All You Need is Love...

It's the Little Things

While walking around Snowbird last Friday with Smith and his niece, she made the comment that I looked very happy.  Now we all know that happiness is a state of mind, but at is this time of year and this perfect weather , it is easy to achieve that state of mind.

This feeling has several sources, not least of which is the beautiful blue color of our nearly cloudless sky. It may not last but, it will be back.
The mountains are so beautiful with their deep green foliage (usually not see in these parts) and their pure white snowy peaks.
It is not too hot or too cold to have the windows of our home open 24/7. The soft breeze feels good on the skin. The fine yellow pine tree pollen that covers many surfaces is to be ignored.
My toes have been newly pampered and painted and will be free all summer in Tevas, sandals and flip flops (sans fuzzy fur).
There are new summer clothes in my closet and fun summer sweaters on my needles (and my body).
After 5 years of upper back pain it has waned due to a bra that fits (You have no idea!)
My lower back is feeling good and I can come within an inch and a half of touching my toes, instead of a foot and a half.
Fresh fruits and veggies are starting to appear in the market in abundance and the local Farmers Market will open in a couple of weeks.
The music festival season starts soon. Knitting and music...what could be more perfect?
The Estes Park Wool Market is less than a month away.
We can eat dinner most evenings on our patio. I can knit there comfortably, too.
The best canyons in the Wasatch Range are 10 minutes flat from our front door.
Hiking will ensue shortly.
We have a long weekend coming.
Out of the corner of my eye, the ceiling fan in my bedroom reminds me of a Bogie and Bacall B&W movie.
My world is full of color.


It's all good.

My Weekly Zen is Birdsong from A View of Sierra County. Make sure you check her out.


Eating outside? I'm so jealous. I put the heat back on last night. HEAT! In late MAY!!

What a lovely, optimistic, glass-is-half-full post! Isn't this where we all strive to live? You have anticipated my post today, and learned to make sense of it all already.
Plus, I get the color and flowers that New England is currently withholding. Thank you!

Happy post. I love it. I can't wait to eat outside. I just don't want to clean off the table. It sat outside all winter...maybe I can get Gracie to do it. :)

Blue sky?? Hmm. There's a concept!
I like the way you think, grrrl. :)

thank you, thank you! this time of year is filled with hope and promise. My daffs (up here) are in bloom and still bud, can you believe it??

You DO sound so happy!! Good for you!! Here, it has been raining for weeks and most everyone has been feeling down and dreary, so your post was a breath of fresh air!

It's raining and cold, you say? Nope, because I've closed my eyes and I'm sitting with Margene on her patio and the sun is in my face and I'm knitting and we're laughing and life is good.

You sound so happy, it's making me happy! Thank you! What a lovely post.

I'm with Cara...lovely post. I'm sitting here, bleary-eyed, waiting for the coffee to brew, yet I feel myself perking up already!

I suspect that most of us enjoy similarly wonderful lives. Maybe your observations will prod us to appreciate them today. Thanks, Margene!

I'd love--sneeze--to have--sneeze--the windows open--sneeze--, too--sneeze, but you--sneeze--see what--sneeze--happens! Bless--sneeze--me! :) Glad you're so happy!

This post is so uplifting. Thank you for such a positive way to start the day!

I think you made my heart rate drop - just thinking about all those lovely things and all of a sudden I feel calmer.


Sun. Wow.

Congratulations on having such a great day!!

Here, cooler temperatures - house closed up - hoping I don't have to run the furnace tonight. Cloudy and dismal. Rain in forecast. I, too, am happy. I can wear one of the new sweaters without overheating.

Thanks for sharing your happiness in this post, Margene... you must be contagious! As I was reading, a smile creeped onto my face. Great, inspirational post. Thanks for brightening this dreary east coast day :)

I couldn't agree more -- painted toes, sandals, fresh veggies, eating outside, and knitting all put us in a happy frame of mind. Let's hear it for the little things!

I must know about the bra - really. What the heck is it? I have for years sought the perfect foundation garment. Enjoy the weather. Ours went from perfect to 95 (imagine family whining about the heat and begging for the AC to be turned on) almost over night. Spring doesn't last long here. Long live Tevas!

Ooooh! Irises. Love them!

It's so nice to be positive and upbeat. Oh and I love your sweater from yesterday, beautiful!

I loved your post, as always...a reminder we all have much to be thankful for and it's nice to look at the glass half-full. Have a continued happy day :)

thanks for the heads up on estes park. :)

I love this list and am happy to have many of the same things on my happy today list.

Oooooh! Aahhhhh! It all sounds so divine!

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