutainsbigcottonwoodIt was a perfect weekend with a clear blue sky every day.  Friday afternoon Smith's niece came to town for a quick overnight visit.  What better place to take her than the mountains?  While we believe we were more impressed with their beauty than she was, it was a fine place to be.
After a trip to Snowbird to view 'all that snow' we took her to our favorite place for dinner and enjoyed a fine evening of dining on the deck. We also had delightful entertainment of an aerial display put on by (hey,  Judy!) the Broad Tailed Hummingbirds and their backup band, the Violet Green Swallows. Their trilling, screeching calls filled the air while they danced in the impressive aerial ballet above our heads.


The next day we just had to enjoy more time al freso, so we had dinner in the Garden of Zen.  Smith cooked up a fabulous meal on his tiny, quick grill while I had  time to devote to my favorite avocation.

Pefectsummerbbq_3 Summereveningonthepatiowithmurphy_2
Yes that is NBT and you will have details...tomorrow.

BroadtailbirdSunday we couldn't stay away from the siren song of the mountains and returned to have breakfast while enjoying the ongoing aerial display.  This little guy was very possessive and territorial, aggressively chasing away any other bird from 'his' feeder.
The run off is coming down very quickly as it has been warm both day and night.  The raging torrent of water is already very impressive and the snow pack  in the higher elevations has yet to melt.  On our way to breakfast we stopped at the same spot where we had taken pictures on  May 9th.  As you can see the water is much higher, faster and the sound is even more of a roar. It is now a true raging torrent.  Peak run off is still a week or so away.


It's hard to return to work when the days are not too warm or too cool, the sky is clear blue and the mountains so beautiful.  But there is always a new weekend ahead and the mountain trails are clearing, drying out and ready for hikers.  Let's go!


That's a very different stream! Love the hummers. We don't seem to have more than one or two a season in the 'burbs here. It looks like perfect weather, for hummers, knitting, cookouts.

Blue sky. Huh. I did not know that they still exist! Great hummingbird shots. They really are aggressive little buggers for their size, aren't they?
Thanks for sharing the blue. I miss it.

Oh, I love hummingbirds. I saw more in Alaska than I ever have here in NY. Can't wait to see NBAT up close and personal. Looks good from a distance. Sounds like a very nice weekend. :)

OH how wonderful, what a lovely time you had. We don't get broadtails, only ruby throats, but I have fed others many times in Honduras. I'm waiting for your lovely 'T'.

Blue sky...you're lucky, not much to be seen around here this week, but that's okay. Glad you had a nice weekend. I love seeing hummingbirds; we even get them around here. Take care.

Love the hummers...our little ruby throats don't seem as happy in all of our cold rain. Thanks for helping me remember that skies are supposed to be blue. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend!

I'm glad someone had some blue this weekend. Although we did have a spectacular sunset storm that was pretty neat to watch.

NBTA look great! Can't wait to see it upclose.

What lovely pictures you have shared with us!! I have not yet seen any hummingbirds here in our mountains. Maybe if it ever stops raining we might...

I love your NBT!


And here I thought the only reason I wanted to visit Utah was to see my friends.

Oh to have humming birds, they are so exotic!

I've already had so many hummingbirds this year, it's crazy.

Ah weekends! :)

So that's where the blue sky is - Utah! We've had almost none of it here this month.

Thanks for sharing the bird pictures :)

Your weekend posts could almost single-handedly convince me to not move out of Utah.

I don't begrudge you your blue skies one tiny bit. But I think your 40 days and 40 nights of rain has settled over Maine . . . .

Your NBaT -- from this far distance -- looks great. I cannot wait to see the details tomorrow!

Lovely, lovely photos, especially getting such a good shot of a hummer. And don't you look cute, in your new tee! Can't wait for the details and to learn what that is you were working on in the photo.

Oops, posted the above comment without getting my name in - well, it IS Monday. The raging runoff is pretty fascinating, don't you think?

I want to go and play in that stream. It looks like it is really rockin' now. It would be a sweet trip down. I am a danger junkie. And you were very smart to have knitting on hand.

Wooohoooo! The t looks great- I hope that you're going to wear something you made to Estes! Can't wait to hear more details.

Congrats on your patience in snagging a hummingbird pic. We have some that are here every year. It's great to sit at the breakfast table or out on the patio and watch them eat--hopefully they have them in Denver :( I love your NBT even from a distance. Get out of work and enjoy the day :)

Those hummingbird pictures are lovely. I am so surprised that you caught them on camera--they are so fast! Looking forward to the details on the NBAT.

Gorgeous, just gorgeous. I wish we'd had a weekend like that, but instead we've had the ever-delightful rainy, cold and damp (tm). Good weather to stay inside and knit, though.

I love your little hummer. It is so cold and damp here in the east. And although my feeder is out and full of ultra sweet nectar.....no humers.....no sun either though. Oh well....here the saying goes"if you dont like the weather, wait a minute". I am getting tired of waiting though.

You must have the hummingbird we call "the boss." He runs everyone else away from all the feeders. Love the photos. Our Appalachian foothills here are worn down.

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